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Welcome to The new age concept in whole body regenerative radiant therapy.

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1 Welcome to The new age concept in whole body regenerative radiant therapy.

2 Sun Health Solutions India is a Bangalore based firm, founded and chaired by Mr S.J. Krishna Kumar. Mr. S.J Krishna Kumar is an industrial and production engineer who passed out from the B.M.Sreenivasiah College of Engineering Bangalore having varied business interests in Bangalore. He made his foray into the health and healing segment more than a decade ago by becoming a REIKI master, an alternative art of healing from Japan. He has been in this field ever since, healing and serving people.

3 NOW, he brings to INDIA the simplest, safest, easiest way to health and fitness…. THE ZAZEN FIR THERMAL SYSTEM From ZAZEN HEALTH SOLUTIONS MALAYSIA. Zazen Health Solutions is a part of Zazen group of companies worldwide.

4 Company Background Dhyan Vimal has been teaching Mastery for over fifteen years. He created the Four Disciplines of Mastery and set up the Zazen Group of Companies Worldwide to formalise these teachings. Today the Four Disciplines are taught throughout the world through The School of Mastery. He is also the author of many books which are available internationally. Zazen Group of companies Worldwide Founder / Chairman : Dhyan Vimal

5 as its sole distributor bringing this new wellness solution to India ! Z azen Health Solutions is proud to introduce Sun Health solutions

6 Why Zazen FIR? Our modern lifestyle : Higher demands Higher stress levels Less time Pollutions Preventive healthcare Weight Management Zazen FIR provides a simple, convenient, easy, effective way of taking care of your overall wellness which provides the benefits for the whole family Anti Aging Skin rejuvenation Detoxification

7 Why Zazen FIR? Every man, woman and infant child has hundreds of chemicals and heavy metals in their body – exposed “prenatally in utero” and of course every day after that. Where are these toxins from? Food – preservative, food colourings / flavourings, pesticide, insecticide and etc. Water – chlorine, alcohol and etc Air – car exhaust, smog, paint fumes, and etc Everywhere in the environment Everyday use products – shampoo, soap, antiperspirant and etc. Internal factor – emotional imbalance eg. anger, anxiety, stress

8 What happens to us? The toxin remains in our body for many years, stored in the fat cells that exist throughout the body. Toxins damage cells ● Breaks down our immune system ● Impair the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and to heal ● Toxins are the main culprit and cause of all disease and chronic illnesses ● Premature ageing ●

9 How do you know if you have toxins in your body? Symptoms: Headaches ● Fatigue ● Diarrhea ● Constipation ● Indigestion ● Skin disorder ●

10 What is Zazen FIR Thermal System?

11 Based on the science of FIR technology originally developed by NASA combined with Chinese and Japan research Zazen Health Solutions, provides all the healthful benefits of far infrared benefits of FIR energy in one compact, portable user friendly thermal system.

12 What is Zazen FIR Thermal System? A recreational device with health benefits Made of high-quality hemlock wood from Canada Equipped with bio-ceramic emitters made from 26 kinds of ceramic with various mineral oxidesa and heated together at 1600 degrees centrigrade and left to cool down. After it has cooled down, this bio-ceramic will be capable emitting FIR (far-infrared rays) Emits 8 – 10 micron, specific wavelength that meets the 6 to 10 micron the level beneficial to the human body.

13 What is Far Infrared (FIR)? Between 4 – 14 microns in the FIR waves are the safest and the most vital to health and healing. The sun is the principal source of radiant energy that we experience daily. The spectrum of energy from the sun is classified according to the length of the waves The far end of the infrared spectrum are the longest and most healing rays, the far infrared rays spanning from 1,000 to 4 microns. We can’t see it, but we can feel it. It is known as radiant heat which is a form of energy that heats objects directly through a process called conversion, without having to heat the air in between.

14 How does FIR benefit you?

15 ● FIR rays has penetration capabilities. It penetrates 1.5”deep into your skin layer and rejuvenate, regenerate and heals your cells. ● Increases Cardiovascular conditioning ● Blood vessels dilate, increases blood circulation and eliminate toxic materials from the body ● Enhances immune system and increase the resistance towards illnesses ● Enhances the distribution of oxygen and ingestion of nutrients to every part of the body

16 How can FIR benefit you? ► Purges toxic waste product through the skin ► Aversion of future cancers ► Increase immune system ► Fewer allergies

17 How can FIR benefit you? ► Improves blood flow and oxygen circulation ► Purifies body of disease-causing toxins and heavy metals ► Speeds recovery from injuries and pain relief ► Balances hormone system ► Heals an astounding range of other sickness

18 How can FIR benefit you? ► Burns 600 – 900 calories in a 30 minute session ► Conditions and strengthens the cardiovascular system ► Controls weight ► Reduces cellulite

19 How can FIR benefit you? ► Improves metabolism ► Body becomes more flexible ► Restores youthfulness ► Stress reduction leading to relaxation ► Promotes natural collagen

20 How can FIR benefit you? ► Cleanses the skin ► Induces a healthy glow ► Deep cleanses pores ► Treat burns, wounds, cuts and other skin problems ► Reduces stretch marks, keloids, scars and sunburn ► Reduces ageing signs like wrinkles and pigmentation

21 How can FIR benefit you? ► Tones muscles ► Better circulation and increased energy ► Reduction in swelling, inflammation, especially muscle, joints and neck

22 The Far Infrared rays from the Portable Sauna activates Arginine to create Nitric Oxide (NO). The action of Nitric Oxide was not discovered until about 1991 by Dr. Salvador Mondada. And then three Pharmacologists, Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro, and Ferid Murad, won the Nobel Prize in 1996. Nitric Oxide "NO (Nitric Oxide) relaxes arteries, thereby helping to maintain normalizing blood pressure...unless NO is otherwise in short supply in the body.: (Improves Heart function). It directs the beating of the heart, triggering the heart to beat faster or slower." (NO carries oxygen in and carbon dioxide out) "It helps keep open the coronary arteries, preventing angina pain." "Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler at Duke University Medical found NO binds to hemoglobin delivering oxygen to our cells, then ferries carbon dioxide back to the lungs for discharging." "It regulates all cell function and communication."

23 In Europe and America – FIR Thermal Systems are used mainly by the elite for anti aging. In Asia: Detoxification, Fitness and exercise and preventive health

24 There are many publications that have Clinical studies: American Journal of Hypertension American Journal of Physiology, Annals of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Circulation, Hypertension, Journal of the AMA, Journal of Immunology, New England Journal of Medicine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science, and Urology. Research & publications

25 Frequently asked questions

26 What is the difference with conventional sauna?

27 Frequently asked Questions Are there any side effects to using the FIR ? There is no side-effects after using our products, but there may be cases of users experiencing what we call "healing crisis"

28 Frequently asked Questions? What is a “healing crisis”? Healing crisis is when our body experiences the process of toxin discharge, This may be followed by pains or uneasiness to our body. In such case, it is advised to continue usage. In cases where serious pains occur, stop using temporarily and then continue use afterwards.

29 Frequently asked Questions? Is FIR Thermal system suitable for everyone? There is no age limit for using our products. In fact, FIR is a need from young till old age.

30 Frequently asked Questions? How long does it take to feel the effects? Time taken to feel the effects will vary depending on the one's body health. Our experience shows that of our users feel the effects during the short span of time.

31 Frequently asked Questions? What are the most common effects felt by users? Most users will go through a different effect based on the state of their body. Most users will feel more energised and see the effects on their skin first. There are many testimonies available on our websites.

32 My Healthy Home

33 Lets celebrate good health!

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