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HVAC Test and Balance And The Lodging Industry. Source: Florida Power.

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1 HVAC Test and Balance And The Lodging Industry

2 Source: Florida Power

3 Energy Saving Measures CFL Motion sensors Thermostat set points Weather stripping Domestic hot water set points Laundry washer and dryer set points

4 Hotel Public Spaces Lobby Restaurant and Banquet Spaces Meeting Spaces Fitness Center Pool Area Hallways

5 HVAC Test and Balance Test HVAC systems performance Adjust systems to design parameters Balance systems for optimum performance Optimize energy usage Comfort IAQ – Indoor Air Quality

6 Optimizing Energy Usage Mechanical operation of equipment Equipment performing to system design Controls operating correctly

7 Comfort Design airflow Space air distribution Outside air proportion

8 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Indoor air pollution Material outgassing Particulates Ventilation Infiltration, natural, and mechanical Fresh air proportion required by code.

9 Initial TAB Effort/ Commissioning HVAC systems verified at start-up Conform to design intent Documentation Training

10 Revisiting the HVAC Systems Outside air Diffuser vanes Balancing dampers Fire dampers Controls Air handling equipment Hydronic equipment

11 By the Numbers Public space recommissioning (Rcx) Costs range between 0.13 – 0.45 sq/ft Typical yield is 10 – 15% energy saving 1 – 3 year simple payback EPA estimates that each 10% in energy reduction is equivalent to $0.62 ($1.35 full service) increase in daily room rate.

12 Property Benefits Reduced operating costs = improved net Infrastructure life extension Capital preservation Risk Management IAQ Guest experience Energy initiatives meet targets

13 HVAC System Survey Survey of public space HVAC systems Check airflow Air Handler and Fan Operation Compare with prior TAB effort Tailored approach All public space systems Specific complaints

14 Recommissioning Process Benchmarking Utility bills for previous 12 months Occupancy rates Public space use data Food service data

15 Recommissioning Process Gathering Documents Operation manuals Equipment documents TAB report

16 Recommissioning Process System Evaluation System operation PM current Effect repairs Note deficiencies

17 Recommissioning Process Recommissioning effort Ensure that building systems are performing as expected. Recommend and implement performance improvement measures. Building owner/management receive documentation and training to implement improvements.

18 Recommissioning Process Establish Verification Protocols Tailored to meet ownership’s goals Train staff to evaluate metrics Periodic review

19 Examples Insert examples of past recommissioning jobs here.

20 Wrapping Up Public space HVAC survey Identify opportunities Decision tool Staff training Questions?

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