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The Adolescent Friendly Centre of NIOS Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar.

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1 The Adolescent Friendly Centre of NIOS Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar

2 Objectives To provide an adolescent friendly space in the Regional Center To hold life skill building workshops for learner to empower them to effectively address their psycho- social, emotional, adolescence and vocation related concerns To extend facilities like print and audio/video library, reading room, joint study session etc to the learners To pilot buddy programmes, effective PCPs, one to one counseling sessions etc for the learners To provide a platform to learners and tutors to network and collaborate, and To motivate the learners and instill confidence in them

3 The Adolescent Friendly Centre (AFC) was set up at the NIOS Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar as a pilot intervention taken under Adolescence Education Programme (AEP), Academic Department with the collaboration of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at NIOS Bhubaneswar Regional Centre on December 2, 2010. The AFC was set up with the objectives to promote life skills among the NIOS learners. Mitra: The Adolescent Friendly Centre(AFC) was inaugurated on December 2, 2010 by Sri. G.S. Mohapatra, an eminent educationist in the presence of Dr. S.S. Jena Hon’ble Chairman, NIOS.

4 Human Resource and Equipment SEO (AEP) – 1 EA (AEP) – 1 Computer Printer & Photocopier LCD Projector with screen Print, audio/video library PA System Podium Camera – still & video Consumables Activity Corner

5 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN 2010 Capacity Building Workshops for about 70 learners on : Stress Management at MITRA Stress Management at St. Vincent’s Convent School, Berhampur Self Awareness at MITRA

6 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN 2011 Academic Counselling provided to around 800 learners during the year 2011 with regard to selection of subjects and admission

7 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN 2011 9 Capacity Building Workshops for about 250 learners on : “Career Counseling” Date: 21 st June 2011 “Communication for Maintaining Relationship” Date:24 th June “Growing up” Date: 27th June

8 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Workshops “Gender: Understanding stereotypes and challenging discriminations” Date: 30 th June “Substance/Drug: Understanding Use, Misuse and Abuse” Date: 05th July on “Understanding and Coping with Stress” Date: 8th July The Workshop on “Understanding & Coping With Stress” was organised for the jail inmates of Berhampur Circle Jail who enrolled under NIOS.

9 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Workshops “Understanding Adolescence” Date: 11 th July “ HIV/ AIDS” ” Date:13 th July “Coping With Stress” Date: 15 th September

10 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Other Events Quiz Competition In commemoration of the National Youth Day, a Quiz programme was organised for the NIOS Students on 12th January at AFC- Bhubaneswar.. In commemoration of the Teachers’ Day, a debate competition was organised for the NIOS learners at the AFC- Bhubaneswar.. Debate Competition

11 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Other Events Internship Programme Under AEP, NIOS Making it for the first time in NIOS, AEP Unit initiated the first internship programme. Three students from Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Chennai Mr. Gaurav Kumar, Mr. Promod Kumar Yadav and Mr. Gopal Krishna Behera completed their Internship Programme at MITRA- The Adolescent Friendly Centre, NIOS RC- Bhubaneswar. They field tested the activities manual.

12 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Creative Writing Competition The Creative Writing Competition was conducted at the Regional Centre during the All India Youth Festival, 2011 conducted by UNFPA. 150 learners participated in the event through MITRA. The entries were screened at the Regional Centre level and the best 25 entries were forwarded to UNFPA through AEP Unit, Academic Department.

13 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 MITRA Safar Mitra Safar marked the one year completion of the Adolescent Friendly Centre at NIOS RC, Bhubaneswar. Organised from 9th to 13th December, it included events like Creative Writing Clinic Poster Making Competition The theme of the Poster Making Competition was “Child Rights”. The Winners were felicitated on the Human Rights Day. The Creative Writing Clinic was organised to hone the skills of the learners whose writings were shortlisted during Creative Writing Competition.

14 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 MITRA Safar Inclusive Workshops A session “Hum Kisise Kam Nahin” for children with special needs. workshop on “Enhancing self esteem and confidence, peer relationships and communication skills”.

15 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 MITRA Safar Workshops Adolescence Education: Approaches and Strategies- a sensitisation programme for tutors and coordinators. Kishore Kishorion Ki Bate- A workshop for the learners focused on adolescence

16 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 MITRA Safar Cultural Programme by learners of NIOS. Prize Distribution

17 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 MITRA Safar Mr. Satish Kumar Lenka was awarded with MITRA of The Year for his maximum and committed participation in various activities at Mitra since its establishment. He attended 7 programmes in year 2011. ACCOLADES


19 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2011 Induction session “Counselling of Learners on Career and Advocacy of MITRA” at Dahapania, Bhadrak (Odisha) on 18 th December 2011 103 learners participated in this workshop

20 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2012 A quiz programme for the learners of NIOS was organised at the Govt. SSD High School Sunabeda ON 13 th January. Celebration of Republic Day at NIOS Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar.

