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Required Printouts Price Sheet Office Business Plan Estimating Work sheets Integrations you office has done worksheet Business card or handout listing.

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1 Required Printouts Price Sheet Office Business Plan Estimating Work sheets Integrations you office has done worksheet Business card or handout listing next steps and contact information

2 Sales Training on New Integration Platform

3 Agenda 1. Introductions and Tracer Update 2. Lynxspring/Trane Relationship 3. Where does Lynxspring solution fit within Trane 4. Product Introduction 5. System Architecture Overview 6. Products 7.Databases 8.Key Sales Points 9. Legacy Solutions 10. Solution Examples 11. Price Sheet Review 12. Estimating Projects 13. Support and Resources 14. Next Steps 15. Terminology Review/Terminology Equivalents 16. Discussions

4 Session 1 Introductions and Tracer Controls Update

5 Introductions – In 30 Seconds or less Who are you? What do you do? What Office?

6 Adding an Integration Platform Tracer Summit Siemens JCI Honeywell Integration Platform Lighting Security Other Tracer ES BACnet LonTalk Modbus Tracer SC TCP/IP (HTTP/XML) IT Standards Comm 3 Comm 4 LonTalk Tracer BCU Industry Specific BACnet/IP

7 Session 2 Trane – Lynxspring Relationship For a New Integration Platform

8 Objective of the Integration Sales Training The new integration platform The applications and fit with Tracer How to leverage capabilities for incremental business The business process Provide information necessary for sales personnel to successfully present and sell the new integration platform

9 Background and Vision for the Integration Platform

10 Background A new construction oriented controls provider Controls sold primarily with equipment Strategy is leveraging depth of knowledge in HVAC applications Provide open, standard systems (protocols) – LonWorks, BACnet and Modbus Promote integrated systems and solutions Trane

11 Current Integration Capability Open system oriented – BACnet at the system level – LonTalk at the field controller level – Investing in new, open standards – Effective for newer systems and future installations Minimal capability to integrate proprietary systems – Varying methods – Replace rather than integrate - expensive. Investment required to develop software and drivers for Trane designed integration platform (Tracer SC) – Time – Schedule

12 Integration Vision Renewed focus on retrofit Ability to provide system solutions To the customer... “Yes, we can work with your current system” “Yes, we can provide an integrated solution” Trane controls product portfolio includes an integration platform Integration platform facilitates more Trane controls, contracting and service sales in existing buildings Integration platform extends Tracer ability to expand Trane retrofit capability

13 New Integration Platform Lynxspring JENEsys™

14 Trane is now a Lynxspring Business Partner (LBP) Lynxspring is now a Trane Integrated Solutions Partner Lynxspring “...a tremendous opportunity to grow your BAS business!” Mike Mumma, Controls Sales Leader

15 Some Definitions in the Tridium World Niagara Framework – Owned by Tridium – Windows Vykon Products – Division of Tridium – Excel – Word – Personal Computer etc.

16 Who is Lynxspring? Control manufacturer, developer, value added reseller – Core product is a hardware/software suite - JENEsys ™ – Specialize in Internet technologies and interoperability – Focus is distribution channel and service – Use software and technology instead of head count where possible Employees – Engineers, software developers, technicians, sales professionals – Backgrounds include consulting engineers, controls contracting, software designers, service providers

17 Why Did Trane go with Lynxspring? Speed to market Established training and support program Custom development capabilities Available software components to simplify integration Licensed to build their own hardware (JENE) Based on a widely accepted platform No competitive service organization We have momentum – Independent Trane offices are successfully using this integration platform

18 What Does Lynxspring Do? Manufactures the JENEsys product line JENEsys includes hardware and software JENEsys uses Tridium Niagara AX operating system Brings offerings through sales channels – Lynxspring Business Partners – Software Development – National Accounts – Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

19 What Does Lynxspring Do? Under the new Trane agreement Lynxspring Business Partners – Controls sales/support – Training services – Professional services Software Development – Communication drivers – Management software – Drivers and Niagara appliances

20 How Can Lynxspring Help Trane? JENEsys products complement Trane controls – Adds an integration platform Integration platform brings additional protocol capability Integrate beyond HVAC (lighting, security, etc.) Additional protocol capability enhances Trane’s position as an integrated solutions provider – More information to deliver comfort, energy savings, safety, serviceability, sustainability Embrace… if you can’t replace!

