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CNM Energy Efficiency and HVAC Service Tech Lisa Aldon.

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1 CNM Energy Efficiency and HVAC Service Tech Lisa Aldon

2 GIC Update Brief Overview and Update Comments from Participants Impact on CNM and Sustainability of Training Activities

3 Brief Overview and Update

4 HVAC Service Technician 375 Training Hours and Lab Basic Electricity Motors & Controls Basic Refrigeration Refrigeration Management EPA Universal Certifications Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Controls Installation and Retrofit of Heat/Cooling Systems Code & Safety Gas Heating Refrigeration Service 1 Refrigeration Service 2 Troubleshooting and Green Concepts Energy Efficiency Courses LEED LEED For Contractors LEED for Operation and Maintenance BPI (2) – Building Analyst Energy Audit (SFCC) Lead Abatement Certification (SFCC) Weatherization Technician Training OSHA 10 for Contractors 87 Served to date, 39 Completed - 22 Incumbents, 17 Unemployed

5 Brief Overview and Update HVAC Service Technician – Partnership with Union 412 Great Partnership Tools and Books Shared Expense Schedule very aggressive Training valuable – Additional Skills help to keep jobs Future: Articulation into CNM Credit Certification/Associates Interviews to be scheduled with 7-8 Signatory Contractors who specialize in HVAC Possibility of Advanced HVAC Training Program

6 Success Stories “The instructor was awesome. He used real life experiences and examples to help with the thought process. “ LEED AP “The instructor was great. I’m so glad he taught this class. I am lucky to have taken this class with this instructor, I’ve had very few instructors of this quality!” BPI “Great instructor…knew everything” Refrigeration Management “Thanks Chuck and Lisa for all the instructors” (from HVAC program) “Many thanks to all teachers, Administrators involved…We Want More!!!” (from HVAC program)

7 Impact on CNM CNM has identified and maintained many partnerships over the period of the grant, which aligns with CNM’s goal to identify and nurture strategic partnerships. Government Agencies Partner Colleges – SFCC specifically “Energy Efficiency” Industry Partner with Union 412

8 Impact on CNM and Sustainability of Training Activities Almost all courses taught under the grant will continue to be offered to the public. (BPI and Lead - SFCC) Possibility of Advanced HVAC program HVAC Service Technician program model for future short term professional certificates, non-credit (TAAACT Grant) New LEED Operations and Maintenance Class CNM Instructors – students in BPI

9 Thank you

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