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Construction Contracts at Patrick and Cape Canaveral William J. Gibson Deputy Range Civil Engineer 2 February 2010 This Briefing is Unclassified.

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1 Construction Contracts at Patrick and Cape Canaveral William J. Gibson Deputy Range Civil Engineer 2 February 2010 This Briefing is Unclassified

2 UNCLASSIFIED 2 Overview  Purpose:  Provide AGC members with an overview of funding sources, existing contracts, and contract avenues  Provide AGC members a look at potential construction projects for FY10  Agenda:  What We Do  What It is Worth  How we Contract it  Timelines  Fund Sources and Terminology  Contract Avenues  Potential Contract Opportunities

3 UNCLASSIFIED 3 What We Do  What We Do  Repairs, maintenance and renovations  Less than $4M per project  Average project size from $200K-3.5M  New work which does not trigger the MILCON limit  Less than $700K  Usually in conjunction with repair (i.e.- renovated interior, new roof and mechanical, plus 2500 SF addition)  What We Don’t Do:  MILCON  New work over $750K  Mobile Corps of Engineers is our construction agent for larger projects

4 UNCLASSIFIED 4 What is It Worth?  Baseline funding for normal year:  Range of $18-20M  Last year:  $65M  Stimulus funding  Straddle B  Tenants  This Year:  On track for another big year  Fast rat gets the cheese  Other Factors Which May Affect Total:  Hurricanes  Natural disaster  Incoming programs needing modifications to infrastructure

5 UNCLASSIFIED 5 How We Contract It  Rules of Engagement  Federal construction rules push us toward small disadvantaged business (SDB) entities  8A  HUB Zone  Service Disabled Veterans  Women owned not recognized  Some contracts exempted if sufficient pool of qualified applicants does not exist  Roofing, Paving and Painting are recent examples  Could change with Contractor pool  Most conventional construction projects are set aside

6 UNCLASSIFIED 6 Timelines  Funded projects with Authority to Advertise have bids opened/ negotiations complete by 30 Mar 10  Straddle programs due to Space Command by 15 Feb 10  Straddle A bid opened/negotiations complete by 30 Jun 10  Guaranteed funding by Jan 11  Straddle B bids opened/negotiations complete NLT 30 Sep note key criteria for funding is bid date--first in first out  No guarantee of funds- contractor bids at risk  We try and get most of the bids concurrent with Straddle A  Contrast to previous years is that we normally get the Authority to Advertise Straddle projects in Jun with bids due in late Aug to mid Sep

7 UNCLASSIFIED 7 Where Our Funds Come From 45 SW Air Force SRMC Mission Partners Special Programs MedicalNAF

8 UNCLASSIFIED 8 Fund Sources and Terminology  Sustainment Restoration and Modernization (SRM):  Bulk of our projects  Repair, maintenance, and construction of small structures  Sometimes referred to as Operations & Maintenance (O&M)  Sources: AFSPC, Wing and Mission Partners  Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF):  Not your tax dollars—profits from club facilities (Tides, Golf Course, Bowling Alley)  Used to support these activities  Sources: Local and centrally managed  MILCON  Line item appropriations in the Presidential Budget  Normally 45 th has these projects funded at a rate of less than 1 per year  Source: Through Presidential Budget sponsored by DoD, AF, Mission Partner Major Command or Congressional Add  DBEH (CCAFS), SXHT(PAFB), YXTK(AAAF), ALMY(AAS),

9 UNCLASSIFIED 9 Contract Avenues  Request for Proposal (RFP) – Price Performance Trade-Off  Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements (SABER)  Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)-Paving, Roofing, Paint  8A  Hub Zone  Veteran Owned Small Business  GSA  Army Corps of Engineers  Infrastructure, Operations, Maintenance and Services Contract (IOMS) – INDYNE  Eastern Range Technical Support Contract (ERTSC) - CSR  Technical Engineering and Spacelift Support Contract (TESS)  Navy (NAVFAC)

