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TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING BCIT NE01 Energy Upgrade and Retrofit Study Result Summary.

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1 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING BCIT NE01 Energy Upgrade and Retrofit Study Result Summary

2 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Transsolar Goals for Study: Understand the NE01 building and assess its current state Analyze the climate situation to drive passive design strategies Engage students and faculty for feedback and idea generation through a workshop Investigate potential for comfort improvements in the space and energy reduction Develop an energy strategy to meet the ambitious Factor Four goals Introduction

3 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Building Understanding 3 HVAC System All-air Conditioning System Centralized Air Handling Units Air Recirculation Centralized reheat coils BCIT district heating supply with back-up local gas boilers

4 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Building Understanding 4 Lighting

5 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Creating a Base Case 5 Calculated values Adjusted Energy Consumption for Comparison

6 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Creating a Base Case 6 Load TypeDescriptionCurrent CaseBase Case VentilationAir Supply Flow Rate1266 m 3 /hour Ventilation Control8:30 am – 9:30 pm8:00 am – 10:30 pm EconomizerMix Set Temperature13°CN/A Minimum Outdoor Air Supply2 ACH100% Outdoor Air Heating Daytime Set Point Temperature 21°C Air Temp.21°C Operative Temp. Nighttime Set Point Temperature 15°C Air Temp.15°C Operative Temp. Simulated values *without lighting or plug-loads *

7 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Building Understanding 7 Current Thermal Comfort Level

8 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING 8 Base Case Thermal Comfort Level

9 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Interventions 9 InterventionAffected Area 1Operable Windows on FaçadeFaçade 2Improve Window QualityFaçade 3Exhaust Heat RecoveryWhole Building 4Light RedirectionFaçade 5Lighting ControlsWhole Building 6Light bulb RetrofitWhole Building 7 Separate Conditioning from Ventilation System Whole Building 8Insulation EnhancementFaçade 9Increase Window AreaFaçade 10Internal Skylight ShadingCafeteria Atrium 11Instant Hot Water HeatersCore

10 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Intervention Evaluation 10 InterventionEnergy SavingsCostComfortComplexity/EffortRecommended Operable Windows on Façade Small ReductionMedium+Low1 Improve Window QualitySmall ReductionMedium+Low2 Exhaust Heat RecoverySignificant SavingsMedium0High3 Light RedirectionNo SavingsLow0/+Low5 Lighting ControlsSavingsLow0 4 Light bulb RetrofitSavingsLow0/+Low4 Separate Conditioning from Ventilation System SignificantHigh+Medium1 Insulation Enhancement Medium+ 2 Increase Window Area on North Façade +High+ 5 Evaluation Matrix – Façade Affected Interventions

11 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 11 NE01 Building Upgrade Strategy: 1.Building-Wide Ventilation: Split HVAC with Natural Ventilation 2.Façade Improvements 3.Integration of Heat Recovery in Ventilation System 4.Lighting Upgrades 5.Additional Interventions

12 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 12 1.Building-Wide Ventilation: Separation and Natural Ventilation Radiative conditioning system Dedicated outdoor air ventilation system (driven by air quality not heating) Natural Ventilation through installation of operable windows along facade

13 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING 13 Night Flushing Effect – Transsolar Office Effect of opening windows

14 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 14 Thermal Comfort Level With Split HVAC and Natural Ventilation (incl. nighttime flushing)

15 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 15 2.Façade Improvements Double Glazed Windows with High Quality Frame Internal Insulation Addition

16 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 16 3.Integration of Heat Recovery in Ventilation System Heat Recovery Installation in Central Air Handling Units Unit-by-Unit Investigation to determine best heat recovery solution

17 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 17 Final Thermal Comfort Level

18 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 18 4.Lighting Improvements LED Lighting in common spaces (bathrooms, corridors, etc.) Occupation and Daylight controls in common spaces Vacancy controls in offices and classrooms

19 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING 19 5.Additional Interventions Natural ventilation and shading in cafeteria atrium space Replacement of hot water systems for bathrooms with electrical instantaneous hot water heaters


21 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Recommendations 21 Energy Reduction Potential

22 TRANSSOLARKLIMAENGINEERING Thermal Simulation Weather Data Validation 22

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