21 Product Overview Bob Mealey Vice President – Marketing and Sales Previously TAC Partners OEM Sales Federal Sales

22 JENEsys™ Integration Platform JENEsys ™ PC 1000 JENEsys ™ PC 6000 JENEsys ™ ProBuilder

23 JENEsys ™ Communications Options Standard Protocols BACnet  LonWorks Modbus  Modem oBIX  OPC SNMP  Zigbee Existing 3 rd Legacy Drivers Andover 256, Infinity  JCI N2 American Automatrix  CSI INET Invensys Network 8000  Titus Niagara™/ Fox 1st RJ45 Ethernet Connection (TCP/IP or Any Browser Interface) Earth Ground RS485 Connection (BACnet MS/TP, Modbus) Communication Module (LON, Modem, Zigbee) 2nd RJ45 Ethernet Connection (BACnet IP/BACnet Ethernet, TCP/IP)

24 Data Integration Options Export using: –.pdf –.csv –.txt SQL queries Oracle queries Java Email SNMP Web Services HTML XML OPC

25 Target Application Legacy Integration

26 Legacy Integration Projects CSI JCI Andover Honeywell Tracer Summit

27 A Complement to Tracer Add – Ability to integrate existing (competitive) systems – Ability to integrate non-HVAC building systems Accelerate – Ability to penetrate existing buildings – Ability to develop protocol drivers – Data acquisition for intelligent services – Data gathering capabilities Strengthen: – Backward compatibility Siemens JCI Honeywell JENEsys Integration Platform Lighting Security Other

28 Gather Information

29 Leveraging Legacy Integration Developing Opportunities

30 Marketing Approaches The Red Coats and the Open Field Attack – Trade Shows – Specification Writing – Broad Sweeping Marketing Programs – Puts in playing field with mom and pop shop Guerilla Tactics – Trane and Lynxspring Preferred Method – Direct Sales Channel – Service Sales Channel – Ambush Tactics

31 Getting Into Legacy Integration It’s a different business model – Presents many opportunities – Involves non-Trane systems and components It requires different resources – Design, engineering, estimating – In-house product knowledge – Technicians brought in from other controls companies – Competitive subcontractor relationships at times

32 Opportunities Non-Trane systems in existing buildings – Service customers with competitive control systems – Comprehensive solutions customers – Turnkey retrofit projects – Multi-site owners  Facility and campus expansions  Niagara AX -based (Tridium) school districts Plan and spec jobs with competitive front end Other building system solutions – Legacy Security – Legacy Power Management – Legacy Lighting Prepackaged Integrated Solutions Expand relationship with institutional customers!

33 Targeting Opportunities Local market assessment – Competitor relationships – Competitors’ market share and service records – Open architecture vs. legacy protocols Local resources – Competitive systems service capability – Integration experience Customer pain – Technical pain – Relationship pain – Financial pain

34 Qualifying Opportunities 1. Identify legacy systems Identify and understand the use of legacy systems in customer facilities 2. Acquire system knowledge Acquire knowledge about the design, operation and programming of relevant competitive automation systems 3. Develop an integration and migration path Develop overall (initial and ongoing) integration and migration path for system improvement and customer satisfaction Utilize a simple project development process!

35 Developing Opportunities Consider legacy system impact on contracting – Clear scope with regard to integration – Comprehensive network design and documentation – Intelligent estimates – Qualified subcontractors Understand funding mechanisms – Planned upgrades (capital projects) – Operations / maintenance (expense projects) – Energy savings / efficiencies (cost reductions) Apply legacy-system-specific resources – Qualified control system technicians – Networking (IT) expertise – Correct tools and training

36 Leverage Opportunities Deepen your relationship with customers disgruntled with competition who don’t feel they can afford to replace all existing controls Gain access to sell service contracts Use data to feed intelligent services Pull through Trane controls Pull through Trane equipment Increase scope of performance contracts Pull through turnkey contracting “Embrace, if you can’t replace!”

