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2 Agenda  Introductions  All about JOC  Expectations  Criteria  Brief Overview of Assignment Process  Questions / Discussion August 12, 20132

3 Contract Management JOC Team Barbara Kuhl, CPPO, C.P.M., Division Manager Contract Management Division TEL: 512-974-9186 August 12, 2013 Lynda Williams, JOC Contract Manager TEL: 512-974-3066 Scott K. Hilton, Sr., Job Order Assignment Administrator TEL: 512-974-7054 Vincent LeMond, PMP, LEED Green Associate TEL: 512-974-7054 3

4 Job Order Contracting is … August 12, 2013 DEFINITION: Competitive Proposal  A Fixed Price, Competitive Proposal, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity Type Contract  Designed to accomplish small to medium, multi-traded, maintenance, repair, renovation and minor new construction projects. PERFORMANCE CONTRACT:  For a Fixed Period - 24 Months from Contract Award (Base Period)  $6,000,000 per Base Period (Divided between 3 contractors)  Job Order Assignment Range - Minimum $50K to maximum $400K  Multi-Periods - One Base Period plus Three Option Periods (1 year ea.) (potentially 5-year contract term) 4

5 The JOC Difference August 12, 2013  Work quantity and type are undefined  Contractor submits proposal for work assignment and an Adjustment Factor(s) (Coefficient) to the Catalog of Work Items (UPB)  Long Term “Partner” Relationship Actual Project Cost Unit Price Book Cost x Local Adjustment Factor Theoretical Coefficient COEFFICIENT DEVELOPMENT 5

6 City’s Expectations for Success  Quick Response Time(s)  Reliable and controlled construction schedules  Meet and/or exceed customer’s needs  Quality construction, quality construction management  Use of subcontractors - meet or exceed MBE/WBE goals  Full-time, dedicated presence of Austin-based JOC staff  Proficiency in R.S. Means Online estimating tool  Effective project scoping, estimating to eliminate or minimize Change Orders  Partnership  Work is performed in accordance with plans and specs as required by statute and permitting August 12, 20136

7 Types of JOC Construction, for example... YES TO FACILITY, BUILDING WORK:  work governed by building codes  a structure or land, improved or unimproved, associated with a building (fencing, entrance ramp, landscaping)  construction/remodeling  carpentry  electrical / HVAC / mechanical  flooring (carpeting/tile/etc.)  doors/windows  masonry  fire suppression NO TO CIVIL ENGINEERING- TYPE CONSTRUCTION:  highways, roads, streets, bridges  utilities, water supply, water plant, wastewater plant, water & wastewater distribution or conveyance facility, drainage  wharf, dock  airport runways or taxiways  building or structure that is incidental to a civil engineering construction project August 12, 20137

8 Allowable Work & Requirements, for example... Standards/Requirements  GC & Supplemental GCs  A/E Plans & Specs  Building Code & Permits  City Standard Specs  QSMD Review - Lead & Asbestos program - Quality Control program August 12, 2013 Allowable Work  Maintenance  Repairs  Alterations  Renovations  Remediation  Minor construction 8

9 Job Order Assignment Proposal Front End Docs  00650 – Insurance  00810 – Supplemental GCs  If other coverage is required  As needed for project-specific requirements August 12, 20139 Note: All other standard division zero documents (00300 through 00830) are already incorporated in the base JOC Agreement with each Contractor. Contact CMD for a copy of the base JOC Agreement.

10 Architecture / Engineering Applies to JOC too...  There are different legal requirements for all public work (including buildings) for engineering and architectural services. For example:  P.E. signed and sealed documents required except for: Mechanical or electrical work <$8K Engineering work <$20k without Mechanical or Electrical  Architectural plans for any alteration, addition if the project exceeds $50,000  Texas Architectural Barriers Act applies in certain situations Note: A determination of A/E requirements must be made early. August 12, 201310

11 Examples of A/E and Code Requirements Repair/Alteration/Renovation/ Remediation/Minor Construction:  Remodel/demo office, move walls, build- out (structural)  Adding doors  HVAC install, ductwork, etc.  Electrical/plumbing/lighting (under $8k)  Construction over $300k, LEED Maintenance:  HVAC maintenance, repair, etc.  Re-roofing (no structural, spot repairs)  Painting  Replacing worn flooring A/E Plans Yes No Yes No August 12, 2013 (rev)11 City Code/ Permits Yes Maybe No

12 Job Order Assignment Process August 12, 201312

13 Job Order Assignment Forms August 12, 2013 CONTINUE 13

14 JOB ORDER ASSIGNMENT (JOA) PROCESS 1) PM identifies need and submits requirements for JOA 3) Pre-Proposal Meeting & Site Visit CONTINUE 1)PM submits a Request for JOA form to JOA Administrator Caution: 1) Prior to JOA request, sealed plans and specs must be provided as required by state statute and City policy; and 2) it must have already passed review by QSMD, Public Works Department 2) Administrator issues Proposal Request to Contractor (Part 1) 3) Administrator coordinates site meeting with: PM and PM’s Design Team, JOC Contractor 2) Administrator issues Proposal Request to Contractor August 12, 201314

15 4) JOC Contractor prepares and submits Job Order Assignment Proposal (Part 2) within ten (10) working days to include: –Statement of Work –Total Job Order Cost –Performance Schedule –Long Lead Items (if any) –Breakdown of pre-priced items –Identification and explanation of any non-pre-priced items –Bond costs and special insurance costs –SMBR Subcontractor Utilization Form 5)COA Reviews and Evaluates Proposal - CMD evaluates RS Means proposal and assists in negotiations 5) Proposal reviewed by PM, JOA Administrator, Designer, CMD, SMBR 4) Proposal Prep & Site Inspection Period CONTINUE August 12, 201315 JOA PROCESS

16 6) Proposal Review process will consist of assessment of line item description, quantity, compliance with Plans and Specs, reasonableness of General Conditions, proposed performance schedule, compliance with MBE/WBE Ordinance, etc. a) If needed, face-to- face Proposal negotiations will occur. (Note: If negotiations are unsuccessful, COA may end negotiations with Contractor and proceed to the next Contractor in the rotation.) b) COA will notify Contractor of approved preliminary Proposal within five (5) work days. c) Following proposal review & successful negotiations, Contractor submits final Proposal within five (5) work days. CONTINUE August 12, 201316 JOA PROCESS

17 7)Acceptance of Proposal by counter-signature (Part 2) 8)Issuance of Job Order Assignment Notice to Proceed (Part 3) 9) PM establishes Pre-Construction Meeting 10) Commencement of Construction 7) Upon acceptance of Proposal, COA executes JOA Proposal (Part 2) 8) JOA Administrator and Project Manager issue NTP (Part 3) 9) Pre-Con Meeting 10) Commence Construction August 12, 201317 JOA PROCESS

18 Questions? August 12, 201318


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