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Innovative Project Paediatric Ultra Super Specialty Camp Under RBSK V.S.General Hospital Thane.

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1 Innovative Project Paediatric Ultra Super Specialty Camp Under RBSK V.S.General Hospital Thane


3 ORGANIZATION OF ULTRA SUPER SPECIALITY CAMP AT JAWHAR *OUR MENTORS* Dr. Satish Pawar:- Hon’ble Director Health Services Dr.N.J.Rathod:- Hon’ble Consultant PPP Dr.Sanjiv Kamble:- Hon’ble DDHS,Mumbai Circle Dr.Vinita Salvi :- Hon’ble Consultant Ob/ Gy KEM Dr.Kumkum Mathur:- Hon’ble Consultant ICMR

4 INTRODUCTION: Paediatric Ultra Super Speciality From Quaternary Hospital Have Organized Diagnostic Camp in Tribal Jawhar, Taluka in Thane District. The Camp was Organized under PPP in Collaboration with Esteemed Hospitals Viz. KEM Hospital, Seven Hills Hospital & Bombay Hospital. The first of it’s kind of diagnostic camp under NRHM in RBSK especially 0 to 18 years age group

5 Ultra Super Specialists Rendering Services Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery and Imaging 1. Dr Mangles Nimbalker Consultant Seven Hills Hospital 2.Dr.Rajdut DeoreSSM KEM Hospital 3.Dr.Shiva Prakash Seven Hills Hospital Paediatric Neurology: Dr Vibhor ParadasaniBomby Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care : Dr Uday Nadkarni Paediatric Plastic Surgery: 1.Dr.Vinita PuriHOD,KEM HOSPITAL 2.Dr.Dilip Kumar Seven Hills Hospital Paediatric Orthopaedics: Dr.Avinash Date Paediatric Physiotherapy: Dr.Parag Puluskar Ophthalmology: Dr.Sunil Morekar Seven Hills Hospital IT Consultant Mr.Nilesh Abhang

6 The Following Specialist List will be involved either in person or by Telemedicine for the Camp Obstericians1.Dr Vinita Salvi Consultant Ob/GYHospital Name ICMR HRRC,KEM Mumbai:2.Dr N.M.MayaadeoProfessor,KEM Hospital 3.Dr Kukkum Mathur, 4.Dr.Nanda Mutalik 5. Dr.Anahita R. ChauhanProfessor,KEM Hospital Paediatric Wastage and Growth Restricition: 1.Dr Vinita Salvi Medical Disorders in Pregnancy:Dr Dilip KarnadJupitar Hospital,Thane 1.Dr Vinita Salvi Imaging:Dr Mohit Shah, Dr Nitin Chaubal Visiting ConsultantKEM Mumbai Dr.Abhijeet RautKokilaben Hospital Dr Hemangini ThakkarProfKEM Hospital Fetal Medicine:Dr. Vandana BansalNowrojee Wadia Hospital NeonatologyDr. R.N. NanavstiHOD,KEM Hospital Dr. Rahul VermaBomby Hospital Paediatric Surgery:Dr. Sandesh PareljarHOD,KEM Hospital Dr.Beejal SanghviProfessor,KEM Hospital Dr.Amrish vaidya ConsultaantBJ Wadia Hospital Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiae Surgery: Dr. Prafulla KerkarHOD,KEM Hospital Dr. Rajdutt DeoreSSM KEM Hospital

7 Paediatric Genetics and Metabolic disorders: Dr.Parag Tamhankar (NIRRH) Dr.Archana Kher (Columbia Asia,Pune) Paediatric Neurology:Dr Vibhor ParadasaniBomby Hospital Dr Sarbani Raha (Baroda) Paediatric Haematology:Dr. Farah JijinaHinduja Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care :Dr Uday NadkarniHinduja Hospital,Khar Dr.Jigar SurtiGovt. of Gujarat Dr.Rahul PanditFortis Hospital Mumbai Dr. Dilip Karnad.Bomby Hospital Paediatric Plastic:Dr.Vinita PuriHOD,KEM HOSPITAL Dr.Dilip Kumar Seven Hills Hospital Research:Dr.Sanober ParkarNIRRH Paediatric Psychiatry:Dr.Arti Sasane Paediatric Dermatology:Dr.Shankaer R Sawant Paediatric Orthopaedics:Dr.Avinash Date Paediatric Physiothrapy:Mr.Parag Paluskar Ophtahalmology:Dr.Sunil Morekar Seven Hills Hospital IT ConsultantMr.Nilish Abhang

8 Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon : Dr. Shiva Prakash Seven Hills Hospital, selecting patient for heart surgery

9 Paediatric Cardiologist: Dr.Mangesh Nibalkar Consultant Seven Hills Hospital Conducting procedure by Portable 2 DEcho

10 Paediatric Cardiologist: Dr.Rajdutt Deore Consultant KEM Hospital Doing Portable 2 DEcho

11 Paediatric Plastic Surgeons: Dr. Vinita Puri HOD KEM & Dr. Dilip Kumar Seven Hills Hospital

12 Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon: Dr. Avinash Date Examining foot deformity child

13 Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon : Dr. Avinash Date Applying Plaster in minor OT

14 Paediatric Neurologist: Dr. Vibhor Paradasani & Dr. Sarbani Raha Consultant Bombay Hospital

15 Paediatric Neurologist: Dr. Vibhor Paradasani &Dr. Sarbani Raha Consultant Bombay Hospital Examining child

16 Paediatric Physiotherapist: Dr.Parag Paluskar

17 consultant: Dr. Kumkum Mathur, ICMR KEM Mumbai

18 Paediatric Surgeons: Dr.Sandesh Parekar & Dr. Satej Mhaskar KEM Hospital

19 Paediatric Dermatologist: Dr. Shankar Sawant

20 Hon’ble Director Dr. Satish Pawar having word with Paediatric Super Specialists

21 Falicitation Of All Delegates by Momento

22 OUTPUT OF CAMP : Sr. No.SpecialtyPATIENTS SCREENED 1Pediatric Ophthalmology42 2Pediatric Cardiology81 3Pediatric Neurology Psychiatric OPD72 4Pediatric Surgery71 5Pediatric Minor OT(Procedure)55 6Pediatric Orthopedic68 7Pediatric ENT19 8Pediatric Skin & VD4 9Pediatric Plastic Surgery36 10Pediatric Physiotherapy23 11Others55 TOTAL526 Age GroupMaleFemalesTotal TOTAL


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