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Image Quality Upgrade Kickoff Meeting Daniel O’ConnorAugust 6, 2002.

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1 Image Quality Upgrade Kickoff Meeting Daniel O’ConnorAugust 6, 2002

2 GOAL: Make the IRTF a Telescope which is atmosphere seeing limited

3 Part I. l Improve HVAC System (TB) l Monitor Dome Environment (DYW) l Provide Routine Image Quality Assessment (DOC) l Characterize Static Optics of Telescope (DOC) l Provide WEB based Documentation (DOC)

4 Individual Presentations l Tim - HVAC l Darryl – Monitoring System l Miranda – Software, WEB l Dan – all else

5 HVAC UPGRADE GOAL : To have an operational HVAC system in place, with the capability to set the dome thermal environment to a temperature specified by the operator. That temperature will be based on predictions as to what the outside temperature will be during that evenings observing run.

6 HVAC : History l Hired consultant to make recommendations. l Recharged refrigeration circuit. l Replaced compressor. l Simplified system circuitry. l Misc. smaller items.

7 HVAC : Dome Seals l Air infiltration is currently overwhelming the HVAC system. l Dome Skirt l Dome Slit (sides) l Dome Slit (top)

8 HVAC : Primary Cooling l Makes sense to concentrate cooling effort where it is required the most. l May be possible to utilize coude loop hardware in primary mirror cooling scheme.

9 HVAC : Misc. High Priority Items l Need to specify, order, install, and calibrate several temperature sensors, and flow meters. l Install air bleeds in coude loop. l Install defrost circuit in coude loop l Install air separator.

10 HVAC : Medium Priority Items l Implement a control system. l Examine machinery room ventilation. l Determine exhaust tunnel utilization. l Install Expansion Tank l Adjust Dome Louvers

11 HVAC : Low Priority Items l Overall System Documentation l Emergency Shutdown Procedures l Staff Training

12 HVAC : Schedule l Blah, blah

13 HVAC : Schedule

14 Monitoring Dome Environment The goal is to be able to accurately monitor and record the temperature and humidity of our dome/telescope environment Use existing Johnson Controls temperature and humidity sensors in dome ceiling Install new sensors external to dome, on the telescope, and on primary mirror Warning ‘pop-up’ message on operators screen to notify of potential risk to optics Archive database and make web accessible

15 Sensors Omega PT100 SensorsJohnson Controls Sensors Vaisala Sensors

16 LakeShore 218E Monitor Omega DP472 Data Monitoring Hardware

17 Internal Dome Sensors T T H H H T T T T T 20.5’ 33’ 45.5’ T T T T 2’

18 External Dome Sensors H T T

19 Dome and External Sensor Locations TT H H HHT T T T T T T T T T

20 Telescope/Mirror temperature sensor locations T T T T T T T T T T T T T

21 Dew Point Monitoring Future installment of cooling the primary mirror will put higher risk of dew and frost forming Purchase of a Vaisala HMP243 module and mount near primary Calculate the dew point using our humidity and temperature sensors Warning ‘pop-up’ message on operators screen to notify of potential risk to optics

22 Data Acquisition Schematic LakeShore 218E LakeShore 218E LakeShore 218E LakeShore 218E Omega DP472 Digi Portserver #1 MUX Wind Speed/Direction Vaisala Humidity Temp Sensors J.C. Humidty Sensors Telescope Mounted Sensors PT100 Mirror Mounted Sensors PT100 J.C. Temp Sensors Dome Floor Mounted Sensors PT100 RS232 Network MODEM AC MODEM MUX RS232 MODEM AC MODEM Slip Ring AC Power Digi Portserver #2 RS232 Network Telescope Dome Building Dew Pt. MonRS232

23 Slip Ring

24 Monitoring and Web Software l 24 hour monitoring of all dome and telescope sensors, with data to be archived. l GUI to notify telescope operators and IRTF staff of critical environmental changes in the dome. l Static web pages to display the collected dome environment data plots. l Real-time web pages to display current dome environment data. l Interactive web pages to display selected dome environment data. Miranda Hawarden-Ogata, Albert Fhema

25 Monitoring Overview Monitor System Collect Data Filter Data Archive DataWeb DisplayDisplay for TOs

26 Birds’ eye view of existing sensors T H H H T T T T T 20.5’ 33’ 45.5’ T T T T 2’ All sensors not mounted on the telescope itself or outside the dome will be displayed on this web page.

27 Sensors mounted on telescope and mirror All sensors mounted on the telescope itself will be displayed on this web page. Additional information will be displayed at the bottom of the sensor web pages. T T T T T T T T T T T T T

28 3.) Provide Routine Image Quality Assessment l GOAL: Build an auto-focus system for use with NSFCam and SPeX to provide and automated estimate of focus for the observer, and provide routine assessment of image quality.

29 3.) cont. Advantages of Auto- Focus l Observer spends less time focussing l Will focus more often (its easier) l Will provide consistent data on FWHM and Strehl, not subjective

30 Auto-Focus Schematic READ FOCUSWRITE FOCUS HEXAPOD HEXAPOD DAEMON NSFCamSPeX Take Image IDL Fit Routine Storage IQ Archive GUI FWHM, Strehl, Image, Fit Best Fit Focus

31 3.) cont. Focus Update l After A-F working, develop procedure to do Focus Update based on temperature model of telescope truss.

32 4.) Characterize Optics of Telescope l Goal: Understand factors in the telescope optics and mirror support system that limit image quality

33 4.) cont. TASKS l Hire Optical Consultant l Measure Primary and Secondary Mirrors with interferometric technique l Provide measurement of contribution to error budget l Produce final report

34 5.) Provide WEB based Documentation l Integrated WEB site for IQUP l Dedicated page for each sub-project

35 Schedule / Manpower

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