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WELCOME 2015 Commercial Programs Basic and Custom Presentation December 4, 2014 1.

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1 WELCOME 2015 Commercial Programs Basic and Custom Presentation December 4, 2014 1

2 COMMERCIAL PROGRAMS TEAM 2 Cary Betts: Commercial Programs – Sector Lead Commercial Program Sector Management Service Provider Recruitment, Project Assistance, Feedback and Issue Resolution Contact Cary at 214-486-3220, Kim Hooper: Basic Commercial Program - Lead Basic Commercial Program and Project Management Contact Kim at 214-486-3158, Graham Thurman: Custom Commercial Program - Lead Custom Commercial Program Contact Graham at 214-486-2154, Ron Haskovec: Commercial Load Management Program - Lead Commercial Load Management Program Support for Basic Commercial and Custom Commercial Projects Contact Ron at 214-486-5160, Kristy Tyra: Solar Commercial Program - Lead Solar Commercial (and Residential) Program and Project Management Contact Kristy at 214-486-2750,

3 PROGRAM EVALUATION 3 The Public Utility Commission of Texas hired an outside contractor (EM&V Team) to evaluate all the utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs. Responsible for verifying reported savings, estimating free ridership and calculating program cost-effectiveness You may be contacted by the evaluator to answer a survey Some projects may be selected for an on-site inspection by the evaluator

4 PROGRAM OVERVIEW 4 Project Type Basic Commercial Custom Commercial Measurement & Verification (M&V) Deemed Savings Deemed Savings projects $500 minimum incentive 5% deposit on projects with incentives ≥ $300k M&V projects $10,000 minimum incentive 5% deposit on ALL projects 2 Pathways

5 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Commercial Standard Offer Programs The Commercial Standard Offer Programs offer incentives to Service Providers who implement qualifying peak demand and/or energy saving projects for eligible Oncor commercial customers Retrofit Projects require a pre- and post-inspection New Construction Projects require a post-inspection Eligible commercial customers with demand ≥ 50 kW can self-sponsor 5 Service Provider Application in EEPM: Nov 20, 2014, at 10 a.m. CT Project Application in EEPM: Dec 9, 2014, at 10 a.m. CT 2015 Program Open Dates

6 PROGRAM QUALIFICATIONS Service Providers and Self-Sponsors can apply to receive incentives for eligible projects. Service Providers and Aggregators include: National or local energy service companies Retail Electric Providers Individual customers that meet Program requirements All participating customers must be eligible commercial customers served by Oncor Due to opt-out provisions, transmission level, for-profit customers are excluded from the Program Incentives are not available for commercial customers (only those classified as manufacturing) that have selected to opt out from paying into the Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Fund (EECRF) 6

7 2015 BUDGETS Incentives are limited to 20% of the budget (incentive cap) for each Service Provider (in combination with its affiliates). Oncor may raise the incentive cap based on program performance. * Estimated program incentive budgets are listed. Oncor reserves the right to increase or decrease actual program budgets during the program year as needed to achieve Energy Efficiency program objectives. 7 Program2015 Incentive Budget * Incentive Limit Basic CSOP$6,000,000$1,200,000 Custom CSOP$3,000,000$600,000

8 HOW TO ENROLL AS A SERVICE PROVIDER 8 Oncor Service Provider (SP) SP goes to, completes Umbrella Agreement, and provides W9 Oncor reviews and executes Umbrella Agreement; SP receives EEPM login SP contacts Help Desk to associate with a program; Completes Program Addendum Oncor reviews and executes Program Addendum if Application is approved SP completes Program Application and SP Profile in EEPM; Insurance Carrier provides Certificate of Insurance SP submits Project Applications

9 PROGRAM QUALIFICATIONS ESI IDs must be served by Oncor Oncor meters contain one of the following company codes: The last seven digits are the premise (account) number or meter number in EEPM Found throughout the service areaFound in East Texas Eligible ESI IDs 9 NOTE: Check the premise ID in EEPM to verify the rate code. Customers that have a “Commercial” rate code and contribute to the Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Fund are eligible.

