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DiGyan SkillTech Digital Gyan (knowledge) Distribute Gyan (knowledge) Skill & technology training An initiative to make.

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1 info@digyan.com DiGyan SkillTech Digital Gyan (knowledge) Distribute Gyan (knowledge) Skill & technology training An initiative to make highly efficient, knowledgeable and skilled future leaders Every child is bright; proper guidance and quality education makes a difference Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. (William A. Foster)

2 info@digyan.com For whom? Classroom: K12 (specially class VI to XII) (CBSE, ICSE and IB board) SkillTech: students, working professionals, job seekers and corporates

3 info@digyan.com Introducing DiGyan Classroom academic curriculum learning methods career guidance computer skills Internet learning innovation Leadership, entrepreneurship personality development motivation & ethics skills training (optional) Everything under one roof soft skills (software, hardware, internet, programming, web design) languages biology and health vocational training professional courses hobbies based training

4 info@digyan.com Academic curriculum Science (physics, chemistry, biology) Mathematics English is covered under personality development module

5 info@digyan.com Remaining 9 modules 1.Learning methods: quick learning techniques and extract right information in short time 2.Career guidance: available career options and scholarships in each subjects 3.Computer skills: learning basics of computer, networking and educational software 4.E-module and internet: includes various online learning resources and services 5.Innovation : ignites student's creativity and innovative thinking 6.Leadership: creating future leaders 7.Personality development: instructions for better personality 8.Motivation & ethics module: motivating students to do things ethically with moral lessons 9.SkillTech Capsules: High quality technical training for skill development (Optional; not included in classroom package)

6 info@digyan.com Time table ~25-30 Students per classroom DiGyan Classroom (Monday to Friday; 5 days; 2 lectures/day; 45 min/lecture) Morning slots 09:00 AM-10:45 AM Afternoon slots 02:00 PM-03:45 PM Evening slots 04:00 PM-05:45 PM 06:00 PM-07:45 PM DiGyan SkillTech (Saturday & Sunday; 2 days; 1 lecture/day; 2 h/lecture) Morning slots 09:00 AM-11:00 AM Afternoon slots 11:00 AM-01:00 PM 02:00 PM-04:00 PM Evening slots 04:00 PM-06:00 PM 06:00 PM-08:00 PM

7 info@digyan.com Fee structure * There will a discount of ` 1000 if paid once. DiGyan Classroom (Monday to Friday) DiGyan SkillTech (Saturday and Sunday)

8 info@digyan.com Modules customization for schools (examples)

9 info@digyan.com DiGyan Team Anandi Prasad Sah Director Dr. Sunil Kumar IIT-B, Ph.D. CMD & CEO Ranjeet Kumar DU (Delhi), B.Com. COO & CFO Sanjeet Kumar Vinoba B.U., B.Ed., M.Ed., Director (Educational Services) Pramod Meena IIT-B, M.Tech, Manager (Instructors Operations) Narendra Nath Jha IIT-B, Ph.D., Head (Human Resource) Shashikant IIT-B, Ph.D., Director (Business Development) Core Team Advisors Phani Bhusan IIT Kharaghpur Sarad V. Prabhu IIT Bombay Dr. Kashyap Dave IIT Bombay, KI (Sweden) Maheshwar IIT Bombay Dr. Ashutosh Kumar IIT BHU, IITR, NIH (USA) Anil Kumar Singh Vinoba B. Univ., MBA CAO (Accounts) Suraj Gantayat IIT-B, Ph.D., Head (SkillTech Division)

10 info@digyan.com How to register? DiGyan Centers DiGyan associated – schools – institutions – societies Corporates and societies – centers – in-house DiGyan's website ( (fee can be paid online)

11 info@digyan.com Here we are Registered Office DIGyan SkillTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. B-Block, Sant Nagar, Burari, Delhi - 110 084, India CityContact Number Delhi+91-9718621018 (Mr. Ranjeet Kumar) and +91-9868635071 (Mr. Anil Singh) Mumbai+91-9969076423 (Dr. Sunil Kumar), +91-8454928269 (Mr. Suraj Gantayat) and +91-9167386835 (Mr. Narendra Nath Jha) Berhampur+91-8454928269 (Mr. Suraj Gantayat) Hyderabad+91-7842155425 (Mr. Saswat Das) Bhubaneswar+91-9776412229 (Mr. Rajiv Kumar) Bokaro+91-9969076423 (Dr. Sunil Kumar) and +91-9430707451 (Mr. Sanjeet Kumar) Muzaffarpur+91-9430707451 (Mr. Sanjeet Kumar) Patna+91-9546592289 (Mr. P.N. Jha) and +91-9167386835 (Mr. Narendra Nath Jha)

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