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Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI)

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1 Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI)
Anil Kumar AGEDI Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

2 Agenda About Abu Dhabi Background What is AGEDI? Objectives
Evolution of AGEDI Projects & Products Phase III Eye on Earth Summit

3 UAE…… Abu Dhabi

4 Background Yale/Columbia ESI March 02
Presented at World Economic Forum. UAE included first time Ranked 141 out of 142 countries evaluated. Leadership in UAE concerned Issue blamed on lack of quality data and availability. Abu Dhabi commits to improve data situation and demonstrate UAE commitment AGEDI program conceived in mid-2002. Launched at the WSSD Sept 02

5 What is AGEDI? a collaborative response initiated by the UAE government address the need to bridge the ever widening environmental data/information gap between developed and developing countries. improve the provision of high quality, relevant, updated and comprehensive environmental data for decision making at the local, regional and global levels. enhance cooperation and coordination between decision-makers, planners, and policymakers.  

6 Objectives Achieving cost effective and relevant environmental data collection and assessment Compare data over time and agreed upon parameters and methodologies Increasing data capacities for local, national, regional, and global environmental decisions Ensuring sustainable development planning is based on quality, timely, useable, and updated data and information Providing accessibility of data and information to all stakeholders Enhancing national and international mechanisms of information processing and exchange Ensuring full participation and collaboration of developing countries under the United Nations system.

7 AGEDI….. Evolution Concept and scope evolved to cover a broad base of areas that are seen as critical to the functioning of an effective environmental competent authority data analysis monitoring performance planning policy awareness knowledge partnerships

8 AGEDI….. Evolution Since inception the program has been largely focused on local issues, with certain projects at the regional and international levels……. data analysis monitoring performance planning policy awareness knowledge partnerships better integration of science, management and policy functions within EAD as well as the Emirate. integration to be demonstrated through the SoE Assessment framework. Local Regional Global

9 AGEDI….. Evolution AGEDI is now ready to shift its major focus from the local level and to play an increasingly important role in the national, regional and global environmental communities data analysis monitoring performance planning policy awareness knowledge partnerships Local Regional Global

10 Multi-Level, Multi-Project Program
Completed 2009 National, Regional, International Level (4 Projects) Emirate Level (9 Projects) Program Alignment Strategy Sector Papers Update SoE Review and Refinements Environmental Atlas Interactive Environmental Atlas Geospatial Portal Enhancement Website Update EPI for Abu Dhabi Baseline Monitoring Program Ecological Footprint Environmental Information Network (EIN) GEO West Asia Data Portal West Asia Map Server Progression of projects designed to contribute to each other, and to intended AGEDI program outcomes……

11 Sector Papers 9 sector papers completed:
Marine and Coastal Environment Terrestrial Environment Physical Geography Waste and Pollution Water Resources Environmental Education Policy and Regulation Archaeology Population, Development and Economy Compilation of “best available knowledge” related to major Socio-Economic and Environmental elements

12 State of Environment (SoE) Report
SoE Report 2009 completed Aligned with EAD performance measurement, strategic and business planning activities Move SoE to National level SoE report structured around six major themes Atmosphere, Water, Land, Coastal & Marine, Biodiversity and Waste

13 Environmental Atlas

14 Environmental Atlas

15 Geoportal

16 EPI Abu Dhabi Being customized for Abu Dhabi & UAE
Use as a tool to measure Environmental Performance To be able to compare in a rational manner Refinement of the policy areas, sub-components, issues, indicators and targets report - scientifically-based and defensible input from the UAE for incorporation to the Global EPI

17 Participate in strengthening others in the Region and Internationally
Strengthen our approach in Abu Dhabi and UAE Collaborate with the best in the world

18 Phase III – Institutionalize Local and Begin Shift to National, Regional and International Emphasis
National, Regional, International Level (15 Projects) AGEDI Board and International Partnership Expansion AGEDI Technical Committee Expansion UNEP GEO Alignment, Strengthening and Support Abu Dhabi Environment Forum Feasibility Study International Workshop on Sustainability Management Climate Change Regional Initiative for the Gulf Arabian Gulf Ecological Assessment Global Environmental Information Network Data Visualization for Arabian Gulf Migratory Birds of Prey (MBP)

19 Phase III – Institutionalize Local and Begin Shift to National, Regional and International Emphasis
National, Regional, International Level (15 Projects) International Environmental Data Management and Standards Knowledgebase Arab Region Atlas (Environmental Change) Environmental Agency Knowledge Management Certificate Program Regional Centers of Expertise (RCE) for Sustainable Development Regional Outreach and Capacity Building Program National Environmental Data Base Program

20 Phase III – Institutionalize Local and Begin Shift to National, Regional and International Emphasis
Emirate Level (14 Projects) AGEDI/AD-SDI GeoPortal Orientation and Setup Coastal Development Guidelines Support Enhance Capacity to handle special projects and ad hoc support Field data collection kit Enhancement of animal tracking apps Environmental technology and data gallery Environment Information Collaboratory Environmental Data Visualization - Abu Dhabi EIM Action Plan Preparation EIM Action Plan Implementation Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Program EDB Consolidation Mobilization of Baseline Strategy GIS/IM Operations Support

21 AGEDI - International Level
Facilitate, Collaborate, Promote, Support Global EIN and Sustainability Management Movement Work with UNEP and network of key international partners to initiate more holistic and systematic environmental management and sustainable development approaches Leverage and build on previous AGEDI outputs and outcomes Strengthen and expand the EIN movement Leverage investment through partnerships and high impact, high visibility, mission-critical project work Local Regional Global

22 AGEDI Phase III Program - Paradigm Shift
Partnership Initiatives Projects

23 AGEDI….. Message The AGEDI vision and scope is broad and far reaching
The Government of UAE is committed to this vision, to benefit the Country and the World Significant groundwork has been laid It is now time to take the AGEDI program to another level, with strong network of partners…….

Worldwide event to launch the Global Environmental Information Network (GEIN) initiative and to address major policy and technical issues. GEIN SUMMIT Public Exhibition to highlight AGEDI products and provide over 70 booths for partner entities to feature their activities, network with others, and raise public awareness about environmental issues and how these are being addressed with information technologies and networks. ENVIRONMENTAL EXHIBITION

25 Thank you !!!

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