37 Business Information Working With Lynxspring

38 Lynxspring Business Partner Trane appointed as a buyer for the purpose of resale and servicing of Lynxspring products on a worldwide and non-exclusive basis Authorized JENEsys™ installer Certified Niagara AX integrator Access to Lynxspring support program Competitive pricing Member of the LBP network

39 Business Processes Ordering – Order directly from Lynxspring in writing using provided order entry form – Online order entry coming! Warranty – 18 months from date of shipment or 12 months from date of installation Pricing – Parity for company-owned and independent offices – Reference Lynxspring JENEsys™ Price List – Multiplier is.24

40 More Business Processes Shipping – Product is shipped FOB from Leawood, KS or from the Lynxspring supplier – Shipping expenses are the responsibility of Trane office Cancellation and Restocking – Requires prior approval from Lynxspring – Restocking Charges  Within 60 days – 20% ($100 minimum)  60-90 days – 30% ($200 minimum)  90+ days – 50% ($300 minimum Return Material Authorization (RMA) – Contact Lynxspring and obtain a RMA

41 Technical Training Lynxspring TCP training (Niagara AX certification training) – REQUIRED – Each participating District must have at least one certified technician – Full five-day class – Trane scheduled classes Tentative dates and locations LocationPlanned Week Kansas CityOctober 20 th Kansas CityNovember 3 rd Kansas CityDecember 8 th

42 Trane Support Trane Product Support (1-877-78TRANE) – Pre-sale marketing support – First line technical support for integration between JENEsys products and Trane controls Centralized Services – Support for offices that need contracted resources

43 Lynxspring Support Help desk support for JENEsys products and higher-level integration support Lynxspring University Trane secure website LBP Group Support – Project support Central Engineering Services Documentation In accordance with Lynxspring Partner Sales Technical Support Published Operating Procedures December 12, 2005 Version 1.1

44 Be Aware Not plug and play Easy to over commit Understand legacy system Associated resources required – Tools – Software – Technicians – Drivers Different business/project model – Estimating – Support

45 Resources Lynxspring website: Lynxspring forum: http://forum.lynxspring.com – General Lynxspring Forum – Trane Specific Forum iTrane (Portal) – Presence within the Integrated Solutions pages ICSLs

46 Copies of Training Material

47 Go to and click the “Register” link, you will be presented with this:

48 Fill out the information and we approve it, and associate them with the groups they can see including Trane forum.


50 Getting Involved

51 Talk To Your Territory ICSL Jim Beam Northeast Mark Faucher (interim)Southeast Mike MummaCentral Scott FrechetteWest Carlos SoberonLAR

52 Independent Offices Contact Lynxspring directly – Bob Mealey, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Email: Telephone: (913) 901-1004 Next Steps – Negotiate LBP Agreement with Lynxspring – Inform your territory ICSL

53 Office Readiness Assessment Review capabilities and readiness Identify local office champion for sales and fulfillment Document success selling and installing Tracer controls projects Review controls service capabilities Update estimating resources Create integration business plan

54 Overview Summary

55 Summary Lynxspring’s JENEsys™ product line is our new integration platform to complement Tracer controls The primary opportunity is penetrating existing buildings through integration to competitive building automation systems Legacy integration is a “different” element of the controls business and requires a deliberate business decision to get involved You can leverage legacy integration to sell more traditional Trane systems, solutions and service Understand the current and planned the capabilities of your office with regard to legacy integration

56 Discussion Your best guess at 2 opportunities for integrations

57 Questions: Section 2

58 Session 3 Where Does Lynxspring Fit Definitions Target Application Related Applications Exception

59 Gateways vs. normalized data JENEsys™ is an integration platform JENEsys™ “normalizes” integration data JENEsys™ is not a gateway

60 Gateway Translates protocols – typically using a matrix type equivalency table – N to N relationship Very specific to revision level on both sides – Difficult to upgrade either side without causing a problem Requires extensive support from vendor at the corporate level to implement. Must be cooperation between parties involved. Cost will vary from expensive to very expensive