10 PROGRAM INFORMATION Program Manuals and Measure E-files are available on under the Commercial Provider/Resources tab Program Manuals include a list of all eligible measures, program processes and procedures, contact information, incentive levels, and program forms and contracts E-files are Excel-based spreadsheets that calculate estimated peak kW and kWh savings and incentives The State of Texas Technical Resource Manual (TRM) is available on under the Commercial Provider/Resources tab The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has hired a contractor to conduct Evaluation, Measurement and Verification for all utility programs The new TRM compiles all of the PUCT-approved deemed savings into one document for easy reference 10

11 PROGRAM PROCESS 11 1. Initial Application: Blocks funds for a specified period of time 2. Final Application: Submitted by SP upon project confirmation 3. Pre-Installation Inspection: DO NOT start work until completed! 4. Reservation of Funds: Confirms estimated savings and incentive reservation 5. Installation Notice: Submitted by SP - Project has been implemented 6. Post-Inspection: Conducted by Oncor and verifies project information 7. Savings Report: Project sent for payment

12 PHASE 1: INITIAL APPLICATION Initial Application (IA) Phase - Service Provider submits an IA in order for Oncor to review the project. Service Provider inputs information about the project in EEPM: Project site information Measure information (E-files) Estimated completion date SP and Customer inspection contacts Service Provider uploads in EEPM: Signed Initial Application Agreement Signed Host Customer Agreement M&V Plan (Custom Program only) 12 Service Provider submits project in EEPM Mail deposit to Oncor for all Custom Program projects and for Basic Program projects with incentive > $300k

13 DEPOSITS Why Deposits? Deposits help maintain the budget, allowing funds to be available for other projects. When is a Deposit required? For the Custom CSOP, a 5% deposit is required on ALL projects. For the Basic CSOP, a 5% deposit is required on projects that reserve ≥ $300,000 in incentives. How are Deposits submitted? Deposits are to be submitted in check form and collected with the Initial Application Agreement and should be mailed to Oncor. Are Deposits refundable? Provided the project meets at least 80% of the Initial Agreement incentive request and it meets 75% of the contracted demand savings goal from the Reservation of Funds (as finalized in the Savings Report), the deposit is refundable. If these conditions are not met, the deposit may not be refunded. 13

14 PHASE 2: FINAL APPLICATION Final Application (FA) Phase - Service Provider prepares and submits a FA and executes a Reservation of Funds. Service Provider updates project information and submits a Final Application in EEPM Oncor will conduct a pre-inspection – DO NOT START WORK YET! Upon pre-inspection approval, the Service Provider downloads and signs a Reservation of Funds Agreement in EEPM Upon approval by the Program Manager, the Service Provider will be notified to begin project installation Actual incentive payment is contingent upon the project’s verified savings and will not exceed the amount in the Reservation of Funds Agreement Service Provider uploads in EEPM: Final project information Signed Reservation of Funds Agreement 14 No More Changes

15 PHASE 3: INSTALLATION NOTICE Installation Notice (IN) Phase: Upon completion of the work, Service Provider submits an Installation Notice Customer Certification Service Provider completes Installation Notice Customer Certification document: Signed by the Service Provider and Customer Upon submission in EEPM, Oncor conducts a post-inspection Upon post-inspection approval, the Program Manager approves the project and a Savings Report (SR) is generated For Custom projects ONLY: 40% of the approved incentive (Installation Payment) is paid (Note: 60% Performance Payment is paid later) 15 Service Provider uploads in EEPM: Signed Installation Notice Customer Certification Updated E-files (SP is only allowed to make changes to the post-retrofit equipment to reflect the final installation)

16 PHASE 4: SAVINGS REPORT Savings Report (SR) Phase – The Service Provider submits a SR (generated in EEPM) that reflects the final kWh and peak kW savings and the final incentive amount Service Provider uploads a signed SR document into EEPM For Custom projects: Service Provider uploads the final M&V report/results for Program Manager review Oncor processes the incentive payment For Basic projects, 100% of the approved incentive is paid For Custom projects, the 60% or “true up” incentive is paid 16 Service Provider submits project in EEPM Signed Savings Report M&V results (Custom Program only)

