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Smart Grids “Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable Energy for Everyone”

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1 Smart Grids “Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable Energy for Everyone”
Miro Zeman Paul Voskuilen Anne Beaulieu “Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable Energy for Everyone” “Sustainable business opportunities”

2 Smart Grids Global developments in energy systems
Drivers and challenges Global developments in energy systems Energy transition towards renewable energy sources Energy efficiency and saving Smart grids Improve power system efficiency, reliability, stability, resilience Cope with necessary flexibility: Facilitate integration of renewable energy Reduce electricity use Exploit potential of electric cars and storage

3 Smart Grids Physical system Smart Energy Management
Multi-disciplinary approach Physical system - Electrical system (transmission & distribution engineering, power system control & protection) - New components and automation functions (energy generation and conversion, storage, power electronics, automatic controls, DC systems) Smart Energy Management - use full potential of IT as enabling technology for energy Smart Grids and society - Markets en policy (markets, economics and public policy) - User behavior, security and privacy

4 Outline Netherlands Energy Research Alliance (NERA)
Visit to USA Netherlands Energy Research Alliance (NERA) Seven Dutch public knowledge institutes active in energy Facilitate national and international cooperation Collect expertise of Dutch universities Overview of running projects Individual roadmaps of leading scholars Purpose: Identify similarity, overlap and complementarity in research

5 NERA: Netherlands Energy Research Alliance
The Dutch energy landscape Alliance of 7 major Dutch public knowledge institutes active in energy University presidents and CEOs on Board Links with Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Dutch research centres and companies

6 University of Groningen
NERA: Netherlands Energy Research Alliance One single port of call for energy research Create a network with the aim to make optimal use of the knowledge and experience of the NERA-partners NERA makes it possible to look at the Dutch landscape in two ways: by partner: in depth by research theme: for overview ECN University of Groningen TU Delft University of Twente TNO FOM TU Eindhoven

7 NERA: Netherlands Energy Research Alliance
One single port of call for partners Stimulate energy cooperation in research and innovation in the Netherlands, Europe and with countries like the US Influence the European energy agenda: NERA represents the Netherlands in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), the public research pillar of the EU Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

8 Smart Grids NERA roadmaps and agendas
University of Groningen & Energy Academy Europe Integral approach on large scale smart grid implementation: from uncertainty to flexibility 3 Technical Universities Microgrids PV technology Electrical mobility Storage Intelligent power grid Modelling and simulations Intelligent hybrid energy systems

9 Roadmaps and agenda From uncertainty as hazard to flexibility as asset
Integral approach on smart grids Status now? Control, stability, production follows demand Impetus? Aging infrastructure &renewables AND uncertainty Innovation Regulation Policy Climate change Geo-political issues Public support license to operate customer preference How? ICT monitoring and real world research Systems approach (social, ecological & technological) Collaboration between models interface, interaction, integration via Energy Academy Where we want to be? Towards flexibility Decentralised control Modularity Demand follows production New distribution of costs & market structures System integration (gas&elec.) From uncertainty as hazard to flexibility as asset A. Beaulieu (RUG)

10 Roadmaps and agenda Ultra-thin IBC c-Si PV PV roadmap
Wafer-based c-Si solar cells Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Ultra-thin IBC c-Si PV High efficiency modules > 23% (Heterojuction, bifacial) Novel cost-effective module design Aesthetical module design for BIPV Integrated PV + storage modules Flexible light-weight thin-film modules Hybrid solar cells with high efficiency >30%: wafer-based Si (IBC) + thin-film cells, 3/4-terminal tandems High efficiency cell >23% Advanced light trapping Si surface and contact area passivation Back contact and metalization design Scalable cell architecture M. Zeman (TU Delft)

11 All things connected by power electronics
Roadmaps and agenda Power electronics roadmap Low efficiency power conversion Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges All things connected by power electronics Seamless modular operation Multi-frequency power systems High power to weight density Improved efficiency Improved power density Demonstrate WB converters Integration with electro-mechanics B. Ferreira (TU Delft)

12 All things driven by electrical machines
Roadmaps and agenda Electro-mechanics roadmap Low efficiency drives Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges All things driven by electrical machines High speed High power to weight density Fault tolerance High torque density High efficiency Loss analysis Integration with power electronics B. Ferreira, H. Polinder (TU Delft)

