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Pat Phillips & Melanie Knier Davidson County Community College Lexington, NC.

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1 Pat Phillips & Melanie Knier Davidson County Community College Lexington, NC

2  Students want to make connections between what they learn and what they experience in real life  Students do not necessarily view math as applicable to their daily lives  Effective learning requires active application of knowledge, skills, and processes  Learners need to acquire content knowledge and learn how to apply what they have learned

3  Transfer of learning is likely to occur when the student understands the facts and the big picture  The learning environment should be community-centered, learner-centered and knowledge-centered  Contextualized learning helps students make these applications

4  OVAE defines contextualized learning as “a conception of teaching and learning that helps teachers relate subject matter to real world situations”  Current information indicates that new WIA Title 1 & Title 2 re-authorization will require closer alignment with work skills and tie learning to those work skills  Contextualized curriculum is one method of making this alignment

5  Requires a shift in understanding of what it means to develop curriculum  Begins curriculum instruction with tasks learners need in their daily lives; then begins instruction of knowledge and skills required to perform these tasks  Encourages teamwork and collaborative learning. Students often find comfort and success when working with a partner or small group

6  Identified short-term certificate and diploma programs that could be completed in 1-3 semesters  Met with college faculty and representatives from business and workforce development to determine areas where employment was obtainable  Identified faculty and staff and trained them to develop the curriculum  Developed curriculum in areas of health, transportation and early childhood initially. Added HVAC, Business, Computers and are currently identifying others to add

7  Nurse Assistant  Medical Office Assistant  Pharmacy Technology  Early Childhood  Phlebotomy  HVAC  Truck Driver Training  Automotive Technology  Business  Early Childhood Education

8 ReadingReading (continued)  Choose the best answer  Find These Words  What Would You Do?  Complete this Chart  Multiple Choice  Fill in the Blank/Word Bank  Crossword Puzzle  Memorizing/mnemonics  Common Bonds  True/False  Cell Word Chop  Matching  Context Clues  Magic Square  Short-answer question

9 MathWriting  Single-step word problems  Multi-step word problems  Chart/graphs word problems  Hands-on activities using math application, manipulatives, etc.  Students are provided content and write their own work problems  Short answer situations  Topic Sentence placement  Grammatically Correct  Pick 5 key statements and write a summary  Statement re-write  Research and create a 3 minute oral presentation on topic of research

10 Good Vocabulary Activity

11  Students get more out of problems that are interactive  Problems that are relevant to their lives are important  Key words, phrases, or topics you want students to use need to be very clear in the problem  Work through the problem as the instructor before giving to students to prevent any surprises  Initially, begin with single step word problems until the student becomes more comfortable doing them  Working together often makes students more comfortable and they can solve the problem together  May give the students the answer to the problem in initial stages to lower anxiety in solving the problems

12 One single-step and one multi-step problem

13  Make explicit how class activities develop skills for career paths ◦ Tap into student motivation  Use instructional strategies that leverage contextualized learning approaches ◦ Scaffold learning ◦ Use hands-on/active learning ◦ Apply learning in a variety of contexts  Address varying skill levels in the same class ◦ Use group/pair work

14 More examples from other community colleges: GED Bridge to Health Career Profile Writing Project Reading Curriculum Math Curriculum

15 Here’s what they are doing in Illinois: CNA to LPN class 3 hours/week X 16 weeks Contextualized medical vocabulary Based on National League of Nursing Exam “Reading Smart” “504 Absolutely Essential Words” Exit exam – Compass Reading, English, Math Fast Track Allied Health Class in Arkansas Contextualize developmental level reading and math Move students along quicker through career pathway

16 Where are we going ??? More hybrid classes – using Moodle, Blackboard Use SoftChalk to easily convert contextualized curriculum to engaging, interactive lessons on the web

17   EFF Research Principle: A Contextualized Approach to Curriculum and Instruction    Contextualized Teaching & Learning: A Faculty Primer developed by California Community College  Breaking Through Contextualization Toolkit

18 %20Bridge%20to%20Health%20Careers%20Reading%20Curric%20Sessio n%203.pdf Overview.pdf ising_Practice_Oakton_CC_Curriculum.pdf newsletter-july-2010.html Sources

19 Pat Phillips 336.224.4570 Melanie Knier 336.224.4584 Jobs for the Future Website:

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