17 ADDITIONAL STEPS FOR CUSTOM CSOP 17 Measurement and Verification (M&V) M&V Plans must be submitted with the Final Application in Word Format, and must be approved by Oncor M&V Plans must follow IPMVP and should: o Achieve statistically significant sampling plans (where applicable) o Take into account seasonal variables and interactive effects M&V must be conducted by the Service Provider/Self-Sponsor and a final report must be submitted to Oncor Incentive Payments 40% of the approved payment will be paid after installation is complete and verified (Installation Payment) 60% or the adjusted remaining incentive will be paid after M&V is completed and approved by Oncor (Performance Payment)

18 INSPECTION TIPS Have equipment available to verify the actual measures for pre- and post-inspections, including ladders, lifts, and other equipment required to inspect measures Provide a map or floor plan in EEPM to help the Program Manager and Inspector locate all fixtures listed in the E Files o For retrofit projects, a hand-drawn sketch is okay o Break down fixture locations with a map ID reference that is shown on the map and in the E File 18

19 E-FILE TIPS Input no more than 50 fixtures per line. Pick one building type and stay with it! (Exception: Parking lots) “DC” stands for Daylight Controls when adding control measures. For Outdoor Lighting, the E1 already assumes that controls are in place and “No Control Measures” should be specified for the pre- and post- equipment controls. Make sure the post-retrofit fixture wattage in the E-file matches what is installed. For LEDs, this should be the DLC or ENERGYSTAR ® rated wattage, rounded up to the next whole number. In the E1, list all fixtures in project areas to be retrofitted, even the lighting that is not planned for replacement. o For lighting not being replaced, the pre- and post-retrofit fixture/number will be the same. If your final project has less sites than originally uploaded, edit the E-file to make the pre and post fixtures the same for the sites that are not included (zero out). Upload it into EEPM and add comments. 19

20 PROGRAM REMINDERS 20 Rollover Projects Projects that cannot complete in 2015 may be allowed to “rollover” to the next year if the Oncor Program Manager is notified by September 15, 2015. Projects may be submitted until November 20, 2015 and may complete next year – so keep the projects rolling in all year! Food Service Equipment Incentives are available for a variety of ENERGY STAR ® and energy- efficient food equipment. Screw-in LEDs Screw in LEDs are eligible for incentives in appropriate applications (i.e. no track lighting or heat lamps). Important! Important!

21 LIGHTING REMINDERS Non-qualifying lighting includes: Tube/linear replacement LEDs LEDs used as heat lamps LEDs that are not ENERGY STAR ® or Design Lights Consortium (DLC) approved o Use of non-approved LED in new construction may result in cancellation of the whole project Plug Load and Track Lighting Fluorescent lighting that uses non-qualified CEE ballasts (e.g., standard instant-start ballasts) o Use of non-qualified CEE ballasts in new construction may result in cancellation of the whole project 21

22 INCENTIVES – LIGHTING 22 Lighting Type$/kW NPV$/kWh NPV Lighting: Light Emitting Diode (LED) (Screw-in) $146.58$0.0400 Lighting: Light Emitting Diode (LED) (Fixture, not screw-in) $209.22$0.0571 Lighting: High Intensity Discharge$213.44$0.0580 Lighting: Modular CFL and CCFL$217.58$0.0593 Lighting: Linear Fluorescent$213.44$0.0580 Lighting: Replace T-12 Magnetic Ballast $140.21$0.0380 NOTE: LEDs require ENERGY STAR or DesignLights Consortium Listing

23 INCENTIVES – HVAC 23 HVAC Measure/Control$/kW NPV$/kWh NPV DX Air Conditioning$294.79$0.0950 Ground-source Heat Pump$336.90$0.1010 Geothermal Heat Pump (Loop and tower) $336.90$0.1010 Chillers (Centrifugal)$387.81$0.1251 Chillers (Non-centrifugal)$348.13$0.1123 Controls $158.60 $0.0430 VFD for VAV Air Handler $285.29$0.0860