13 Roadmaps and agenda Autonomous microgrids roadmap Large-scale roll-out
Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Large-scale roll-out Experiment with real houses (mostly) off-grid Experiment with islanded power quality Experiment with interaction of blocks of nearly islanded houses Multi-modal modeling (heat + electricity + …) Modeling of microgrids Model storage technologies Simulating microgrids Optimisation algorithms Add load-flow calculations Develop pricing strategies G. Smit (UT)

14 Roadmaps and agenda DC microgrid roadmap DC Microgrids DC Challenges
AC Microgrids AC Challenges DC Challenges DC Microgrids Layout and sizing of microgrids DC Systems with high-efficiency, multiterminal, meshed DC Components – conversion, circuit breakers, arcing Modularity Power management, control Planning Demand response Load management Intelligent power management Optimization of portfolio P. Bauer (TU Delft)

15 Roadmaps and agenda Electrical mobility Dynamic charging
Electrical mobility roadmap Electric Vehicles Smart Charging Dynamic charging Electrical mobility Inductive Charging (stationary) kW, efficiency 93% On road Charging with green energy On road Charging of electrical Vehicles combined with solar roads and storage Storage recognition Charging technology Inductive charging (stationary) 3kW, efficiency 90% PV charging house/neighborhood V2G, V2H, Impact on grid Charging with green energy (microgrids) P. Bauer (TU Delft)

16 PV + Electrolysis Expensive solar fuels
Roadmaps and agenda Chemical storage roadmap PV + Electrolysis Expensive solar fuels Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Solar to fuel >20% efficiency Cheap and abundant catalysts Developing both large and small scale conversion systems Understanding multi-electron electrochemical reduction reactions Cheap PV-EC hybrid devices B. Dam (TU Delft)

17 Roadmaps and agenda Electricity storage roadmap
Li-ion batteries Short-term Challenges Battery capacity factor 10x higher Low cost/ high safety batteries Li-air Li-sulphur Mg/Ca cells Na-ion Solid state electrolytes High energy density e-storage (J/kg, J/l, J/$) Low cost/ high performance 200 Wh/kg Silicon anodes High Voltage cathodes Highest energy density batteries Longest life, lowest cost grid scale batteries Solid state electrolytes Safety Mobile storage Static storage for day/night High efficiency Safe E. Kelder, F. Mulder (TU Delft)

18 Active distribution grids
Roadmaps and agenda Intelligent power grid roadmap Passive distribution grids Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Active distribution grids Situational awareness Self healing adaptive control Price based incentives Multi agents operation Integrated optimization Automation State estimation Customer engagement Aggregator services Congestion management W.L. Kling (TU Eindhoven)

19 Roadmaps and agenda Smart planning roadmap Smart grid planning
Peak related planning Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Smart grid planning Ancillary services Adaptive operation Event driven solutions Demand side response Demand forecasting Round the year analysis Probabilistic evaluation Congestion management J.G. Slootweg(TU Eindhoven)

20 Roadmaps and agenda Power quality roadmap Optimal power quality
Grid code obligations Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Optimal power quality Fault ride through Adaptive voltage control Decoupling of systems Customer choice Mitigation measures Responsibility sharing Continuous monitoring Calculation methods J.F.G. Cobben (TU Eindhoven)

21 Wide-Area Intelligent System
Roadmaps and agenda Grid control and protection roadmap Classical protection Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Wide-Area Intelligent System SMU_1 SMU_n PDC APPS WAN Load shedding Controlled islanding Phasor and frequency estimation algorithms Corrective control scheme Fault detection and location Protective relay modeling&testing Protection schemes for fault interruption Developing&testing of protection algorithms WAMPAC architecture M. Popov (TU Delft)

22 Roadmaps and agenda Grids HVDC Systems HVDC Connection HVDC
HVDC transmission roadmap HVDC HVDC Connection HVDC Systems Grids Hybrid connections DC tapping techniques DC circuit breakers Online control & optimization Diagnostics and monitoring O&M modelling System integration Loss and dynamic models Power flow control of HVDC networks Loss/cost optimization/trading Short circuit analysis Multi-level modular converter technology (AC/DC and DC/DC) HVDC cable (materials) P. Bauer (TU Delft)