10 UNCLASSIFIED 10 Upcoming Multi Year Contracts  SABER — plan to advertise new multi-year contract with Straddle A program  Set aside for competitive 8A  Paving— plan to advertise new multi-year contract with Straddle B program  Probable free and open-limited to small business  Roofing — plan to advertise new multi-year contract with Straddle B program  Probable free and open-limited to small business  Painting — plan to advertise new multi-year contract with Straddle B program  Probable free and open-limited to small business

11 UNCLASSIFIED 11 Construction-Potential Projects Project No.Project Title ALMY091904P2Repair/Replace 13.8KV Underground Cable ALMY091907Sust/Repair Lighting and Thermostats, Various DBEH011604BReplace Gypsum Deck Roof, Ris DBEH011607REPAIR HVAC RIS DBEH011698REPAIR 20" WATER MAIN, PHILLIPS PKWY SOUTH DBEH011754Repair Water Lines, Mission Areas DBEH041506ADD ISOLATION VALVES AT FIRE HYDRANTS DBEH041640Repair R/W Clear Zone, Phase 1 DBEH041663Repair AFSO21 Water Service Lines Ind Areaa DBEH051538REPAIR FIRE DETECTION SYS, HGR "AO" DBEH051604Repair Weather Site, Playalinda Bch DBEH051683REPAIR FIRE PROTECTION SYS, FAC 1102 Comm Rcvr Bldg DBEH071526Repair Water Lines, East Industrial Area DBEH081500REPAIR "A"/"B" LINE, INDUSTRIAL AREA, CCAFS DBEH081523Repair SAB & SAB Annex DBEH081555Repair Fire Protection Sys, Facility 95144 MOTR Radar DBEH081568Repair Dehumidifying Units, XY Bldg., Fac. 1641 DBEH081579Repair Boat Ramp, Facility 66280 DBEH081706REPAIR ROOFS VARIOUS, CCAFS

12 UNCLASSIFIED 12 Construction-Potential Projects Project No.Project Title DBEH091510Repair Sewer Lines, Area 59 DBEH091544Repair Facility 49750, Security Police Admin DBEH091569Repair HVAC Ordnance Admin, Fac 72910 DBEH091572Maintain Clear Zones DBEH091765RPR MULTIPLE LIFT STATIONS DBEH101503Repair O/H Electric Laterals, DBEH101525Repair HVAC, CCAS Gym DBEH101601Repair Towers, Various, CCAFS DBEH101710REPAIR ROADS & PKNG, CCAFS DBEH101720MAINTAIN PAINT/FINISHES, VARIOUS DBEH105000 Install Physical Trg Fac DBEH111735REPAIR HV ELEC SYS, XFMR DBEH111760REPAIR WTR LINE, PHILLIPS PKWY DBEH931560REPAIR HANGAR "U" DBEHTBDConstruct 1.1 Holding Area DBEHTBDRemove Berm/Pave Tow Route, DPF SXHT001028CONSTRUCT RELOC AIRFIELD LIGHT VAULT, 805 SXHT001029CONSTRUCT RELOCATE GENERATOR,B806,AIRFIELD LIGHTING SXHT011024Repair 6" Force Main, Facility 203 to 650 SXHT011025Construct Potable Water Line to FAMCAMP

