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Presenting The AEGIS Microbe Shield

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1 Presenting The AEGIS Microbe Shield
Active Management of Indoor Environments

2 Welcome to the AEGIS Indoor Environment
Microbial Protection for Canada’s Great Indoors

A minute life form of microscopic size; especially one that causes diseases Bacteria Fungi (mould & mildew) Yeasts Algae WHERE ARE MICROBES Virtually Everywhere In the air we breath On our skin and bodies In the soil On practically all surfaces we contact

4 Microbial Contamination Sources:
Filters Ducts Infiltration Occupied Space People

5 What Are Acceptable Levels of Microbial Exposure?
For Chemicals - Threshold Limit Values, Other Mandated Limits For Microbes - Least Possible Exposure

6 Buildings are Complex Structures
Offices Patient Rooms Warehouses Medical Labs Classrooms ICU Equipment Rooms Storage Spaces How can one tool work everywhere?

7 Traditional Solutions
1) Housekeeping (Detergents,Bleach,Fragrances,etc.) SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS * Mask odours, problems * Adaptation by microbes

8 Traditional Solutions
2) Engineering (Selection, Operation, Maintenance, Modification of HVAC Systems) DILUTION * Does not address pollution sources, may be part of the problem! * Cost / Benefit Ratio

9 Traditional Solutions
3) Industrial Hygiene (Assessment, Testing, Analysis) VAGUE CONCLUSIONS * Untrained in Microbiology * Little Guidance


11 IAQ experts say that 80% of buildings have problems
The same experts often blame “stale air” as the culprit Microbes cause more IAQ problems than any other contaminant All standard remedies (HVAC modification, cleaning, refurbishing) are beneficial but are temporary, expensive, and address the problem rather than the source Unless the source of contamination is removed or neutralised, problems will always return So, what can you do?

12 Or, You can solve your problems!
You can use more bleach, cleaners, and disinfectants You can live with headaches, sore eyes and allergies You can continue to fight mildew, germs and bacteria Or, You can solve your problems!

Control Nutrients - but all surfaces can be colonised! Control Moisture - often not effective or possible. Control Sources - prevent growth. The AEGIS Microbe Shield permanently modifies building surfaces, even those that will get wet, so they cannot act as a source of microbial amplification

14 Without Amplification, Microbes Simply Will Not Reach Levels Necessary To Cause IAQ Problems In Buildings.

15 Sometimes, it just isn’t hard to find at all…..

16 And sometimes, it’s even easier!!

17 BUILDING BIOSPHERE Microbial Amplification Genetic Adaptation Changes:
Humidity,Chemicals, Surfaces, & Nutrients

18 What is the AEGIS Microbe Shield?
A revolutionary antimicrobial technology that does not rub off or migrate onto the skin An extensively tested technology developed at Dow Corning Corporation An antimicrobial technology safely and effectively used for over 20 years A technology easily applied to indoor surfaces such as walls, floors, etc.

19 OBJECTIVE HOW Provide Healthy Indoor Environment
Sustain occupant loyalty Increase occupancy Reduce complaints HOW The Aegis Microbe Shield Controls Odour-Causing Yeast & Fungi Prevents Growth of Infectious Bacteria Is A Safe, Effective & Durable Treatment

Capable of destroying or suppressing the growth of microorganisms Conventional ( leaching or migrating ) AEGIS Microbe Shield ( non-leaching, bonded ) ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS Differ in their Chemical Nature Mode Of Operation Durability Effectiveness Safety Cost

Diffuse from the surface to come in contact with the microbe Leach or migrate off of the product Are consumed by microorganisms Chemically interrupt (poison) the cell Can be used up Cause adaptive microorganisms Have short term effectiveness THE AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY Is bound to the surface requiring the microbes to contact it Does not off-gas or emit VOCs Is not consumed by microorganisms Mechanically interrupts (stabs) the cell wall Will not cause adaptive microorganisms Provides long-term effectiveness

22 The AEGIS Microbe Shield
How is it different from other solutions?

23 Aegis Microbe Shield






29 How it works…..

30 Applications of The Aegis Microbe Shield
How we can help you to solve and prevent microbial problems.

31 Hypoallergenic Rooms Controls leading cause of asthma and allergies
Improves indoor environment Reduces odours and improves freshness Long lasting and cost effective

32 Ventilation Systems Approved by PMRA for use as a long term material preservative on duct work Approved for use on sound liners, coils, louvers and other components Controls microbes on chronically wet surfaces near intakes and cooling coils Controls major contributor to SBS

33 Schools and Other Public Buildings
Provides a “window of opportunity” to facilitate needed repairs Immediate control of microbes Addresses public concerns with chemical usage Safe and cost effective, 3 year warranty Virtually all surfaces are treatable

34 Health Care Facilities
Controls infectious microbes Does not promote genetic adaptation Safe for use in ICU, OR, and other sensitive areas Controls microbes during renovations Controls MRSA Aspergillus, E. coli, Salmonella, other invasive pathogens

35 Features & Benefits Improves “cleanability” on many surfaces
Broad spectrum control - Fungi Mold, Mildew, Gram(+) and Gram(-) Bacteria, Yeasts, Algae Odorless and colorless Durable for at least three years on most surfaces Unmatched safety profile Won`t leach into the environment or transfer to other articles or to the skin- no “zone of inhibition” in lab tests No arsenic, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols Improves “cleanability” on many surfaces Controls or eliminates microbial staining and deterioration Cost effective application State of the art science and technical support May be applied to all non-food contact surfaces The confidence of more than 20 years of effective use on hosiery active wear, medical goods, undergarments, home furnishings, carpets, air filters, bedding, disposable wipes, etc

36 EMOTIVE BENEFITS provided by the AEGIS Microbe Shield
Maintains long lasting freshness Eliminates the smells created by mould, mildew and bacteria in the building Controls or eliminates microbial staining of the treated surface Reduces the risk of surface contamination Controls a major contributor to SBS

37 TECHNICAL BENEFITS provided by the AEGIS Microbe Shield
Effective for three years or more Produced by a Fortune 500 company in an ISO-9002 facility Unmatched safety profile - applied only by trained applicators The confidence of more than 20 years of effective, safe use on hosiery, active wear, medical goods, home furnishings, and numerous other consumer products as well as in buildings

38 ANTIMICROBIALS & the Pest Management Regulatory Agency
Require Registration If an agent claims to kill microorganisms it must be registered with the Canadian PMRA An antimicrobial must only be used in accordance with its accepted label THE AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD Is properly registered with the Canadian PMRA (PCP Number 15133) For use on virtually all indoor surfaces walls, ceilings, carpets all HVAC components including ducts all furnishings crawl spaces toilets, tubs, showers

39 THE DIFFERENCE Is the AEGIS Microbe Shield Quality, safety, durability and effectiveness all add up to valuable protection of your indoor environment

40 THE DIFFERENCE Is the AEGIS Microbe Shield Used on products like socks, scrubbing pads, air filters, running shoes, diapers, sanitary wipes, hockey equipment, computer touch screens, surgical drapery and plaster limb casts Used in performance fabrics such as surgical drapes and clean room garments Used to protect the indoor surfaces of hospitals and leading heart and cancer institutes







47 The AEGIS Microbe Shield is available through TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc
Contacts: Carmella Angus (CEO) Dr.Martin Dudzaik (CSO) in Virginia

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