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We connect to Mrs. Yvonne Harrison- Brigitte asks about the weather Skype Interaction with Singleton Primary, Western Australia.

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4 We connect to Mrs. Yvonne Harrison- Brigitte asks about the weather Skype Interaction with Singleton Primary, Western Australia

5 Mrs. Harrison’s class listens to us sing

6 We would love to visit India!

7 E-learning Cultural Exchange Schools across the Globe

8 Location of Schools that linked up

9 Dear Deepti Sawney! Thank you very much for your nice letter! Together with the class we just looked through all the contributions about the lots of different festivals in India. It was really interesting! India contains so many traditions! So please greet the class from us and tell them that we do understand that they live in a very special part of the world! All the best! Regards, Truls Nordby Med vennlig hilsen Truls Nordby Gyllenborg skole Postboks 1167 9262 Tromsø 77 75 71 20 Norway Letters from our friends-Norway Year 1, The British School, New Delhi Learning about the different cultures and Learning to respect them.

10 Thank you, Deepti!! We have learnt a lot from taking part in this project. Perhaps next year we could do some more. I would have liked our students to write to yours, and those from other schools, and perhaps even taken part in an on-line chat. We will be in touch next year. Our children think your school looks like an international hotel! Regards Reg Reg Whitely Deputy Principal Beachlands Primary School Whitfield St Geraldton, Western Australia, 6530 Ph: 08 99211793 Year 5, The British School, New Delhi Friends around the world-Building a World Community Letters from our friends-Australia

11 Technology in my School. Computers Actvbord Google Internet Progeter Gemma Rose 7years England Technnology in my School. Computer Google search Skype Printer Internet Projecter Riyah 6 yers India Technology in my school Internet Google Activboard Computer Projecter Kalyaani Persad 7 years Trinidad and Tobago Kyra Agarwal, 11years

12 Mrs. Whitaker visits us from Bowsland Green, Bristol, UK. We are looking forward to our Project with them and the Skype link-up! The distance gets shorter!

13 Friendship in English and Czech Czech: Přátelstvý je krásné kdyŽ máš prátele a rodinu. English: Friend ship is beautiful when you have friend. You be happy when you have friend you be feeling like you born again. Veronika, Year 5A (Czech Republic)


15 Global citizenship! Me as a part of the world! Trying to be aware of what is happening around me! And trying to do my bit to help it! Being a Global Citizen is something you do out of choice and deciding if you want to help the environment around us. Ziva Juneja, Year 6

16 GLOBAL CITIZENS Global Citizens are people of the world, and that they can belong to a larger community instead of following one religion, state and nation. It really doesn’t matter if you are an Indian, American, Christian, Scottish, German or Italian. We should respect other religions and be a part of it. Riya Kumar, Year 6

17 Global Citizenship Awareness of the world as a global community, recognising the rights and responsibilities of citizens within it. Mehak Anand, Year 6

18 Global citizens “ The globe is ours and we have all the rights to protect it.” Global citizenship means understanding all our responsibilities and our job to protect the earth. We must protect the earth and understand how the earth needs us. Its is all up to us to destroy the world or to protect it. The earth is all in our hands and we will not be able to treasure the earth if it is used a garbage dump. Alisar Awwad, Year 6

19 Countries and Languages We Speak in Year 5 English English Hindi, Punjabi Irish Irish French French Spanish SpanishSinghalese Polish Polish Czech Czech Fanite Fanite Rwandanise Rwandanise Japanese Japanese Chinese Chinese Thai Thai Malay Malay Slovac SlovacKoreanSotho England, Australia India Ireland Ireland France France Spain Spain Sri lanka Sri lanka Poland Poland Czech Republic Czech Republic Ghana Ghana Rwanda RwandaJapan China China Thailand Thailand Malaysia Malaysia Slovakia Slovakia Korea KoreaLesotho Languages Countries Lyala and Martha-louise

20 Friendship We are from all over the world, we have people from every continent in our class. We have friends from country's like Slovakia, Kenya, India and England. We become good friends and we have fun together!! By Rahul, Rohan and Ansh

21 Email interaction with Year 3 Getting ready for our Topic-”United States of America” in Year 4… I think emailing is very clever and exciting. We can make friends without even seeing them (unless they send you a picture). I never knew about epals in till miss told us but I think it’s very cool and clever. I think we are old enough to have emails for ourselves. It’s also made ICT lessons more fun. Adam Dalrymple Age: 8years England The British School, New Delhi I like e-mailing to America. It is fun having pen-pals. It is also nice knowing new people. I also like knowing that other people are enjoying getting my e-mails. It is very clever that we can make new friends just by typing a few words! Name: Maya Kulukundis Age: 7 years Greece The British School, New Delhi From America

22 I feel that the internet is great and has very interesting websites. And lots of games and pictures. It has also information about the world. ANIBAL 3A Argentina The British School, New Delhi I feel very exited to be writing to other people in the world. The internet is great and makes it easier to contact other people. Geena 3A England The British School, New Delhi The internet is a very useful thing. E-mails are also very useful they allow us to talk to our friends and family. Who ever you send mail to, they will get it in a blink of an eye! Name: Isabella, Class: 3A Country: England The British School, New Delhi I feel happy how internet helped us to send E-mails. I love every one in the world. Love from Boitha Year 3A. Lesotho in Africa The British School, New Delhi It is easy to put on and I no Skype we can speak on it and we can see them it is so much fun to play on the computer. Laura Year 3A Australia The British School, New Delhi

23 Poem by Year 5A Peace is the sound nature. Peace is late at night without cars-quiet. Peace is my brother or sister on a play date. Peace is deep breathing slowly. Peace is sleepily stroking the softness of your pet. Peace is reading a book at night in a cozy bed in a small pool of light. Peace is a steamy bubble bath after losing the match. Peace is drawing a bird on a windy day in the garden. Peace is watching T.V. cuddled under a blanket with a dog. Peace is lying undisturbed on a soft bed after a long day. Peace is sitting next to a camp fire roasting fluffy marshmallows. Peace is powerful…….. So, Let there be Peace!!

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