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DIET North East Delhi Achievements since inception year of establishment: 2005-06.

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1 DIET North East Delhi Achievements since inception year of establishment: 2005-06

2 Year 2005-06 ACHIEVEMENTS PSTE = 100 trainees (including 49 in year and 50 in year 2) Organized- Various curricular and co-curricular activities Educational Trip to Agra on 2 nd Feb. 2006 (II year) Surajkund Fair on 10 th Feb. 2006 (I & II Year) Visit to 17 th International Book Fair on 30 th June 2006 (I & II Year) Visit to CIET, NCERT, Delhi Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple, Five Senses Park and Lodhi Garden INSET Programmes: 2685 teachers trained including TGTs, Assistant Teachers, Teachers under NGOs, EVGCs. Material Development: Development of News Letter

3 Year 2006-7 ACHIEVEMENT : INSET Programmes conducted : 4860 teachers trained (for TGT, Community Leader Trainees, Training on inclusive education, YUVA-SLP Programme. PSTE: 100 Trainees including 50 year 1 and 50 year 2 Various Workshops Organized For ETE I & II year on various themes such as; Workshop on Disaster Management Ten Days Workshop on Science Kit Eight Days Workshop on Art & Craft for ETE Ist year Ten Days Workshop English Language Teaching One Week Workshop on Gender Sensitization for ETE Ist year Twelve Days Workshop on Theatre in Education. One Day Programme on First Aid for ETE Ist year.

4 PSTE activities 2006-07 Three Days Orientation Programme on Inclusive Education for Ist Year Ten Days Workshop Computer Aided Learning (CAL) for ETE II year Five Days Workshop on Micro Teaching Five Days Orientation Programme for SEP Three Months School Experience Programme (SEP) One Day each Exhibition on the teaching learning material prepared by the Trainees during SEP Five Days Workshop YUVA school lifeskill programme One Day Orientation Programme on hearing impairment

5 Year 2007-08 ACHIEVEMENT INSET Programme : 11799 Teacher Trained (for PGT, TGT, PRT, EVCC, Community Leaders) Material Development: Faculty Contributed -in Renewal of ETE Curriculum -in preparation of course design of training for teachers - in editing of NCP 2005 (Urdu version) in NCERT. PSTE: Education Excursion for ETE Students:- Visit to Book Fair Pragati Maidan, Visit to American Center Amar Jyoti center for CWSN (NGO) KKD World Book Fair To Pragati Maidan Suraj Kund Craft Mela, National Science Centre Popular Science Lecture by Dr. Karl, Australian High Commission and Demonstration on Low Cost Teaching Aids

6 Year 2007-08 Other Achievements of DIET (N.E.) (i)State Level Seminar on ‘Science- Challenges Ahead’ Organized at National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan. (ii)State Level Competition organized at National Science Centre at Pragati Maidan on 28 th Feb. 08. Professional Development of Faculty : Planned for Educational Excursion / Visit for Faculty Development in the month of Feb. / March.

7 Year 2008-09 ACHIEVEMENTS : INSET programme: 7669 person trained (PGT, TGT, Asstt. Teacher, Librarian, Yoga, Music Teacher, Community Leaders Trainees, Lab. Asstt.) Material Development: Faculty Contributed in the December of Manual, Books, Text Books, Curricular, Translation of Sample Paper, Publication by SCERT.

8 Year 2008-09 Contd………… PSTE: 95 Trainees including 50 in year 1 and 45 Year 2 Various activities organised included: 10 day workshop on Theatre in Education (ETE 2 nd year) 3 day Orientation Programme (ETE 1 st year) 10 day workshop for preparation of ETE trainees for SEP 3 day workshop on Inclusive Education (ETE 1 st year) 10 day ELT Workshop (1 st & 2 nd year) continued. Celebration of important days and Festivals organized Literacy Week Celebration Hindi Year Celebration Republic Day Celebration Educational Excursion:- Visit to Suraj Kund Craft Mela ETE trainees I & II year

9 Year 2009-10 ACHIEVEMENTS: INSET programme: 13803 persons trained including; PGTs, TGTs, Asstt. Teachers, Community Leader Trainees, RPs/MTs Material Development : Faculty contributed in the development of; Teachers’ Manual, Hand Books, Text Books, Curriculum Development and Translation of Sample Papers, published by SCERT Delhi

10 Year 2009-10 Contd…….. PSTE: 98 Teacher Trainees including 48 in Year 1 and 50 in Year 2 Other activites organised PSTE students (a)Programme for ETE students 10 Days workshop on Theatre in Education (ETE 2 nd year) 3 days Orientation Programme (ETE 1 st year) 10 days workshop for preparation of ETE trainees for SEP 3 days workshop on Inclusive Education (ETE 1 st year) 5 days Workshop on Gender Sensitization (ETE 1 st year) (b)Extension Lectures:- Health & Physical Education Teaching of English

11 Year 2010-11 Achievements: INSET: 3994 persons trained including PGTs, TGTs, HMs, CRC/DURC Coordinators, community leaders, librarians and lab assistants including tarining under SSA Material development: Faculty Contributed in the Development of Tarining Mannuals for in-serviceTeachers, Science, Maths and Social Science Curriculum for Special Training of Out of school children- published/ to be published by SCERT

12 Year 2010-11 Contd…. PSTE: 98 Trainees including 50 in year 1 and 48 in year 2 100% result of year 2 Variuos activities organised for ETE students include; Teaching of various papers, School Experience Programme Orientation for developing low cost teaching aids, Curricular and co-curricular activities Extention Lectures by experts Organisation of local educational visit An Educational and Exposure tour to Shimla, Solan DIET, H.P.

