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Division multiplexing

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1 Division multiplexing
seminar report On Orthogonal frequency Division multiplexing Presentation by: Sudhir Kumar Bhukta, Regdn. No Nihar Ranjan Jena, Regdn. No

2 Highlights Concept of OFDM with spectrum Digital modulation basics
Principles OFDM process with flow chart Frequency samples Single & multi carrier system Multichannel systems Advantages & disadvantages Applications Conclusion

3 What is OFDM? OFDM =>Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
It is a process of splitting of higher data streams into a number of lower data streams simultaneously.

Carrier centers are put on orthogonal frequencies ORTHOGONALITY - The peak of each signal coincides with trough of other signals Subcarriers are spaced by 1/Ts

5 Spectrum of OFDM

6 Digital modulation basics
Types digital modulation OFDM uses combination of ASK and PSK.

7 PRINCIPLES Multicarrier transmission. Time-domain spreading.
Frequency-domain spreading.

8 OFDM is a Block Process

9 Ofdm flowchart

10 frequency samples

11 Single Carrier System

12 Multi-Carrier System

13 Multichannel System

14 OFDM Advantages Efficiently Deals With Channel Delay Spread
Enhanced Channel Capacity Efficiently Deals With Multi-path Fading Adaptively Modifies Modulation Density Robustness to Narrowband Interference

15 OFDM Disadvantages OFDM Sensitive to Small Carrier Frequency Offsets
OFDM Exhibits High Peak to Average Power Ratio High Frequency Phase Noise Sampling Clock Offsets

16 Applications Digital Audio and Video Broadcasting Wireless Networking
Power-line Technology

17 CONCLUSION In simulation OFDM is used over an AWGN channel.
In hardware comparison OFDM has lower potential. OFDM produces low hardware complexity. It is a suitable modulation technique for high performance wireless telecommunication.



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