23 Sustainable and stable pan-EU hybrid power system
Roadmaps and agenda AC dominated high inertia power system Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Sustainable and stable pan-EU hybrid power system Large power system roadmap 80% electricity from RES Low inertia power system Meshed HVDC grid Full WAMPAC Integration of storage Ancillary services from RES and distributed VPP Reliable Integrated HVDC/HVAC (hybrid) grid Interaction Elec, Gas, Heat New EU market design for flexibility services 35 % electricity from RES Stability with MT-HVDC PMU/WAM based protection Interaction offshore VSC HVDC and onshore HVAC embedded VSC HVDC ancillary services from RES Interaction local and international grids M. Van der Meiden (TU Delft)

24 Roadmaps and agenda Grid mathematics roadmap Powerweb modelling
Component modelling Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Powerweb modelling models/solvers for combined transmission and distribution grids risk analysis for combined grid optimal power flow for combined grid HPC solvers for real time decision support fast solvers for large transmission grids transient models for distribution grids risk analysis for transmission grid optimal power flow develop HPC solvers K. Vuik (TU Delft)

25 Robust smart grid systems
Roadmaps and agenda Intelligent Planning and Scheduling Conventional Distribution systems Robust Planning Long-term Challenges Robust smart grid systems Methods for large scale autonomous decision making in the grid Dynamic decoupling of distribution systems Planning of energy consumption/distribution with uncertainty Large scale distributed energy scheduling with performance guarantees C. Witteveen (TU Delft)

26 Image: National Grid Smart Grid Pilot Proposal
Roadmaps and agenda Intelligent hybrid power systems roadmap Centralized, isolated Smart power grids Integrated energy systems System of Systems Image: National Grid Smart Grid Pilot Proposal Dynamic links between heat, gas, power Interaction with socio-economic systems and (new) energy markets Cyber-physical (big) data analytics for efficiency and operations Stability and scalability limits Models of hybrid systems (IT, power, etc.) Integration of new technologies (RES, DC, etc.) Resilience and robustness of IT-backed power systems P. Palensky (TU Delft)

27 Ubiquitous Smart Energy Systems
Roadmaps and agenda Intelligent Energy Systems roadmap Smart Metering Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Ubiquitous Smart Energy Systems Robust and scalable markets and pricing for energy supply/demand matching in smart grids ICT using sensors and data for energy and network management Fully-automatic energy management in homes and buildings Planning and operations of energy networks with multiple actors ICT-based smart energy systems Dynamic pricing for specific local energy usage and generation Data usage for network planning and operations Definition of future energy actors, roles and responsibilities H. La Poutre (CWI/TU Delft)

28 Joint technological & institutional transition towards RES
Roadmaps and agenda System integration roadmap Isolated solutions Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Joint technological & institutional transition towards RES International harmonization of energy and CO2 policies Demand response aligned with network management Interrelation between different flexibility sources Market design to incentivize flexibility P. Herder (TU Delft)

29 Roadmaps and agenda Smart grid modelling roadmap
Integrating Renewables Short-term Challenges Long-term Challenges Understanding and shaping the emergence of the smart energy system Socio-technical modelling lab, a dashboard for grid operators, business developers, and policy makers Assessing implementation of smart solutions depending on the business models and strategies of the actors involved, government policies Assessing Available Flexibility & Adequacy Analysis of RES variability & uncertainty Modelling Customer Participation Z. Lukszo (TU Delft)

30 Smart grids Outline of research interests and goals
Collaboration Outline of research interests and goals Purpose: more efficient research and possibilities of collaboration. Preliminary targets: Combining (clear) goals on research topics Researcher exchange – sharing knowledge Sharing data/results of previous and current research projects Joint research programs

31 Smart grids US-Netherlands Collaboration on Smart Grid Evolution
Cooperation Between Smart Cities & Communities Mulit-Stakeholder Participation Investment Risk Reduction NL - USA Public Knowledge & Data Exchange Paul Burghardt

32 Cooperation Between Smart Cities & Communities
Smart grids US-Netherlands Collaboration on Smart Grid Evolution Cooperation Between Smart Cities & Communities Levels and activities Real world pilots: deployment… Testbeds: Intelligent power management Electrical mobility & storage hardware in the loop… NL case: Couperus Research: Data visualization (measured data &GIS)-exchange of researchers Micro-grids autonomy Models for combined transmission and distribution grids Agent-based modeling Research coordination -sharing lessons learned NERA

33 Smart Grids Let’s join forces where possible.
“Reliable, Sustainable and Affordable Energy for Everyone” “Sustainable business opportunities”

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