61 Gateway Matrix Example ItemBACnet Registry BACnet Instance SNVT NameSNVT Type Supply AirAnalogAV 00nvoDischAirTemp temp_p / 105 Outside AirAnalogAV 01nvoOutsideTemp temp_p / 105 Fan StatusBooleanBV 00nvoUnitState state / 83 Space TempAnalogAV 10nvoSpaceTemp temp_p / 105 Fan Start/Stop BooleanBV 00nvoUnitStatestate / 83 Compressor Start/Stop BooleanBV 16nvoCompStatestate / 83

62 Gateway – N to N Example

63 Normalized Data Is a relational database function Brings all data into the platform Has higher data integrity Provides a uniform view of device data Is less subject to “versioning” issues Allows the data to be output into multiple formats (e.g. one to anything conversion)

64 Normalized Data… Is like Microsoft’s Windows Operating System that provides rules to application developers specifying “look and feel” and terminology (e.g. File, Edit, Insert etc) that enable users to intuitively navigate new applications. JENEsys normalization provides a similar structure and rules enabling building automation integrators to intuitively navigate and interact with disparate control systems. Integrators appreciate that all information is presented in the same format with same look and feel.

65 Normalized Data

66 Takeaways on Normalized Data Provides more robust interface Easier data handling for integrators More flexibility in providing interfaces One to anything capability Less prone to re-visioning issues

67 Target Application Integrating 3 rd Party Control Systems into Summit Purpose: – Allow Trane to take over accounts – Integrate existing systems into Trane networks – Customer investment in other controls is not lost – Trane can install its controls downstream

68 Target – Variation 1 - Campus TCP/IP C C C C C C C Tracer Summit Trane Controllers Building 2 C C C C C C C Legacy Controllers Building 1

69 Target – Variation 2 - Building C C C C C C C C C C C C Summit Legacy 1 Legacy 2 Trane

70 Target – Variation 3 – UI Takeover C C C C Summit C C C C C C C C Router/ Network Panel Router/ Network Panel Router/ Network Panel

71 Related Applications Niagara specified projects, (interim solution). – New Tracer SC communicating with oBIX. Non – HVAC Integrations Purpose: – Extend reach of Trane products into non-Trane specs – “Nose under the tent” for penetration into competitor’s projects – High value total building solutions

72 Related - Niagara Specified Projects – Campus or Building TCP/IP C C C C C C C Existing Niagara AX Web Supervisor Head End Trane Controllers Building “n”+1 C C C C C C C Niagara Compatible Controllers Buildings 1 through “n”

73 Related – Non-HVAC Integrations

74 Exceptions Circumstances under which you should look into using some of the more advanced capabilities of Jenesys: Trane equipment “under” legacy user interface Database Integrations – Tie Trane solutions into the corporate db structure JENEsys™ Web Services LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus Integration

75 Related - Trane equipment “under” legacy user interface Trane Equipment Addition to Network Existing Control System

76 Exception - Database Integrations Trane Summit Network Niagara AX Web Supervisor Export using: .pdf .csv .txt  SQL queries  Oracle queries  Java  Email  SNMP  Web Services  HTML  XML  OPC

77 Exception - Web Interface Preferred solution for Web interface applications in Trane is Tracer Summit WebOps, or Tracer SC. Any JENEsys™ controller can add WEB UI Services to the platform with a license file either before or after the initial sale. Use JENEsys™ WEB UI if: – Your support people wish to have access to the JENEsys™ platform with a web interface – The spec calls for Niagara with a Web UI Interface – Or if you want to provide embedded ProBuilder

78 Exception – LonWorks, BACnet or Modbus The preferred method of integrating LonWorks or BACnet is the BCU. Modbus can be added to the BCU with the Field Server OEM option. Any JENEsys™ controller can add LonWorks, BACnet MSTP, BACnet IP, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP to the platform with a license file either before or after the initial sale. Use JENEsys™ LonWorks, BACnet if the JENEsys™ has available resources and is installed already; if there is a requirement for BACnet MSTP or if integrating non HVAC third party devices. Use the JENEsys™ Modbus as an equal alternative to Field Server.

79 Section 3 Takeaways Target application is JENEsys™ used as an integration platform for legacy systems Related applications include Niagara specified projects, (interim), and Non – HVAC Integrations.

80 Questions: Section 3

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