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Green 101 Greening Your Firm. What Are Our Clients Expectations?

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1 Green 101 Greening Your Firm

2 What Are Our Clients Expectations?

3 What Are Our Future Client’s Expectations? 89% are likely to switch brands to support a cause 74% are more likely to pay attention to companies deeply committed to a cause 69% consider a company’s social commitment when deciding where to shop 66% consider a company’s social commitment when recommending products Source: Business Week, 11/06/06 Generation Y

4 Why Focus on Expectations? ‘ Corporate Culture and Performance’ by John Kotter and James Heskett (2005) Revealed that businesses that focus obsessively on meeting the needs of customers: Revenues increase 4 times faster Job creation is 7 times faster Owner equity grows 12 times faster Profit performance is 750% higher

5 Where’s the Opportunity? By 2035, 75% of all buildings in the U.S. will be new or renovated to reduce their environmental impact Source: American Institute of Architects

6 Where’s the Opportunity? Source: USGBC

7 Where’s the Opportunity?

8 Quantifying Your Performance How do you manage your client’s expectations?

9 Managing Client Expectations Your understanding of their expectations and values Looking for the second phone call

10 Managing Client Expectations Be a partner in the process of perfecting the scope of work Integrated Design Process (IDP)

11 Managing Client Expectations 95% Cost of Ownership 5% Cost of Construction Source: U.S. Federal Facilities Council Technical Report No. 142

12 Managing Client Expectations Study done by CoStar, 2007 (Miller, Spivey and Florance)

13 Quantifying Your Performance How do you make ‘exceeding your client’s expectations’ measurable?

14 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) An evaluation of the environmental effects of a product or activity holistically, by analyzing the entire life cycle of a particular material, process, product, technology, service or activity Each bulb keeps ½ ton of CO 2 out of the atmosphere

15 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Versus Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Assume 1 unit of water = 748 gallons Assume for commercial users, 1 unit costs $1.48/unit Assume 313,950 gallons saved per year (420 units) Baseline example Use of Present Value/Future Value

16 Life Cycle Costs for Non-water Urinals

17 Where Are We Going From Here? ASHRAE building labeling program

18 The ‘Carbon Footprint’ A measure of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels. Generally measured in tons of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) Business Residence Product

19 Where are the Obstacles? What obstacles have you encountered to green construction?

20 Where are the obstacles?

21 Estimated Cost of LEED (Source: USGBC, 2007) City of Boulder, Colorado includes 2% for LEED costs, including commissioning. LEED soft costs, including registration, documentation and commissioning average.8% of construction costs or $1/sq.ft. 1

22 Marketing How do you brand your firm to be “green”?

23 Branding Separate your firm from your competitors Hook the Owner on value, not price Price ≠ Cost All brands contain a promise

24 Branding Where are the marketing opportunities that would allow us to separate ourselves from our competitors?

25 Branding More than ½ of corporate America will have a Green Policy by 2011 Source: McGraw/Hill Construction

26 Branding


28 Marketing Recruiting and retaining Gen Y (millennial) employees Very brand sensitive Identify with their technology Love a fluid environment Expect to be on the cutting edge

29 Business Issues What resources do you need to “green” your firm?

30 Greening Your Firm Through Accreditation LEED accreditation ASHRAE accreditation UA accreditation MSCA Green Star designation

31 LEED ® Accreditation Understanding of green building practices and principles, and familiarity with LEED requirements, resources, and processes.


33 LEED Accreditation LEED-NC examination will terminate in March of 2009. Will maintain the following until then: Three tracks (NC, EB & CI) 2-hour time frame 80 questions Scaled output from 125 to 200 (170 is passing)

34 LEED Accreditation – How to Prepare LEED Reference Guide Knowledge of LEED credits & requirements Required coordination of project and team How to implement the LEED process Verify, participate and perform technical analysis required for LEED credits

35 Practice Exam Questions Which of the following are prerequisites for LEED Certification? (Choose 3) A.Erosion & Sedimentation Control B.LEED Accredited Professional C.CFC Reduction in HVAC & R Equipment D.Minimum IAQ Performance E.Ventilation Effectiveness

36 Certification From LEED Currently, the new examinations for LEED-NC and LEED-EB have not been released EB examination expected in June NC examination expected in August

37 New LEED Certification Levels LEED Green Associate LEED AP+ LEED Fellow LEED Legacy

38 LEED Certifications – LEED Green Associate LEED Green Associate “core” testing level do not necessarily have to design and build. The exam tests for basic green building knowledge same across all rating systems. Prerequisites: Must be involved in a sustainable field of work or study Required to acquire 15 hours of continuing education every 2 years $50 maintenance fee every two years.

39 LEED Certifications – LEED AP+ LEED AP+ Includes “Green Associate” exam and also includes another two-hour exam on one of five specialization areas:  Commercial Building Design & Construction (formerly New Construction)  Existing Buildings Operation & Maintenance (formerly EB)  Commercial Interior Design (formerly CI)  Residential  Neighborhood Development.

40 LEED Certifications – LEED AP+ Before you apply to take the LEED AP+ exam, you must prove you worked on a LEED project Producing a letter from an owner or GC attesting your participation Be the person responsible for a LEED credit through LEED online. Required to acquire 15 hours of continuing education every 2 years $50 maintenance fee every two years.

41 LEED Certifications – LEED Fellow LEED Fellow This accreditation is meant to recognize the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the LEED community You must demonstrate contributions to the standards of LEED Participate in a peer review of your project portfolio Other requirements not yet developed

42 LEED Certifications – Legacy LEED-AP Legacy LEED-AP Applies to the 65,000 current LEED-AP certificants Begins in June 2009 GBCI will give you two years to choose to become a Legacy LEED AP by: sign an ethics policy $50 maintenance fee (waived until 2011) agree to take 30 hours of continuing education every two years No additional tests are required.

43 Exam Preparation Courses MCAA 2008 workshops on LEED-NC TBA MSCA 2009 workshops on LEED-EB Jan. 26 & 27 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL March 9 - 10 - Scottsdale, AZ May 18 - 19 - Washington, DC Sept. 14 - 15 - Kansas City, MO Registration will open the end of October 2008.

44 MSCA Green Star designation

45 United Association-Green Awareness Certification 20-hour course resulting in “green” certification Emerging concepts Terminology Products Systems

46 United Association-Green Awareness Certification Course developed by Ferris State University and HVAC Excellence in conjunction with MSCA ( Register at

47 Certification from ASHRAE High-performance Building Design Professional (HBDP) is specific to the HVAC industry Unveiled in Salt Lake City in June of 2008 Operation and Performance Management Professional (OPMP) Unveiled in Chicago on Jan. 28, 2009 Commissioning Process Management Professional Certification (CPMP) To launch in Louisville, KY in June, 2009

48 Future Trends Due to technology and specialization, certifications will become the industry norm LEED Certification will become more specialized and more difficult to obtain ASHRAE will become the industry standard in HVAC certifications

49 Resources MCAA http://www.greencontractors.us MSCA ( USGBC http://www.usgbc.org ASHRAE http://www.ashrae.org

50 Conclusion

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