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Principles of Energy Management in Buildings

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1 Principles of Energy Management in Buildings
Green Building Council of Namibia Glenn Howard – Emcon Consulting Engineers

2 Energy Management in Buildings
The case for energy management in buildings Why? How much? Do we use? Can we save? Where can we save? What is the process?

3 Energy Management: Why bother?
Sustainability Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Reduce consumption of finite energy resources Migrate to infinite energy resources Green Star Rating Demonstrate commitment to sustainability Provides a rigorous methodology Business case? Is there a business case? If so, we have a winner that gets the horse (building owner) to drink from the eternal river

4 Green Star SA - Rating Tool
Existing Building Performance (Pilot) “Energy” category points = 27% of rating: Energy reduction – related to GHG emissions (25 points) Peak electricity demand reduction (2 points) Add “Building Management” and “Water” = 44%

5 Why existing buildings?
1% New build & refurb 99 % Existing Buildings

6 How much energy? SANS 204 levels based on theoretical simulations of “notional buildings”, not actual research. Offices Average Windhoek offices 189 kWh/m²/annum Research 41 offices in Cape Town 188 kWh/m²/annum

7 How much demand?

8 How much can be saved? N$1.95M/annum N$2.7M/annum N$470k/annum

9 How much can be saved?

10 Is there a business case?
Renovation of shop floor lighting

11 Where to save Energy source (electrical, gas, diesel, paraffin, solar, wood) Air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration Lighting Efficiency (luminaire and lamp) Control Daylight Illumination levels Water heating Appliances Industrial engineering Energy rating (TCO – LCC) Elevators & escalators Computer energy saving modes Power factor correction Renewable energy MAINTENANCE (Scheduled maintenance) Etc.

12 Where to save – water heating

13 Where to save – Solar PV case
21kWp grid-connected solar PV

14 Energy Management Process
When? New building – get it right first time Existing building – any time or at trigger points: sale of the property change in the lease replacement of equipment refinancing, remodelling, renovation or rehabilitation

15 Energy Management Process

16 What is energy management
Goals Lowest cost of energy Efficient energy use Use most appropriate technology Ultimate goal Sustainability Zero net energy (ZNE) buildings

17 Energy audit Systematic assessment of energy use Sources
Where it is used Variance between input and useage Effectiveness and efficiency

18 Energy source

19 Energy monitoring

20 Secrets to success Broad organisational awareness Monitor and measure
Energy management plan – short & long term Integrated into organisation management structure Provide leadership (Champion) and a team Top-down commitment expressed as policy

21 Energy is a manageable expense You can’t manage what you don’t measure (and report on) Thank you

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