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CSG-Civil Members Bangalore (5): Suresh Kumar, N.Basavaraju, P.Unnikrishnan, S. Murali Mohan, P.V.Vijaybhaskar. Chennai (4): T. Biju, Sellapandi,

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4 CSG-Civil Members Bangalore (5): Suresh Kumar, N.Basavaraju, P.Unnikrishnan, S. Murali Mohan, P.V.Vijaybhaskar. Chennai (4): T. Biju, Sellapandi, Soundrapandian, Vinod Kumar. Delhi (9): R. Barua, Madan Sharma, Ajay Singh, Santosh Kumar, Shekhar Garg, Ankit Sharma, Indradjeet Kumar, Vimal Kumar, Hitender Kumar (Chandigarh) Hyderabad (3): F.Zaman, Yosubu, Shravan Kumar. Kolkata (10): AK Pal, ON Mukherjee, M. Bhattacharya, Debabrata Barman, Roshan Sharma, Shantanu Mukherjee, Amitava Chatterjee, Dipankar Dutta, JD Chatterjee,Saumen Sinha Ray (Under contract) Mumbai (6): Rajesh, Ashwin, Sameer, Deepak Patil, Vikrant G., Sanjay Patel ( GPR/SMI). Vadodara (6): Hitesh Patel, Khelan, Maulik Patel, Darpan Kachhia, Vishnu Pandey. Total (42): Engrs; Plus Desk Support at all places … NOT to forget services rendered by our dealers all over …


6 Team Spirit Team Work

7 Success/Excellence is the end product…of… ASK Attitude, Skill & Knowledge


9 All-India Work Load Types of jobs … AMC: Approx. 650+ Nos…….. Paid Services: Average: 25-30% of AMC by no. & value Spares: This forms approx. 10% of AMC/Paid jobs (value) Installations: Plenty of them … > 600! U/warranty : Approx. 35-45% of Instln jobs. Pre-sales demos: 10% of Total work load. Cold calls/Courtesy Calls/Misc.: 5% of Total work load. Projects/SMI/FMI/NDT: Approx. 20-25% (time/revenue-wise) Revenue generated: Approx.: >325 Lacs. Man-Power for this: 42+ Engrs.

10 Uniform AMC Rates … Uniform AMC Rates pattern acceptable to CSG & customers. The A/B/C pattern (Distance-based) is ok with most of the clients. Already have PAN India based contract with ACC Ltd (RMC) - 27; Ultratech (RMC) - 60; RMC Ready-mix India - 30 ; BV - 15; BASF - 07; India Bulls - 07 ACTM, etc. We are trying similarly for Godrej, RDC Concrete, Sobha Developer, Haridwar Infra, Lafarge etc. though we have individual AMCs ACC/ Reliance/Ultratech/Sanghi/Ambuja etc. all cement plants we having regular AMC contracts.

11 Call Logging…… Maintaining CRM/Excell system to log the AMC schedule visits/ Paid Jobs/ Installation/ In-House Jobs with day-wise counting. Weekly meetings with Sales VBT to list-out top priority Installation/SUG jobs & club our AMC/Paid jobs. Complaint are closed after getting job completion Service Report from responsible engineer. Using CRM, we can generate different types of reports.



14 Hurdles in FTRs … Normally, >80% jobs fall under FTR category. Before installation customers not ready with Laboratory set- up (Foundations/electrical supply) for long period. Transit Damage of the instruments. DSS (Deliberate Short supply) and/or Part Shipment….. Calibration/Work certificates for measuring devices. Lack of knowledge/training for newly launched product.

15 PASSWORD of EDI/DPU of CTMs for calibrations. Have we given password to customer? Need to discuss the matter in this meet with entire Civil Group. Management need to clarify on this once so as to move ahead. Lafarge Mumbai/ ACC RMC-Goa/SKG/Ajmera/Reoplast/Harsh some of customer needed password of indicator. Demo CD for major tests of instrument to perform test after then ? Perfect Manual with stepwise procedure/ Actual electrical drawing/foundation drawing as per instrument size. Soft copy of the manual should be circulated to all branches. Better-quality (Durable) AIMIL Logo should be used

16 Business Threat... Local calibration agencies/ Our Dealers/Ex- Employee involves in calibration field with lower rates. Agencies for online data processing are working with cement plants like ACC / Ambuja Cement. They were supplied their own unit with calibration.

