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NACBA 07 Workshop C-11 Facilities Care & Management July 13, 2007  2003-2007

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1 NACBA 07 Workshop C-11 Facilities Care & Management July 13, 2007  2003-2007



4 Still a good resource Concept is practical and works Changes Such as, Carpets more durable Maint-free finishes Better equipment, etc. Standards are changing due to tech & equipment Multi-use facilities require more labor Thy Kingdom Clean (1991)

5 In the end – concept of how to meet the Housekeeping, Maint, & Demands of maintaining a facility is the key to determining 1.Manpower needed 2.Equipment 3.Cost analysis TKC can help you in that way Thy Kingdom Clean (1991)

6 Questions I receive 1.I’m opening a new facility. How do I determine manpower and equip needs? 2.Is there a formula to compute manpower needs? 3.What about contract housekeeping? a.Do you retain your own staff? b.How do you split duties? c.What about setups and takedowns? In summary: 1.Use the concept in TKC. 2.Make it work for you. Thy Kingdom Clean (1991)

7 Today’s Outline I.Facility Management Forecast – 2007, 2010 II.Outsourcing III.Lifecycle Cost Management IV.Budgeting V.Categories VI.Top 10 – Why Facilities Fail VII.Top 10 – Hot Topics in Church Facilities Mgmnt VIII.Resources


9 I. Facilities Management Forecast

10 A. 2007-08 1.Rapid pace of change 2.Changing technology 3.Building automation 4.Security issues 5.Sustainability 6.Do more with less 7.Aging Facilities – (Bldg boom of 90’s) 8.Aging Workforce (20% +60, 33% by 2050) 9.Senior population – how to accommodate

11 B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08 1.Linking Facilities Management to Strategy a.Planning for growth & expansion in facilities (churches) b.Key components for FM in building design i.The obvious – HVAC, EMS, Other Systems ii.Roof systems iii.Housekeeping space iv.Storage v.Safety vi.Security vii.Floor surfaces viii.Waste management

12 2.Emergency Preparedness a.Analyze vulnerabilities b.Develop & implement protection strategy c.Develop response plans d.Identify resources e.Train and drill B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

13 3.Rapid pace of change a.Challenges for facilities management i.Security ii.EMS iii.Outsourcing iv.Ethnic work force – cultural diversity v.Innovation vi.Learning challenges B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

14 4.Sustainability (maintain) a.Energy conservation i.LEED – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

15 5.Emerging Technology a.Multiple systems – one system i.EMS ii.Lighting iii.Security iv.Fire Protection b.BIM – Building Information Modeling Software i.Architect  Contractor  Owner ii.Will include and replace CAD iii.Owner (church) will need the software for FM iv.Facilities manager will need proficiency in BIM B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

16 6.Broadening Diversity in the workforce a.Shortages of skilled labor b.Training challenges c.Aging workforce B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

17 7.Aging buildings - #1 Concern a.Deferred maintenance has caused problems b.Key Stat i.2-4% of the replacement value should be the budget for maintenance and repair for facilities (IFMA) B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

18 8.Cogun survey, 2005, Creating Good Impressions a.In designing new space, Facility Managers said: i.Provide more storage ii.Design for planned ministries iii.Design state-of-the-art mechanical systems b.Suggested exterior improvements: i.49% - Landscapping ii.38% - Painting iii.13% - Increased funding for maintenance c.Suggested interior improvements: i.46% - Painting ii.38% - New floor covering iii.16% - Increased funding for maintenance B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

19 8.Cogun survey, 2005, Creating Good Impressions d.What requires most of your time? Facility Managers said: i.Mechanical systems – repair and ongoing maintenance and control B. Top Issues & Trends for 07-08

20 II. Outsourcing

21 A. Factors in Decision 1.Frequency of need 2.Inadequate available workforce 3.Training and supervision 4.Flexibility 5.Cost 6.Questions to ask: a.Will Contractor respond to a Request for Proposal ? b.Can Contractor provide manpower needed? c.Does the Contractor understand church special needs? d.What equipment & supplies will be used in the facility? e.Background checks on workers? f.Adequate supervision?

22 B. Can a Contractor save $$ ? 1.Specialization allows higher productivity 2.Amortization of equipment investment over time 3.Multi-year fixed price

23 C. Outsourcing Advantages 1.Flexible workforce to meet needs 2.Makes startup easier 3.Requires less training 4.Greater efficiency 5.Increased labor pool 6.Better equipment 7.Special needs accommodated easier 8.Labor problems belong to contractor

24 C. Outsourcing Advantages 9.Revise contract as change requires with time 10.Emergencies are handled better (flood example) 11.Good budgetary planning 12.Reduced management burden

25 D. Outsourcing Disadvantages 1.Usually more expensive in dollars a.However, less time for church managers 2.Communication challenges 3.Language barriers – communication 4.No employee loyalty from contract personnel 5.May involve use of cheaper supplies & materials 6.Security concerns 7.Attitudes of contract personnel 8.Hidden costs 9.Margin of success to failure

26 E. Request for Proposal - RFP Copy of this Form available on Key Components of a Request for Proposal 1.Description of Work: XYZ Baptist Church [XYZBC] is accepting proposals for all housekeeping services at their facilities located at 388 Z Avenue, XYZ, AZ. The facilities comprise approximately 380,000 square feet, consisting of: a.a worship center which seats 3,000 b.a conference center which seats 1,500 c.traditional church educational space for preschool, children, youth, and adult totaling approximately 110,000 square feet d.a recreation center consisting of 2 gym floors, dressing rooms, crafts room, fireplace meeting room, cardiovascular workout room, weight room, snack bar, and control areas e.Offices for a staff of 28 pastors and support staff f.Commons areas, hallways, stairwells, 2 elevators, and numerous entrances and exits g.Numerous restrooms and fixtures h.Large quantities of glass and windows i.Varied floor surfaces of carpet, ceramic tile, CVT j.All work proposed is for inside only, and entrance ways. No lawns or properties are proposed.

