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University of California Berkeley Chabot College Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Sangam Rawat Zhiwei Huang Hoang Nguyen.

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1 University of California Berkeley Chabot College Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Sangam Rawat Zhiwei Huang Hoang Nguyen

2 Outline  Personal Introduction  Mechanical Engineering  Civil Engineering  Chabot College  Why UC Berkeley?  Transition to UC Berkeley.  Differences between Chabot and UCB  Projects and Engineering applications  Advice  Questions?

3 Introduction  Sangam Rawat,  Zhiwei Huang  Mechanical Engineering Undergrads, UC Berkeley transferred from Chabot College in fall 2011, graduating in fall 2013.  Hoang Nguyen  Civil Engineering, graduating in Fall 2012

4 Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, material science, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with tools like CAD and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, air and water crafts, robotics, medical devices, weapons, and more.

5 Sub disciplines of Mechanical Engineering  Mechanics  Mechatronics and robotics  Structural Analysis  Thermodynamics and thermo-science  Energy conversion and HVAC systems.  Design and drafting/ CAD  Micro electro-mechanical systems(MEMS)  Nanotechnology  Finite element Analysis  Biomechanics

6 ME real life applications

7 Civil Engineering What's the difference between Civil Engineers and Mechanical Engineers? Mechanical Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets

8 Civil Engineering  Civil System  Geo Engineering  Environmental Engineering  Transportation Engineering  Project Management  Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate  Structural Engineering

9 What do structural engineers do? We try to analyze things we don't really know about By simplifying it to something that we can easily analyze And then we convince the public that we know everything...

10 Chabot College  Core Class:  English 1A, 4 or 7  Math 1,2,3,4,6  Physics 4A,4B,4C  Chemistry 1A  Engineering Classes:  Engineering 10,11,22,25,36,43,45  (Depends on the University)  BIGGEST COUNSELOR: WWW.ASSIST.ORG

11 Fall 2009UnitsSpring 2010 Units Math 3Multi. Var. Calculus 5Chem 1A Genr. Chem 5 Music 1Intro to Music3CSCI 14 C++4 Engl. 102R/R/W Acceler. 4Mth 6Linear algbr. 3 ANTH 1Bio/Phys. Anthro 3Engl 1ACrit. R/C3 Phys 4AGP I5 Fall 2010UnitsSpring 2011Units Engr 10Intro to Engr.2Engl 7Crit. T/W3 Engr 25Mathlab3Engr 11Engr D/A2 Mth 4Elem Diff. eqns.3Engr 22Engr. Graphics 3 Phys 4BGeneral Physics5Phys 4C GP III5

12 Spring 2009CourseUnits ART 2AInto to drawing3 ENGL 1AReading/ Composition3 MTH 20Pre-Calculus Math5 ENSC 10Humans and the Environment 3 Total14 Fall 09CourseUnits HISTORY 7US History Through Reconstruct3 MTH 1Calculus 15 PHYS 4AGeneral Physics 15 TUTR 1A/1B Tutor training1 Total14 Spring 10CourseUnits CHEM 1AGeneral Chemistry 15 MTH 2Calculus 25 ENGL 7Critical Thinking3 TUTR 1A/1BTutor training1 Total14 Fall 10CourseUnits PHYS 4BGeneral Physics 25 MTH 3Multivariable Calculus5 MTH 6Linear Algebra3 TUTR 1A/1B Tutor training1 Total14 Spring 11CourseUnits CSCI 14Programming C++4 ENGR 11Engineering Design Analysis2 PHYS 4CGeneral Physics 35 MTH 4Differential Equations3 Total14

13 Colleges applied  University of California Berkeley  University of California San Diego  University of California Los Angeles  University of California Davis Application Tips:  Take Engineering classes at Chabot depending on the University you want to transfer.  Start application and personal statement early.  Look for alliance programs like TAP/TAG.

14 Why UC Berkeley?  One of the best Engineering school nationwide(top 3) and best public university in the world.  Close to home. Can commute from home.  Cheaper tuition and expenses (financial aid covers 100% tuition)  Diversity

15 Transition to UC Berkeley  After the first midterm: HOLLY MOLLY! WHAT WAS THAT?  All exams are time intensive.  Very Fast Paced classes.  Huge classes (over 120 students per class)  Tough Assignments  Not everyone’s a genius here, so DO NOT underestimate yourself!!  Over crowded college!

16 Transfer Experience  Overwhelmed by:  Extracurricular activities: ballroom dancing, research, church, community services,...  Social life: roommates, church fellowship, honor society, classmates, …  Decal Classes – classes taught by students: Learn to fly: Private pilot ground school, Christian foundations, Meditation in practice, …  Seminars, info sessions: FREE FOOD and a chance to win an iPad  Homework, group projects

17 Chabot Vs. UCB  UCB has 32 libraries  Each classes have a discussion section which is taught by a graduate student (GSI).  Amount of time spent on the assignments (30+ hours/week)  Lots of resources and opportunities for hands on projects.  Lots of engineering clubs, honor societies, fraternities.



20 FSAE at UC Berkeley Student run group, from design to racing –Get hands on experience building a race car –Compete against other universities


22 Projects/Projects based Classes Required: ME102 ‘A’, ME 102 ‘B’ Electives : ME 135, ME 130, E 128, ME 101, ME 110, ME C117, ME 119, ME 165, ME C176 Links to some previous Projects

23 Concrete Canoe A concrete canoe that can float and go as fast as a dragon boat UREKA! Hull team: Design Structural analysis: Modeling, simulating Research team: Testing new materials Construction team: Casting, painting The rest: Practice rowing in the weight room

24 Few words of advice…  Don't fall behind in your classes: Spend more time studying in the library.  Working smart: prioritize, utilize all the available resources, know what works better for you: some are visual learners, kinesthetic learners.  Manage time well: don't spend time on stuff you already know  Form study groups, make friends, don't hesitate to talk about homework or ask questions.  Try to find internships or research positions. Think about real life applications of what you learn.  Go to Office hours and Math Lab!!  Get involved in project based(Engineering and science) clubs.

25 Study_Skills_for_Chabot_College_Students.ppt 25 Bruce Mayer, PE Chabot Math, Science, and Engineering Bruce Mayer, PE Licensed Electrical & Mechanical Engineer Chabot Engineering Study Skills For College Students

26 MANAGE YOUR TIME EFFICIENTLY 1. Be responsible 2. Mind connected to hand 3. Worship the textbooks 4. Listen to the instructor 5. Mind your Math & English 6. Be creative 7. Draw diagrams 8. Don't sell your textbooks 9. Put in time 10. Study extra for exams 11. Get every point 12. Join/Form a study group

27 FAIL ?  Of course I fail too. In facts, I've failed so many times  But KEEP TRYING ANYWAY  As long as you try, you're awesome even though you might not be able to achieve any of those.

28 Questions? Hoang Nguyen:


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