24 INCENTIVES – FOOD SERVICE 24 Food Service Measure $/kW NPV$/kWh NPV High Effic. Combination Ovens $ 106.74 $ 0.0570 High Effic. Electric Convection Ovens $ 106.74 $ 0.0570 Energy Star Commercial Dishwasher $ 193.11 $ 0.0540 Hot Food Holding Cabinet $ 164.21 $ 0.0410 Energy Star Electric Fryer $ 205.27 $ 0.0660 Pre-Rinse Spray Valves $ 12.38 $ 0.0040 Energy Star Electric Steam Cookers $ 108.14 $ 0.0500 Door Heater Controls $ 98.53 $ 0.008 ECM Evaporator Fan Motors $ 19.02 $ 0.029 Electronic Defrost Controls $ 86.51 $ 0.072 Evaporator Fan Controls $ 49.47 $ 0.010 Solid and Glass Door Reach-Ins $ 98.53 $ 0.025 Strip Curtains for Walk-In Refrigerated Storage $ 40.75 $ 0.010 Zero Energy Doors for Refrigerated Cases $ 123.16 $ 0.025

25 INCENTIVES – OTHER MEASURES 25 Measure Type$/kW$/kWh ENERGY STAR ® Roofs $247.26 $0.0761 Master Meter Apts. Air Infiltration $154.49 $0.0390 Master Meter Apts. Insulation $187.65 $0.0500 Master Meter Apts. Duct Sealing $211.99 $0.0530 Window Film$180.23$0.0505

26 MINIMUM EQUIPMENT STANDARDS LEDs Lighting: Must be listed with ENERGY STAR or Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Fluorescent Lighting: Equipment must meet Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) listings for high-efficient T-8 HVAC 26 System TypeCapacity [Tons]Baseline EfficiencySource Air Conditioner < 5.413 SEERDOE Standards 5.4-11.2511 EERDOE Standards 11.25-2010.8 EERDOE Standards 20-63.39.8 EERDOE Standards ≥ 63.39.5 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 Heat Pump < 5.413 SEERDOE Standards 5.4-11.2510.8 EERDOE Standards 11.25-2010.4 EERDOE Standards ≥ 209.3 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 Early Replacement: Running and < 15 years old

27 MINIMUM EQUIPMENT STANDARDS 27 HVAC System Type Capacity [Tons] Baseline Efficiency (Full Load) IPLVSource Air-Cooled Chiller Centrifugal < 150≥ 9.562 EER≥ 12.750 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 ≥ 150≥ 9.562 EER≥ 12.750 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 Screw/Scroll/ Reciprocating < 150≥ 9.562 EER≥ 12.750 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 ≥ 150≥ 9.562 EER≥ 12.750 EERASHRAE 90.1-2010 Water- Cooled Chiller Centrifugal < 75≤ 0.634 kW/ton≤ 0.596 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 75-150≤ 0.634 kW/ton≤ 0.596 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 150-300≤ 0.634 kW/ton≤ 0.596 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 300-600≤ 0.576 kW/ton≤ 0.549 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 ≥ 600≤ 0.570 kW/ton≤ 0.539 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 Screw/Scroll/ Reciprocating < 75≤ 0.780 kW/ton≤ 0.630 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 75-150≤ 0.775 kW/ton≤ 0.615 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 150-300≤ 0.680 kW/ton≤ 0.580 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 300-600≤ 0.620 kW/ton≤ 0.540 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 ≥ 600≤ 0.620 kW/ton≤ 0.540 kW/tonASHRAE 90.1-2010 Early Replacement Unit must be working and: < 20 years old (non-centrifugal) < 25 years old (centrifugal)

28 HVAC REMINDERS The installed HVAC capacity must be within 80% to 120% of the replaced electric cooling capacity To qualify, no additional measures may be installed that directly affect the operation of the cooling equipment (i.e., control sequences, cooling towers, and condensers) Early retirement is calculated using a weighted average of the deemed life of the existing equipment and the new equipment o Unit(s) must be working and cooling to qualify o Age of the unit(s) must be less than the measure life in the TRM or the unit will be treated as replace on burn out 28

29 FINAL TAKEAWAYS… 1.DO NOT start work until pre-inspection is complete. 2.Notify Oncor by 9/15/15 if project will not complete by 11/20/15. 3.Make sure LEDs are ENERGY STAR ® or DLC listed. 29

30 CONTACT INFORMATION Cary BettsEEPM Help Desk 214-486-3220866-258-1874 Kim HooperInsurance Coordinator 214-486-3158866-258-1874 Graham Thurman 214-486-2154 Ron Haskovec 214-486-5160 Kristy Tyra 214-486-2750 30

31 Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 31

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