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WELCOME In Quarterly Coordination Meeting as per clause 15 of SWS of Officials of CPPC and DAP 23/08/2013.

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1 WELCOME In Quarterly Coordination Meeting as per clause 15 of SWS of Officials of CPPC and DAP 23/08/2013

2 SWS Scheme Came into operation from 01-10-2012, available on DOT website. Three orders dated 29/09/12, 10/10/12 and 01/11/12 are relevant. Complete Scheme is in order dated 28/09/12. Meaning of SWS (Historical Perspective)

3 Pension disbursement PPO (both halves) issued to the CPPC along with the authority and signature (already circulated) Paying branch writes to the pensioner for verification. Then disburser’s half is returned to the CPPC. Then Pension starts by the paying branch on authority of CPPC. IT ded n by paying branch.

4 Claim Settlement Pension paying branch of CPPC CPPC Link Cell at Nagpur Settlement with CAS, RBI FY 2012-13 – we paid Rs.55 crs. through Bank – And Rs 75 crs through Post offices

5 Sending Scroll After payment, 3 copies of scroll Dr./Cr. in prescribed format by CPPC, running number given to monthly scroll. 1- sent to CCA, 2- sent to Link Cell by 7 th of the next month, 3- retained. Excess amt. Paid should be refunded by the Bank to RBI. Soft copy in MS-Excel and hard copy both to be sent. Paying branch to collect all the certificates viz. Life, non- employment, widow’s marriage etc.

6 SWS Form 16 to be issued by paying branch. CPPC/DAP has to ensure prompt credit of Relief orders issued by DOP&T for CDA, and from Dept. of Public enterprises for IDA. Nodal branch to be identified by each CPPC at Patna. Nodal branch to settle the pensioner’s grievances and interact with the CCA office.

7 AUDIT 100% post check by CCA for each payment, its open for audit by C&AG as well. We need debit/credit scrolls in prescribed new format from 01/10/12 in hard and soft copy. Discrepancy/ Recovery to be issued by us, which needs to be done by bank promptly.

8 Agenda/ Issues a)Scrolls by the CPPCs in both soft and hard copy in prescribed format in MS – Excel as per MOU not coming. Details to be given. b)Non receipt of scrolls for the period prior to 01.10.2012. c)Non implementation of amendments/ revision orders by CPPCs. d)Wrong drawl of CDA DR rate for IDA Pensioners. e)Non refund of excess drawl pension. f)Supply of pensioner’s details in prescribed format whose files are not available in this office.

9 Contd. g)Redressal of pensioner’s grievances & issues of first pension instantly. Income tax recovery to be prompt. h)Non receipt of Annex III of Telecom Pensioners from Banks/DAP. i)Receipt of List of transactions (schedule ) from Head Post offices in non-prescribed format. j)Intimation of death and certificate of Employment / Non- employment in case of Family Pension. k) Furnishing of Certificate regarding Death/Birth/Marriage. l) Revised authority of pension to be accepted for the same bank account no.


11 E-SCROLL FORMAT (TO BE FURNISHED IN.XLS) PPONoPensionerNamePensionerCodeAccountNoBasicPension 12345 CommutationAmtDAPercentDAAmt MedicalAllowance Additional Quantum 678910 ArrearAmtRecoveryAmtOtherArrearspaid Gross Pension AmtPensionMonth 1112131415 PensionYear Paying Bank/HPO name Paying Branch/SPO nameIFSC codeRemarks 1617181920

12 Contacts O/o Controller communication Accounts CCA Building, Sanchar Parisar Near GPO, Budh Marg, Patna-800001. Website – ( Under construction ) email id- Phone – 0612-2223508/2213123, Fax: 2223509/2213122

13 Audit Cell of CCA Email id and Phone / Mobile No. Of Audit Cell of CCA Sh. P.K.Yadav,CAO - Sh. Rakesh Kumar,SA- 9504746844 Sh. Rajesh Kumar,SA- 9473029554


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