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Sunvision Software Technologies Company Profile. Sunvision Software Technologies Introduction  Sunvision is an IT solution provider having extensive.

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1 Sunvision Software Technologies Company Profile

2 Sunvision Software Technologies Introduction  Sunvision is an IT solution provider having extensive expertise in below domain  Telecom Billing  Utility Billing  ERP Solution for Manufacturing, Education and Hospital segments.  Sunvision Incorporates the deep business knowledge from world’s Tier-1 telecom operators  Sunvision provides implementation & integration services and business consultancy to it’s customers in setting the efficient business procedure to get more productive outcome  Sunvision products are modular and open in architecture which can be adopted smoothly by any business  Sunvision well-defined standards and procedures deliver quality at every step of working like software requirement, design, development and interaction with customers.

3 Sunvision Software Technologies Our Objective  Meet the customer requirements with latest technologies  Provide the best solution so that customer gets the maximum benefit  Helps in getting ownership of large customer-base  Provide the lowest cost solution  Commitment for future requirements

4 Sunvision Software Technologies Organization Structure HRFinanceMulti DomainUtilityTelecom Abhishek M (GM – S&M India) Rohit P (GM – S&M Asia) Dipesh S (GM – S&M USA) Sales Rajesh V (MD) Ratnesh S (GM – PD) Rajesh V (MD) Rakesh A (PM) Ruchi Jain (PM – PD ) Puneet S (PM) KP Singh (PM) Rajeev G (PM) Legend GM – General Manager, PD – Project Development, S&M – Sales & Marketing, PM – Project Manager

5 Sunvision Software Technologies Management Profile Sunvision is started by Mr. Rajesh Verma having prior hands on experience from world’s Tier -1 telecom operators. Sunvision management team has worked with AMDOCS Cyprus & Israel, Vodafone Germany, Nextel USA, Sprint USA, Global Telecom Brazil, Telefonica Spain, Cable & Wireless Macao and Jamaica, Motorola India, Huawei India, Alcatel India, TelOne Zimbabwe, BSNL India, TCIL India. Our main strength is the strong pool of technical people who joined hands to provide the best and full range of services round the clock to our customers Rajesh Verma B.Tech (CSE), Telecom Billing and ERP Expert. Abhishek Mittal MBA (Marketing), Telecom Business Analyst Rohit Pathak B.Tech (E&I), Telecom Business Analyst Ratnesh Srivastava B.Tech(CSE), Telecom Analyst Puneet Singla B.Tech(CSE), Telecom Billing Expert Ruchi Jain B.Tech(CSE), Telecom Billing and Mediation Expert Deepesh Srivastava B.Tech(CSE) ERP Expert

6 Sunvision Software Technologies Senior Consultant and Advisor Mr. Mahesh Chaudhary  Senior Consultant to Sunvision  Former CEO, TCIL Bellsouth Limited, New Delhi  Former Director, Telecommunication of India Limited  Project Management Professional, Project Management Institute USA

7 Sunvision Software Technologies Sunvision Business Area  Customized Software Solution  Billing solution for Telecom and Internet operators  ERP Solutions for manufacturing industries, hospitals and education institutes  Software Testing, Implementation and Integration  Offshore development  Software Project Outsourcing  Knowledge Process Outsourcing  Training in Oracle, Linux, Java/J2EE (Students/Corporate)  Human Resource Consultancy  Renewable Energy Turnkey Project Consultancy

8 Sunvision Software Technologies Product Profile Sunvision TelecomMulti domain Product ESMEHSEES Mediation Event Acquisition & Formatting Guiding & Rating Billing Modules Java, JSP, Servlet, EJB, C/C++, Tomcat, Oracle, Linux, HTML, XML Utility Customer Care & AR/Collection Revenue Assurance & Fraud Mgt Service Provider Management Customer Information Management Service Location Management Billing Modules Meter Management Work Order Management Java, JSP, Servlet, EJB, Tomcat, PostgreSQL/Oracle, Linux, HTML, XML

9 Sunvision Software Technologies Telecom Product (Standard Version) RA & FM DC 2 EAF EPS BLAD CSM AR & Collec tion

10 Sunvision Software Technologies Telecom Product (Standard Version)  DC2 (Device Configurator & Data Collector)  Service Provisioning on network elements  Data collection from network elements  EAF (Event Acquisition and Formatter)  EAF collects billable tickets from all kind of network elements.  EAF supports editing, validating and formatting of billable tickets.  EAF handles Incollect and Outcollect call  EPS (Event Processing System)  EPS handles the guiding of Event Records to Subscriber and Service used.  EPS performs the Rating of events occurred at network element. Like Voice Calls, SMS, Internet Usage etc.  BLAD (Bill Administrator)  Collects rated usage records.  Calculated fixed and recurring charges.  Applies discounts and generates the bills for retails and wholesale customers  CSM (Customer Service Management) & AR/Collection  CSM deals with all different CSR activities including customer, order and service management.  Responsible for Account Management, Payment Management and Collections  RA & FM (Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management)

11 Sunvision Software Technologies Telecom Product (Advance Version) RA & FM DC 2 EAF EPS BLAD CSMCSM AR & Coll ecti on ESM FMSFMS DOSDM NIMS ICS OLC

12 Sunvision Software Technologies Telecom Product (Advance Version) Supplementary Modules  RA & FM (Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management)  EMS (Error Management System)  PBS (Point Base System for loyalty)  DOS (Directory Operation System)  DM (Dealer Management)  NIMS (Network Inventory Management System)  ICS (Interconnect System)  PPS/OLC (Prepaid Server/Online Charging)

13 Sunvision Software Technologies Utility Product UUS (Unified Utility Solution) Solution for Utility Sector  Power Billing Solution  Water Billing Solution  Cooking Gas Billing Solution

14 Sunvision Software Technologies Multi Domain Product Web Based ERP Solutions (For Small and Medium Size organizations)  ESM (Enterprise Solution Manager)  EHS (Enterprise Health Solution)  EES (Enterprise Education Solution)

15 Sunvision Software Technologies Success Stories Telecom & Utility Malawi Telecom Limited - Ms. Angel Banda(+265-8521022) - Mr. Yamikani Malenga(+265-1910460) PTC Zimbabwe - Mr. Bhunu, Mr. N. Tigre - Mr. Debilli Motorola India - Mr. Abhishek (+91-9818291584) Huawei India - Mr. Rohit Multi Domain Jaipuria Group of Schools (India) - Mr. Ajai Kumar (+91-9811077793) Institute of Technology and Science (Group of Engg. Colleges) - Mr. K.P. Singh (+91-9810895490) Moradabad Institute of Technologies - Mr. Rakesh Ahuja (+91-9411809801) Smart Management System (Bio-fuel Manufacturer) - Mr. Atul Saxena (+91-9313335711)

16 Sunvision Software Technologies R&D Cell Our R&D team is engaged with product development  MISSION - Multiple and Integrated Service Supported in One a convergent billing solution  SDF - SST Development Framework  Mobuter (PC simulation on Mobile)  Parser for database migration to Open Source Database

17 Sunvision Software Technologies Contact Details  Rajesh Verma +265-8207601 (Malawi) +91-9818225332 (India)  Abhishek Mittal +91-9818291584 (India)

18 Sunvision Software Technologies Thank you

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