13 UNCLASSIFIED 13 Construction-Potential Projects Project No.Project Title SXHT021011P4Repair/Replace Elevator 1 & 3, Bldg 989 SXHT021018Repair Runway 11/29, Mill and Overlay SXHT021033REPAIR AIR HANDLERS, PIPING & CONTROLS FAC 431/39/40 SXHT041025Repair Windows Legal Office, Bldg 562 SXHT051124Maintain Joint Sealant, South Hammerhead SXHT051135REPAIR MILL AND OVERLAY TXWY GOLF SXHT051136REPAIR MILL AND OVERLAY TXWY MIKE SXHT051138REPAIR MILL AND OVERLAY TXWY JULIET SXHT061014REPAIR FIRE ALARM SYSTEM, B423 SXHT061036Construct Restroom, Riverfront SXHT061073Repair AHU's/Chillers Tides Club, Bldg 967 SXHT071000REPAIR WATER LINES, VARIOUS SXHT071010RPR STORM SEWERS SXHT071039REPAIR SLRCC SHOP LIGHTING, BLDG 313 SXHT071052LANDSCAPE SOUTH COURTYARD, BLDG 423 SXHT071077EXTEND FORECAST LANE SXHT071214Repair Beach Erosion SXHT081001REPAIR/REPLACE SEWER MAINS AND PUMP STATIONS SXHT081015IDIQ-PAINT VARIOUS FACILITIES SXHT081037IDIQ REPAIR - Maintain Roads/Parking, VARIOUS

14 UNCLASSIFIED 14 Construction-Potential Projects Project No.Project Title SXHT081037CConstruct Curbing/Pavement, BX Area SXHT081038Repair Commissary Parking Lot, Fac 1365 SXHT081047Repair South Patrick Drive SXHT081047CConstruct Widen Pavement, South Patrick Drive SXHT081055Energy Conservation Retrofits Phase II SXHT081135Install LED Taxi and Obstruction Lights SXHT091058Repair Hallways, Fitness Center SXHT091069Repair Tides Deck SXHT091078Repair and Upgrade Chevron Park Deck SXHT091081P1Rpr Stage, Theater, Bldg 431 SXHT091082Replace Roof Drains, Bldg 415 SXHT091087Repair Walls, Roof, Lighting, CE Shop Bldg 960 SXHT091093Repair Restrooms, East Side 556 SXHT095001REPAIR RACQUETBALL COURTS SXHT101001REPAIR LIFT STATIONS 932 SXHT101002Repair Dormitory Landings, Bldg. 505 SXHT101003Repair Dormitory Landings, Bldg. 506 SXHT101004Repair Interior of Bldg. 560 for 920th RQW SXHT101015FY10 IDIQ MAINTAIN PAINT VARIOUS FACILITIES SXHT101017IDIQ-MAINTAIN ROOFS VARIOUS SXHT101025Repair Gym Electrical Power

15 UNCLASSIFIED 15 Construction-Potential Projects Project No.Project Title SXHT101056Maintain Airfield Paint, Groove Rnwy 02/20 SXHT105001Install Physical Trg Fac SXHT111001Repair Lift Station 1381 SXHT121037Maintain Streets/Parking, Various, PAFB SXHT941012BRepair South Airfield Overrun SXHT961064RPR Restrooms Bldgs 425 SXHT991047P3REPAIR FILL/GRADE DRAINAGE, AIRFIELD - WEST SXHT991063REPAIR STAIRS AFTAC B & C WING SXHTTBDRepair Lodging Office SXTHTBDRepair Gym YXTK011806Construct Backup Generator Support, Dining Hall YXTK021806Repair Gannet Hill Road to TLM Site YXTK041804REPLACE AIRFIELD PERIMETER FENCE YXTK041828CConstruct Drainage, AGE Equipment Pad YXTK041831Repair Roof, Dormitory 10 YXTK081833SUS/RPL ANCHORS & GUYS, TRANS SITE YXTK101803Replace Liners Fuel Farm YXTK941855BMAINTAIN ROADS/ PARKING, VAR YXTK941855CMAINTAIN ROADS/ PARKING, VAR YXTK991824Repair 12.15 Radar Facility

16 UNCLASSIFIED 16 Getting Involved  Networking  Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)  CE and COE involved, as well as local A/E community  Contractors looking for team members and subs / /  Teaming  Qualified firms may need help with complex projects, bonding, etc  Contact SBA  Their job is to help you

17 UNCLASSIFIED 17 Questions? Summary

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