13 Year 2010-11 Main Activities During the Year 2010-11 A lot of work pertaining to environment building has been done to improve upon the overall environment at the campus. These include the following initiatives; Plantation of trees in July 2010 Observation of special weeks for enrichment and exposure of Teacher trainees to various emerging issues and themes in the extended assembly period with a presentation by the faculty. Writing of proceedings of the weekly activities by Trainees/ Reps of the House on duty. Campus beautification and display of 101 Quotations of eminent personalities, in the corridors and classrooms. Organization of Exhibition of Teaching aids before and after SEP. Organization inter DIET Quiz Competition and participation in other Inter DIET Competitions

14 Initiatives/Activities of the Year 2010-11 Contd… Organization of all PAC approved Programmes and Workshops Organization of Extension Lectures on various subjects/topics Completing all the PAC approved research projects Constitution of Research Advisory Committee of the Institute and convening its first meeting Organization of Excursion / local visits / Educational Tour Organization of First ever Research Colloquium of the DIET in which 17 papers were presented Publication of DIET Magzine ‘’UJJWALA’’ Organization of Annual Day and felicitation of all best three trainees of previous years (since inception).

15 Research work Year 2010-11 Following Studies were completed during the year; 1. A Study of Achievement Level of the Students in Mathematics in class 5 th (studying in class 6th). Faculty Involved: Dr. Anil Kumar 2. A Study of Level of School Satisfaction of Adolescent Students. Faculty Involved: Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Satnam Singh, Mr. Sunil Kumar 3. A Study of Achievement Level of the Students in Science in class 5 th (studying in class 6th). Faculty Involved: Dr. V.P. Singh, Dr. Anil Kumar,Mr. Sunil Kumar 4. A Study of Achievement Level of the Students in Social Science in class 5 th (studying in class 6th). Faculty Involved: Dr. Satnam Singh, Dr. K.N. Shashtri, Dr. R. K. Srivastava

16 Res. Work 2010-11 Contd…. Research Colloquium On March 16 th, 2011 DIET North East Organized a research colloquium on Environment Building for Ensuring Universal Elementary Education participants presented their research papers in this research colloquium. The following papers were presented in the colloquium: 1. A study of utilization of TLM grant by elementary teachers – by M.S. Dahiya and Dr. V. P. Singh 2. A Comparable study on teaching aptitude found in trainees of elementary teacher education and its co-relation to the 3 streams (arts, commerce and science) chosen by the students at 12 th standard- by Mrs. S. Biswas 3.A study of Achievement level of the students in Mathematics in class V (Studying in Class VI) by- Dr. Anil Kumar 4.A study of Achievement level of the students in science in class V (studying in class VI) - by Mr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Anil Kumar and Dr. V.P. Singh

17 Res. Work 2010-11 Contd… 5.A study of Achievement level of the students in Social science in class V (studying in class VI) – by Dr. Satnam Singh 6.A study of trends in the enrolment of girls belonging to Muslim Community of district North-East, Delhi-By Dr. K.N. Shashtri, Dr. R. Agarwal, Dr. R.K. Srivastava, Dr. K. Bhardwaj and Dr. V.P. Singh 7.A study of girls drop-out at primary level from school of District North-East, Delhi-by Dr. R. K. Srivastava, Dr. Rashmi Agarwal, Dr. K.N. Shashtri and Dr. V.P. Singh 8.A study of the interest of students and teachers towards participation and organization of co-curricular activities in Government Schools at Elementary level-by Gul Mohammad Yazdani, Research Scholar(Education), Jamia Millia Islamia 9.Quality Improvement in education through innovative practices – by Ms. Shruti Upreti 10.Effectiveness of activity based teaching learning upper primary level during school experience programme – by Ms. Anjali Yadav, Mr. Nitin Jain, Dr. R. K. Srivastava and Dr. V.P. Singh

18 Res. Work 2010-11 Contd. 11.A study of factors leading to lack of confidence among students to share their problems with parents and teachers : An Action Research – by Ms. Kajal Student, Ms. Nisha, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Shweta, Ms. Shikha and Ms. Suman 12.A study of the reasons for poor attendance at primary level – by Ms. Divya Wadhwa and Dr. Satnam Singh 13.Improving Map Reading Skills of Students – by Ms. Priya Gupta and Dr. Satnam Singh 14.Study of the perception of parents about Mid-Day-Meal – by Ms. Jaspreet Kaur and Dr. Satnam Singh 15.A study of the perception of teachers about Mid-Day-Meal – by Mr. Sanjeev Saini and Dr. Satnam Singh 16Study of the reason of non co-operation of parents in school activities – by Mr. Varun and Dr. Satnam Singh 17.A study of daily chores pattern of children at the elementary level in Government schools of Delhi – by Dr. B. K. Pal and Dr. R. K. Srivastava

19 The Way forward As evident from the above mentioned list of activities and initiatives the year 2010-11 has been a most successful year in the history of the institute, so far. All these activities could be possible due to the effective team effort of all faculty and support staff. However, we are committed to develop this institute as a Model DIET in Delhi, by developing and creating all necessary and excellent resources required to promote quality education in the District.


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