17 Suggestions about Quality CTM EDI- Drifting of zero value/ Failure of Power supply card/ Clarity of Display/ sensing of keypad need to improve. Control of Stepper motor should adjust through EDI which earlier was Quazar versions,to avoid mechanical break-down of CTM. EDI should have SMPS to overcome Earthing issues and improvement in failures due to power fluctuations. Limit switch for Hyd.Jack should mandatory for all CTM to avoid bk-dn call. Mu CTM/ACTM- Pace rate control is not precise. i.e., Time Vs Load against the load achieved are having a huge difference. When it is been compared with the system installed in ACC Cement by the other vendor, our instruments accuracy does not meet Customer’s expectation in comparison Stepper motor shaft need some length from upside to set the control of it.

18 Suggestions about Quality Automatic Blain without Software - Instrument getting hanged during operation, Spares List required, Sample type selection should be on Data logger instead of via Software. Vibrating Machine - frequent failure of motor found under warranty, Noise reduction is required as it is beyond safety standard of any cement plant ( Ambuja, UTCL). Humidity chambers/ACT/Oven/Muffle furnace All bought-out items must be from Standard company to avoid repeat complaints. Regular feedback on Product Enhancement to Engineering by CSG Team for improvement.

19 Competition today… Indi-tech Pune is giving Automatic Blain apparatus at a much lower rate with user customized option. Controls is providing ACTM for Prism Mould (Low Strength) testing for CTM & Flexural mode with equivalent rate of indigenous machine. Local make Humidity chamber like REMI, EIE make are good in quality and feature as compared to Ambassador. Lafarge, Ultratech are having Controls 5000kn CTM. Market for Plastic (Non-metallic) moulds (cubical/cylindical) is picking up in RMC Business. FIE Pune is giving servo make UTM at very low price with good quality. Deepa Engineering Mumbai having rigid Pan Mixer & grabbing several orders.

20 New Product Suggestion…… ACTM/Mu-CTM with dual mode like Controls CTM. Wet Sieving sieve shaker Good Quality Indigenous Micro Sieves like Jayant. Automatic Vicat Apparatus

21 Question & Answer……. What does the customer expect today from Aimil – How are the needs and expectations of the customers changing – Customers are expecting the products from Aimil (which is more than 80+ old organization) with expertise in all material testing field. So customer has strong belief to get reliable, good quality, sturdy and effective strong future support from AIMIL. – Timely Installation & timely Solution of their queries. – Customers’ expectations are high and they do not mind paying high premium for Aimil brand; but we should live up-to that ! How can we move from Customer Satisfaction stage to Customer Delight Stage – what are the things required by CSG to fulfill it. – More interaction with Sales & more transparency about to cases. – Trained customer to their satisfaction. – Better utilization of our own resources all the time. – If we focus on much more better Quality, Timely delivery and Good Packing, the customer delight will automatically come despite the high prices.

22 Soil Testing- Triaxial Test- UU,CD & CU with Geo-star Analysis. Horizon Software- making special method as per requirement of customer. UTM(All Modes) operational training with result interpretation. Asphalt/Material Testing/Newly launched products. Organize skill-training to all CSG engineers on new product from HO on regular basis. NABL trainings not taking place as earlier. Trainings as above will increase engineer’s confidence in product-servicing & testing/application.

23 NDT Services We have given services to Hammer/UPV repairs and calibrations. We have good support by Naresh Kumar for the entire NDT services. Need to have trainings for newely launch products by effective Demo & services. We have done the PCN Evaluation services by Dynatest FWD at Delhi & Nepal Airport of last FY.

24 Support required from Sales … List of key customers where we can provide special service. Regular inter-action with CSG. Stop offering installation for low value order. Visits should be committed to customer while concerning CSG. Visit of Sales Engineer required during installation at Key Account. Get confirmation from customer before sending a quote, if the application is non-standard or special, deviating from normal. Coordination of sales person required where payment terms after installation.

25 Plans ahead … Move further on Uniform AMC rates and make them applicable for all customers Let all CSG Engineer be judged on a uniform set of parameters Workload on all Engineer should be uniform Arrange trainings at principals places for suitable candidates Ensure spares & calibration devices like P/rings are available always. Customer satisfaction by ensuring quicker response and best possible services Regular interaction with Sales VBTs- preferably thru’ Saturday meetings More focus on Customer Delight.

26 ધન્યવાદ

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