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BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Heather Beaulieu RAFN MC Jonathan Heller Ecotope Ann SchuesslerRAFN Valerie ThielSAGE Architectural Alliance King County Housing.

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2 Heather Beaulieu RAFN MC Jonathan Heller Ecotope Ann SchuesslerRAFN Valerie ThielSAGE Architectural Alliance King County Housing Development Consortium Sponsor

3 Dept of Commerce Cost Study - September 2009 HDC - Efficient & Quality Development Affinity Group - Summer of 2010 EQD Best Practices Survey - August 2011 The results of these efforts...

4 Flooring Survey Results Criteria for Selecting Flooring Materials

5 Flooring Survey Recommendations Polished/ Stained Concrete - Common Areas Highly Recommended including Rave Reviews Durability Appearance

6 Flooring Survey Recommendations Vinyl Composition Tiles (VCT) – Unit Kitchens & Entries More than 75% recommended Durability Cost Easily replaceable Create patterns

7 Flooring Survey Recommendations Sheet Vinyl – Unit Baths & Laundry Standard Commercial (Armstrong Connection Corlon) For wet areas need welded joints Ceramic Tile Recommended In place of Vinyl For wearing well & longer life

8 Flooring Survey Recommendations Vinyl Plank Flooring - Units or Upper Level Commons Tarkett Vinyl Plank – Popular Trend to more hard floors away from carpet

9 Flooring Survey Recommendations Carpet For Extremely Low-Income - Avoid Carpet Used by Majority of Low-Income Asset Managers Unit BRs & LRs No consensus between area carpet & carpet tiles

10 Flooring Survey Lessons Learned Problem Areas Identified by Asset Managers  1 /3 Comments - Linoleum / Bamboo Performance  1 /2 Comments - Carpet Durability – Hallways, Stairs Problem Areas Identified by Contractors - Architects  1 /3 Problems with Substrate

11 -Substrates: Moisture Compatibility -Tenant Considerations/Program Needs -Noise Transmission -Newer Products: Fiber Laminates Bamboo Floating, "click" flooring Vinyl Plank -Life Cycle Cost Analysis

12 s Sheet Vinyl: $78/$2,178 Ceramic: $600/$600 Concrete over Gypsum: $360/$360 Stained Concrete: $120/$120

13 VCT: $78/$1,631 Pergo or Vinyl Plank: $122/$1,434 Marmoleum: $240/$1,410 Concrete over Gypsum: $360/$360 Stained Concrete: $120/$120

14 s Carpet: $750/$14,100 Vinyl Plank: $1,575/$7,759 Concrete over Gypsum: $4,500/$6,000

15 Plumbing Survey Recommendations 1)Use of Efficient Fixtures 2)Stack Piping Infrastructure. 3) Metering Individual Units 4) Central Laundries Efficiency Measures - Architect’s & Contractor’s:

16 Plumbing Survey – Efficient Fixtures All use low-flow toilets All use low-flow shower heads 75% use low-flow kitchen & bath faucets 70% using Mandatory Evergreen Standards 18% using Advanced Usage by Asset Managers Evergreen Standards  Mandatory  Advanced

17 Plumbing Survey – Common Problems Garbage Disposals Clogging Toilets Leaking Piping Asset Managers Most Common Problems

18 Plumbing Survey – Gray Water No usage by asset managers Gray Water for Plumbing not affordable Rain Water Catchment for Irrigation - Possibly Gray Water System – Mixed Response

19 Plumbing Survey – Solar Hot Water Recommended but …. Long Term Maintenance Performance not available Solar Hot Water System – Mixed Response

20 Stack all plumbing! Copper or CPVC mains, PEX homerun distribution manifolds Low flow everything Insulate piping! Wireless submetering of hot water No irrigation (or use deduct meter) Solar ready

21 Central Systems Condensing water heaters vs. atmospheric boilers Coming soon...Consider heat pump, waste water heat recovery, solar

22 Distributed Systems Gas: Instantaneous condensing water heaters Electric: 0.93EF 50Gal. Tanks

23 HVAC Survey Results - UNIT HEATING Asset Managers 50% use Electric Baseboard or Wall Units 45% use Heat Pumps Arch/Contr Recommendations Initial Cost & Maintenance: Electric Baseboard or Wall Unit Energy Efficiency: Hydronic or Heat Pumps Longevity: Hydronic

24 HVAC Survey Results - VENTILATION Whole House System Continuous Exhaust Heat Recovery from Exhaust Mixed Recommendations about Source of Intake Air – Trickle, Side Wall or Heat Recovery

25 HVAC Survey Results - COOLING Eastern Washington – Full A/C Western Washington – Common Areas especially Senior Housing Units & Commons: Heat Pumps Central Chillers & 4-Pipe Heat Pumps or P-Tac Units

26 HVAC Survey Results - Challenges Common Area System Over-sized Too Complex for Maintenance Heat – Venting Synchronized Thermostat Setback Clearance to Wall Units

27 Most EnergyLeast Energy

28 Most EnergyLeast Energy

29 Eliminate Heated Corridors OR Reduce ventilation to minimum in winter Set temperature back at night Motion sensors for 2/3 of the corridor lights Heat Pumps

30 Vent to Perimeter EnergyStar Lighting and Appliances Low continuous ventilation (WhisperGreen) Electric resistance heat Triple vinyl windows

31 Mini Split Heat Pump Gas instantaneous water heaters EnergyStar lights and appliances Triple vinyl windows Continuous low flow exhaust or HRV

32 Building Envelope Survey Results Envelope Consultant More than 85% Recommended Preventive Maintenance Program Only 1/3 of Asset Managers

33 Building Envelope – System Components Windows Vinyl Windows – VPI of Spokane Siding

34 Building Envelope – System Components Rain Screen Recommended by 100% PT Plywood or 1x3 or Steel Clips Air Barrier Tyvek or liquid system 2/3 noted the issue of discontinuities – corners, windows, wall to roof, & penetrations

35 Building Envelope Survey – Problems Most Named Problem – Water Intrusion 1.Windows 2.Building Transitions 3.Patio Doors Problem #2 – Drafts & Air-Tightness 2 Senior Facilities had Draft Problems 2 Other Systems were Too Tight with Inadequate Ventilation Problem Products 20% - Stucco or EIFS – Barrier System 15% - OSB - Holding Moisture

36 -Rainscreen Systems -Envelope Consultants -Age Appropriate Materials and Details -Quality Windows and Water Tests -Air Barriers and Blower Door Tests -Quality Assurance Program -Life Cycle Cost Analysis

37 Brick: $26/$30.50/sf Cement Board: $14/$22.75/sf Stucco: $17/$21/sf Metal: $15/$18/sf


39 content/uploads/2011/02/ EQD Survey Results.pdf content/uploads/2011/02/ EQD Lifecycle Cost Analysis.pdf Valerie Thiel, SAGE Architectural Alliance - val@Sage Ann Schuessler, RAFN Company - Jonathan Heller, Ecotope -

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