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F LORIDA S OLAR E NERGY C ENTER Creating Energy Independence Since 1975 P. Fairey BERS Program Administration.

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1 F LORIDA S OLAR E NERGY C ENTER Creating Energy Independence Since 1975 P. Fairey BERS Program Administration

2  Training  Compliance  Rating Software  Rating Registry  Changing Federal Programs

3 Training  Residential Rater training  At least 4 per year, more if demand requires  Administer Florida & RESNET core test  Software training – at least 4 per year  Commercial Rater training  At least 2 per year, more if demand requires  Administer Florida tests  Recertification – at least 1 class per month for 12 months around code change

4 FSEC Training Center

5 Training & Exam Modules  18 instruction modules  Serve up to 36 students/class  Envelope leakage using blower doors  Air distribution system leakage using duct tester  Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) training  Individual practicum exams

6 CAZ Training  CAZ pressure mapping  Hot water heater flue draft testing  Flame roll-out  Furnace inspection procedures  Furnace flue draft testing  Upcoming RESNET requirements

7 DCA Administration  Document and report test scores to DCA  Assign unique Rater certification numbers  Print and distribute DCA Rater certifications  Report test scores to students  Maintain database of certified raters (daily updates)  Maintain database of registered Ratings (continuous)  Print and mail BERS brochure (continuous)  Provide Rater technical support (daily)  Provide Code technical support (daily)  Respond to e-mail and phone queries (daily)  Participate in national conferences

8 RESNET Requirements  Maintain RESNET Accreditations  Rating Provider  Training Provider  Software Provider  Create & provide RESNET-approved Professional Development courses (new requirement)  Maintain RESNET Trainer certifications  Maintain RESNET QA Designee certifications  Perform RESNET QA activities  Review of 100% of building files for each Rater  Field review of 1% of Rated homes for each Rater

9 Other RESNET Activities  Participate in RESNET Conferences  Serve on RESNET Committees  Standing Standards Committee (Chair)  Standing Technical Committee  Standing Training & Education Committee  Standing COMNET Committee  Serve on RESNET Board of Directors  President of Board (P. Fairey) – two terms 2004-2006 2008-2010

10 Software Accreditations  Residential Software  Florida Energy Code  IRS New Home Tax Credit  RESNET HERS Ratings  IECC 2006  Commercial Software  Florida Energy Code  IRS Tax Deduction accredited  ASHRAE Standard 140 compliant  USGBC – LEED NC 2009 compliant  ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G compliant

11 Software Validation  Residential Verification Requirements  HERS BESTEST Loads suite  Reference Home auto-generation test  RESNET HVAC test suite  RESNET DSE test suite  RESNET Hot Water test suite  Commercial Verification Requirements  ASHRAE Standard 140 (Section 5) test suite

12 Building Load Tests

13 Load Difference Tests

14 DSE Tests

15 Hot Water Tests

16 Software Upgrades  EnergyGauge Summit:  Enthalpy Recovery Ventilation Systems in testing Frequently requested feature Will be in 2010 Code if allowed by Building Commission

17 Software Upgrades  Next Generation Software (2013 Code and Beyond)  Work from anywhere: over the internet or on local machine  Easier file transfer: import and export GBXML format for interoperability with other software  Model more choices: simulate using DOE2 or EnergyPlus  Learn once: same platform for residential and commercial

18 Software Upgrades  2010 Code multi-zone, multi-fuel residential model  Coding largely complete  Undergoing in-house alpha testing  Energy Star 2011 v.3 module  Added Reference Home and many new reports  Software coding in progress

19 Software Upgrade  Cost Optimization module  Working internal version  Ranking of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)  Incremental cost optimization  Excellent for existing home retrofit apps  User interface still to be developed

20 Analysis Methods  EnergyGauge simulations used to project energy use and costs (based on utility inputs)  EnergyGauge results used to calculate 30-year energy cost savings cash flow stream (benefits)  Individual Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) costs used to calculate 30-year investment cost cash flow stream (mortgage costs)  PVBC from above calculation used to rank order ECMs from largest to smallest

21 The Analysis Process  All defined ECMs rank ordered by PVBC ratio through one-by-one incorporation into the original home (the baseline)  Single ECM with largest PVBC incorporated into the original home, creating a revised baseline.  Revised baseline used as basis for individual ECM ranking using remaining ECMs  Next remaining ECM with largest PVBC incorporated into revised baseline  Ad infinitum until ECM list exhausted or analysis limits reached.

22 Annual Total (Full Cost)

23 1 st Year (Full Cost)

24 Rating Registration Update  Improvements in Process for Registration  End Goal –faster processing of ratings while maintaining quality control  Better flagging of issues of incoming files  Full pdf reports stored in registry for archive retrieval by rater  Automatic monthly billing, on-line payment and account viewing for rater

25 Expenditures & Revenues July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 Cost CenterExpendituresRevenuesNet Rater Training$271,289$230,075($41,214) Software$365,160$404,746$39,586 Registry$65,834$42,108($23,726) Totals$702,283$676,928($25,354)

26 F LORIDA S OLAR E NERGY C ENTER Creating Energy Independence Since 1975 P. Fairey Federal and Other Programs

27 EPA Energy Star Program  Requires HERS ratings  Current program (version 2) :  HERS Index of 77 or lower  Thermal bypass checklist (by Rater)  2011 program (version 3):  New e-Star Reference Home standard  Target HERS Index computed based on home size  HERS Index of 65-72 (or less) will be required  Requires 3 new checklists HVAC System Quality Installation Contractor list HVAC System Quality Installation Rater list Water Management System Builder list

28 DOE Builders Challenge  Requires HERS Ratings  Requires HERS Index of 70 or less  Requires that specific quality measures be considered and verified by Rater  Program requirements may be tightened in the future  Lower qualifying HERS Index  Closer alignment with EPA Energy Star program (version 4 ~2014).

29 Federal Tax Incentives  Residential New Home Tax Credit  Requires 50% savings on heating and cooling  Expired but likely to return (has strong bipartisan support)  Requires accredited software (EnergyGauge is accredited)  Requires verification by Rater or equivalent (there is currently no equivalent)  Commercial New Building Tax Deduction  Requires 50% savings on heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water and interior lighting  Requires software accreditation by IRS (EnergyGauge is accredited)

30 Federal Energy Labeling  U.S. DOE considering national home energy labeling program  Exact nature and details still unknown  Leaning toward absolute energy label (source energy MBtu)  Partitioned onto a 10 point scale based on climate and RECS data  Likely generated by Federal Home Energy Survey (HES) software (LBNL)  Possible replacement for current weatherization audit software (NEAT)  May pertain only to existing homes  Unlikely to replace HERS Index

31 ASHRAE  Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP)  Certification for commercial building modelers  Likely to be adopted as basic requirement for certification by others (e.g. COMNET)  Building Energy Quotient Program (EQ)  Metric for as designed energy use  Metric for actual energy use  Pilot stage only

32 USGBC LEED Programs  LEED- H program (new homes)  Uses HERS rating systems (EnergyGauge USA) to determine energy efficiency points  LEED – NC program (new commercial bldg)  May use EnergyGauge Summit Premier to determine energy efficiency points, automatically generate reference design and generate data for required LEED reports

33 COMNET  New commercial building initiative of RESNET  Manual on Commercial Building Energy Modeling Guidelines and Procedures completed   Embarking on standards development  Software verification and accreditation  Modeler, rater/verifier certification

34 BERS Program Administration  Training  Compliance  Rating Software  Rating Registry  Changing Federal Programs Thank you.

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