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Expand your skills in Drafting & Design Profitability CADian Vertical Applications for the Mechanical, Piping, Structural & HVAC Professional.

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1 Expand your skills in Drafting & Design Profitability CADian Vertical Applications for the Mechanical, Piping, Structural & HVAC Professional

2 Mech-QMech-Q Mech-Q making CAD easier… P&ID Welcome to the world of…

3 Raw CAD Mech-Q

4 Mechanical Mechanical Piping Piping P& ID HVAC HVAC Ducting Structural Structural Steel The main Mech-Q modules:

5 Mechanical Mech-Q Mechanical

6 Mechanical (1) Bolts Nuts Washers Set Screws Pins Bolt Holes.... Fasteners

7 Mechanical (2) Sprockets Sprockets Conveyor Rolls Conveyor Rolls Suspended Rolls Suspended Rolls Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Bulk Mat. Trajectory and more… Bulk Mat. Trajectory and more… Material Handling

8 Mechanical (3) Mech. Symbols Mech. Symbols Bearing/Housings Bearing/Housings Keys/Key ways Keys/Key ways Gears Gears Shafts.... Shafts....


10 Piping Utilities (1) Single, Double Line, 3-D Auto BOM Huge selection of pipe & fittings Full Layers Control Fully customizable. DN 6-1000 ( 1/8” - 40”NB ) Orthogonal Piping

11 Piping Utilities (2) Full Pipe/Fittings Range Build-in & User Defined Symbols Iso-Dimensioning Customizable Auto-BOM Isometric Piping

12 Piping Utilities (3) Pipe Schematics Fabricated Pipe Pipe Clips Pipe Hangers VesselsPumps… and much more…

13 Mech-Q Piping Example

14 P & ID Mech-Q P & ID

15 P&ID Easy to use Fully Customizable User Defined Symbols Large selection of Symbols…  Pipe & Fittings  Equipment  Valves  Instrument Equip  Instrument Balloons…. Auto-BOM Piping & Instrumentation

16 Mech-Q P&ID Example

17 HVAC Ducting Mech-Q HVAC Ducting

18 HVAC Ducting (1) Auto-BOM Full Range of Ducting Fittings Several end- connection options. Full Customization Easy to use 2D & 3D Flat sheet development

19 HVAC Ducting (2) Bends & Elbows Duct Transitions Tees & Wyes Offsets Diffusers Dampers Branches Plus Several Accessories

20 Mech-Q Ducting Example


22 Structural Utilities (1) 2D & 3D Several view options Auto BOM Match Utility Listing Utility Curved/Straight beams Steel Shapes/Beams ASTM, BHP, CISC, DIN, IS, JIS, BS…

23 Structural Utilities (2) Stairs Utility Ladders Utility Purlins & Girts Welding Sym. Gussets, Plates....

24 Structural Utilities (3) Beam Design Hand Rail Bracing Frames Connections…

25 Packages Mech-Q Packages

26 Mech-Q Full Suite Mechanical Module Mechanical Module Material Handling Material Handling Piping Module Piping Module P&ID module P&ID module Structural Plus Structural Plus HVAC Ducting HVAC Ducting BOM Pro… Plus more BOM Pro… Plus more All Mech-Q modules

27 Mech-Q Customization Easy to Customize Easy to Customize Save Various CFG’s Save Various CFG’s English & Metric Units English & Metric Units User Defines Layers User Defines Layers Custom BOM tables Custom BOM tables Custom BOM Data Custom BOM Data Custom Symbols Custom Symbols

28 Mech-Q BOM Descriptions CFG Piping & Isometric Piping Piping & Isometric Piping Change BOM Descriptions Change BOM Descriptions  Customized Descriptions  Translate to your language  Easy to use

29 Database Editor Piping & Structural Piping & Structural Allows you to: Allows you to: Add Add Delete Delete Change Change Mech-Q objects database with ease… Mech-Q objects database with ease…

30 CAD Systems Supported: CADian 2004-7 CADian 2004-7

31 Why Mech-Q ?

32 Mech-Q – Reduce Drawing Time/Cost Less time searching for data Reduces Drawing time Fewer Mistakes Reduce drawing editing time Mech-Q making CAD easier…

33 Mech-Q – Better Drawings Consistent symbology Reliable layering system Accurate drawings Faster Drawings Result ….  Increased Customer Satisfaction  Win More Contracts  Ready for Bigger Jobs

34 Mech-Q Users Who ? Design Engineers Process Engineers Design Drafters Detail Drafters Piping HVAC Steel Detailing Mechanical Mech-Q making CAD easier…

35 What Mech-Q Users Say… “…. thank you for saving me so much time by using Mech-Q. My work is usually in the mining and heavy industrial… drawing idlers and trajectories at the push of a couple of buttons has taken days off my work on jobs…” Ian Pike, QLD “….since I started to use Mech-Q Piping software there has been a big increase in my output. I found Mech- Q Piping very easy to use and its a great product. “ J Beavis, NZ “... Mech-Q works great. I cannot tell how much I appreciate the support you have given on this product. It has been well worth the money I spent on it.” M Crosby, TX USA We are very pleased with the outstanding performance of Mech-Q. This is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product! John N. Lovin, GA USA Mech-Q making CAD easier…

36 For more details… Visit our web site: (for CADian) (Developer) Mech-Q making CAD easier…

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