27 E. Request for Proposal - RFP 2.Proposals: Contractors desiring to submit proposals can exercise freedom in their proposal as long as the basic requirements, described below, are met: a.Weekly cleaning requirements per generally accepted cleaning standards for public facilities for all square footage based on usage of facilities. Appointments to be accepted for measurement of floor space, access to drawings, and a physical inspection of the actual facilities. b.Provision of all equipment needed to perform the proposed work c.Provision of all supplies needed to perform the proposed work d.Hiring and training of all proposed personnel e.Full time supervision of all shifts of work f.No limits on schedule requirements

28 E. Request for Proposal - RFP 3.Structure of Proposals: Proposals should include the following: a.Contractor Description (Primary Product; Years in Business; Licenses; Memberships; Other Pertinent Information) b.Pertinent company information relative to proposal c.Description of services to be included d.Estimates of manpower e.Costs including but not limited to hourly wage rates, workman’s comp insurance, benefits, overhead, equipment amortization, and profit f.Statistics used in calculating #5 above g.Relevant Experience / References

29 E. Request for Proposal - RFP 4.Evaluation and Award a.Proposals will be evaluated by the church Administrative Team (staff) and the church Maintenance Ministry Team (volunteers). Contractors may be interviewed if deemed necessary by the Team. The selected proposal will be the one that demonstrates the best combination of performance and cost.

30 E. Request for Proposal - RFP 5.Questions: Questions on this Request for Proposal may be directed to ___________ [Church Administrator] or ____________ [Director of Plant & Properties] at 902.750.5550. Respondents are welcome to visit the church or make appointments for a guided tour.

31 III. Lifecycle Cost Management

32 A.Not a new concept B.Hire Architects who have experience in church facilities C.Master and long-range plans must address maintenance and replacement D.Formula 1. New Cost + Annual Maintenance & repair for usable life Total Cost E.Example

33 III. Life Cycle Cost Management Carpet Life (insert chart)

34 IV. Budgeting

35 A. Facility Operating Gross Sq Foot Index (GSF) GSF Index = Annual Facility Maint Oper $$ Gross Area (Sq. Ft.) 2.Custodian Staffing Formula (cust per Sq. Ft.=CPF) Manpower (CPF) = Total Square Footage 10-15,000 sq. ft. per man

36 B. Advantage of Using GSF Index 1.Easy indicator of cost per square foot (CSF) 2.Can be easily charted / tracked 3.Can be computed for prior years 4.Compares easily to other indexes 5.Consistent basis for budgeting year to year

37 C. Costs of Ownership 1.Operations a.Utilities b.HK / Custodial 2.Supplies 3.Maintenance & Repair 4.Replacement 5.Alterations & Improvements

38 D.Consequences of Underfunding 1.Safety failures 2.Excessive costs for replacement & repairs 3.Higher utilities 4.HVAC service failures 5.Poor aesthetics & morale

39 E. Budgeting should include: 1.Preventative maintenance a.Grounds b.Exterior and Roof c.Signage d.Interiors e.Electrical f.Plant & HVAC Systems g.Security & Life Safety Systems h.Furnishings, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E)

40 E. Budgeting should include: 2.Custodial a.Janitorial b.Trash / Waste Disposal & Management c.Window Cleaning d.Carpet Cleaning e.Pest Control f.Blinds & Drapes g.Pews

41 E. Budgeting should include: 2.Maintenance & Repair a.Grounds b.Exterior & Roof c.Interiors d.Plant & HVAC e.Elevators f.EMS g.Security & Life Safety Systems h.Electrical i.Signage j.Other

42 V. Categories of Maintenance A.Inspect & repair only as necessary (IRAN) B.Cyclical Repair (roofs) C.Preventative Maintenance D.Predicted Maintenance E.Breakdown Maintenance F.Repair Projects

43 VI. Top 10 – Why Facilities Fail A.Under-funding Housekeeping & Maintenance B.No standards of upkeep C.Poor supervision of employees D.Failure to maintain equipment E.Failure to train F.Failure to keep up with technology G.Failure to update finishes and interiors H.Failure to cycle assets I.Under staff J.Failure to inspect and follow-up

44 VII. Top 10 – Hot Topics in Church Facilities Management A.Safety & Risk Assessment B.Outsourcing C.Hosting Outside Events (Northpointe, GBC) D.How to staff for HK, Custodial needs (CSF) E.Security, Disaster Preparedness & Pandemics F.Policies & Procedures G.Life Cycle Costs H.First Impressions (casino quote) I.EMS / HVAC J.Software & Technology

45 VIII. Resources Click on logo below

46 VIII. Resources B.Articles 1.Understanding Life-cycle Costs 2.Keep Up Appearances 3.Self-Inspection Safety Checklist for Churches 4.Northpointe Church Atlanta Facilities Resources 5.First Impressions - Creating WOW Experiences in Your Church – Mark Waltz (Granger Church) 6.Facility Manager’s Operation and Maintenance Handbook 7.IFMA Current Trends in Facilities Management Study 8.IFMA Lifecycle Model

47 VIII. Resources C.Emergency & Pandemic Preparedness - Facilities 2.World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Bird Flu Study 3.“Preparing for a Pandemic” 4.Pandemic flu government Site – church checklist 5.Workplace Planning 6.“A Shooter in the Church” 7.Many other helpful articles

48 VIII. Resources D.Last but not all 1.Software ii.Track-It 2.Best new innovation i.Cyberlock by Videx


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51 Contact Ron Chandler Business Cards Available  2003-2007


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