21 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2012 Carrom CompetitionChess Competition Winners: SK Abdul- Chess Ankita- Carrom (Girls) Chinmoy- Carrom (Boys)

22 ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MITRA IN THE YEAR 2012 National Science Day Slogan and Essay Competition MITRA coordinated and conducted the slogan and essay competition. A total of 82 learners participated in the event through MITRA. The entries were entered in a National Competetion organized by Vigyan Prasar. International Women’s Day Slogan and Essay Competition: Through MITRA a total of 75 learners of the regional centre participated in the competition. To the credit of the Regional Centre, two participants won the first prize in essay and slogan competition and another participant won a special prize.

23 PCPs AT MITRA The learners who came to MITRA shared that they were facing difficulties in attending the PCPs as AIs were not regular at conducting the same. In consultation with the Regional Director, steps have been initiated to conduct PCPs at MITRA. Each AI will depute its tutors for PCP. The same learners will have tutors/ counsellors from different AIs on a rotational basis. How we ensure participation. Through SMS, or even calling the learner, counselling the parents if not willing. MITRA also disseminates information on important days. AIDS Day, Republic Day and festivals. MITRA is also providing internet facility to learners. After studying at the library learners surf net for extended learning. Learners are coming to the centre with much more trust and belief.

24 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE Greater trust and belief in NIOS Breakdown of barriers between NIOS and learners Optimal deployment of A/V support material NIOS produced by NIOS Reduces stress amongst learner with availability of materials in library Life skills enhancement of the participating learners Inclusion of NIOS learners in national and international events Ensures learner autonomy and provides feedback Facilitates learner networking Places inclusive education center stage Ascertains accountability of study centers

25 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE…Learners speak MITRA gave me ideas, happiness and friends It makes us feel Hum Kisise Kam Nahin The movies shown during programmes have been helpful It inspired me from my very first programme It helps in personality development and getting new ideas Helps in improving communication and self-confidence It makes me happy It inspires students towards education It helped in increasing creativity Enabled us to participate in programmes It gives opportunity in making of a student It teaches us good values MITRA is a very good friend, it helps disabled and normal students MITRA is a hope for learners who are deprived of normal schooling for certain reasons. It works as a friend, philosopher and guide. MITRA teaches about NIOS in a very good way Trough MITRA learners can develop their own quality MITRA helps learners to achieve their aims and ambitions

26 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE Ananya Mishra, a differently- able learner viewed in her feedback “MITRA is a hope for those children who are deprived of normal schooling for certain reason, it works as a friend, philosopher and guide to them”. She also shared that it has helped in building communication skills and self-confidence.

27 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE After a praiseworthy participation in “Creative Writing Competition” organized by UNFPA at MITRA-BBSR, her quotes were included in the Table Calendar of UNFPA. Ankita viewed “The scope and opportunities a girl gets at MITRA- NIOS is noteworthy, but girls must come forward and use these.” Ankita Payal participated in the creative writing competition. Her quotes got published in UN Desk Calendar.

28 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE Attitude Towards Life Changed: After completion of Secondary Courses under NIOS, Abinash opted for Sr. Secondary at NIOS as well. Recollecting agonising times when he failed in various subjects, Abinash viewed that he was very depressed. He visited the Regional Centre several times for some queries relating to studies. Initially he was accompanied by his mother as he was too shy to interact. After attending few workshops, Abinash began to come out of his shell and not only attended more programmes but also actively participated in each group events. Now if he has to visit the Regional Centre, he comes alone. Abinash shared that the life skills workshops truly empowered him and have been life altering. He believes that his approach toward life has changed for the good.

29 MITRA MAKES A DIFFERENCE A successful buddy programme launched: Bibhu and Avinash became good friends through MITRA. As Avinash was weak in Mathematics, they come to the library of MITRA for combined study and Bibhu guides Avinash in solving problems. Learners like Satish, Chaturbhuja, Bikram, Anuradha and many more pay frequent visits to AFC. They call it a safe place to update themselves with information pertaining to education, study or play games for a refreshment. This has made a difference in their approach towards education and ability to perform

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