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Student Success Center and Central Plant Project Pre-Design Submission.

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1 Student Success Center and Central Plant Project Pre-Design Submission

2 Why This Project & Why Now? This Project Meets Critical Needs and Creates Significant Value for: ▫Students (greater student success and improved services) ▫Taxpayers (avoided maintenance costs, utility savings and ROI on Student Success) ▫Local business and industry (21 st Century work skills prepared students) Timing of End-of-Life System Replacements and Upgrades Limits our Window of Opportunity 2

3 Problems / Opportunities Targeted ▫Inadequate Space to Support Enrollment  5,000 students now, growing to 6,500 over coming decade  Library, Café, Bookstore, Study Space, Student Support Services, Academic Resources built for 3,500 students 25+ years ago ▫Increase Energy Efficiency  Build central chiller plant and loop  Ruby Hicks heating and building envelope ▫Take Student Success to the Next Level 3

4 Why Invest Now? Building System Replacements and Life/Safety Upgrades are Upon Us 4 FacilityTime Frame Building SystemsCost Ruby Hicks Hall2015 - 2018HVAC (end-of-life) Fire Protection (code) $ 2.7 MM Student Center2015 - 2017HVAC (end-of-life) Roof (end-of-life) Kitchen (end-of-life, code) $ 1.9 MM Miller Hall2017 - 2019HVAC (end-of –life)$ 0.9 MM Fulp Hall2017 - 2019Chiller & Tower (end-of- life) $ 0.6 MM Total Required Major Maintenance$ 6.1 MM

5 Student Center (1986) Bookstore, Café, Tutoring, Print Service $1.9 MM Def Maint Undersized /G’fathered 22,000 ft Miller (1970) Enrollment / Student Services $0.9 MM Def Maint Undersized/ Near EOL 20,580 ft 2 Ruby Hicks (1989) Library / Admin $2.7 MM Def Maint Future “One-Stop” /Admin 57,674 ft 2 Fulp (1995) Health Sciences $0.6 MM Def Maint Chiller Replacement Only Project Scope – Facilities Impacted

6 New Success Center/Central Plant – Conceptual Site Plan RUBY HICKS (REPURPOSE) ANDERSON FULP SUCCESS CENTER (NEW) One-Stop Academic Support Administration Learning Commons Café / Campus Store Ship/Receive Central Plant 6 Replace Chiller

7 Configuration 7 Student Success CenterNet Available Square Feet Learning Commons16,000 Multi-purpose area 3,000 Café, Campus Store, Print Shop (Auxiliary) 20,000 Shipping & Receiving2,000 Central Plant 6,000 Circulation & Building Support (40% factor) 19,000 Total New Building66,000 Ruby HicksNet Available Square Feet One-Stop (Welcome/Info center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Assessment, Orientation, Advising, Records, Cashier) 12,000 Student Support Services (Disability, Career Services, Veteran’s Affairs, Student Life & Counseling) 5,000 Academic Support Services (Testing, Computer Labs, Tutoring Center) 7,000 Administration (President, Provost, Institutional Advancement, CBO, Fiscal Affairs, HR, IT) 10,000 Conference / Training5,000 Wellness Center / EOC4,000 Circulation & Building Support (40% factor) 17,000 Total RH Repurpose60,000

8 Return on Investment 8 Direct Economic Benefits One-time BenefitsDescriptionDirect Beneficiary Avoided Major Maintenance$6,100, 000 one-timeCounties Recurring Benefits Lower Utility Bills and Reduced Routine HVAC Maintenance $108,000 per yearCounties Improved Retention (3%)$225,000 per yearCollege Indirect Economic and Other Benefits (ROI of Student Success) Increased Student Success (every 1%)$4,962,000 NPV per yearState Lower Unemployment Filling Skills Gaps Business Expansion Public / Business & Industry Economic Activity85% of Grads stay local and expand tax base Local Businesses Taxpayers Reduced Social Support CostsLess Crime & Poverty Taxpayers Improved Student Learning Less Student Debt Faster Employment Higher Wages All Students

9 Estimated Project Cost 9 ScopeSquare Footage Cost $000’s – 2013 Construct Learning Commons / Success Center 60,000$17,900 Install Central Chiller Plant & Shared Loop 6,000$ 5,100 Rehab Ruby Hicks Hall / Convert to One- Stop 60,000$ 7,000 Construction Contingency (10%)$ 3,000 Inflation Contingency (15%)$ 4,600 Design & Engineering Fees (10%)$ 3,800 Internal Projected Project Cost$41,400 State Mandated Pre-Design Study (1.5%)$ 620 Total Project$42,020

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