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Passive Thermal Systems: Climatic Response Phoenix, AZ.

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1 Passive Thermal Systems: Climatic Response Phoenix, AZ

2 The glass box! No protection from solar gain Instantaneous thermal shift Hermetically sealed…Does not breath Extremely energy intensive for HVAC

3 Vernacular Precedents of the American Southwest Taos Pueblo, NM San Esteban Del Rey Mission Church, Sky City Pueblo, Acoma, NM

4 Modern Icon Taliesen West Scottsdale, AZ Frank Lloyd Wright, 1937

5 Dichotomy Earthships (Corner Cottage) Taos, NM 1970-80s Biosphere 2 Oracle, AZ 1989

6 AIA Climate Zones CLIMATE REGION 11

7 Climate Hot dry summers Moderately cool winters Annual sunshine: 85% Diurnal temperature swings are very large Annual Precipitation: 7 in. April-June are driest August is wettest (1 in.)

8 Climate—Design Priorities Keep hot temperatures out during summer Protect from summer sun. Use evaporative cooling in the summer. Use thermal mass to reduce day-to-night temperature swings during summer. ASU College of Nursing, Phoenix, AZ Smith Group, 2009 /

9 Design Priorities Keep the heat in and cool temperatures out during the winter. Let the winter sun in. Use natural ventilation to cool in spring and fall. /portfolio/archives/0103courthouse-1.asp Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse Phoenix, AZ Richard Meier with Norman Foster & Partners, 2000

10 Passive Systems Selection

11 Phoenix Lechner, p. 108

12 Basic Climate Parameters Lechner p.109

13 Strategies Burton Barr Public Library Phoenix, AZ Wil Bruder, 1995 - Thermal Mass - Sun Control - Passive Ventilation

14 Cesar Chavez Library Phoenix, AZ Line and Space LLC, 2007

15 Desert Broom Branch Library Phoenix, AZ Richard + Bauer, 2011

16 Strategies Tempe Transportation Center Tempe, AZ OTAK and Architekton, 2008 - Cool Roof - Sun Control

17 Strategies Desert Living Center Las Vegas Spring Preserve Lucchesi Galati Architects, 2007 - Rammed Earth - Straw Bale - Cooling Towers - Protection from sun

18 Strategies High Desert Pavilion Bend, OR Pique Collaborative, 2008 - Rammed Earth - Earth Contact Architecture - Protection from sun Underground House in High Desert Sonoran Desert, AZ Rick Joy, 2008 Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Center Osoyoos, BC oriented-architecture/

19 Strategies Desert Wing House Scottsdale, AZ Brent Kindle, 2010 - Thermal Mass - Protect from sun - Diurnal Temperature

20 Strategies Rimrock Ranch Pioneertown, CA Lloyd Russell - Cool Roof - Protect from summer sun - Natural ventilation

21 Think outside the (glass) box! Tempe City Hall Tempe, AZ Michael and Kemper Goodwin, Ltd., 1971

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