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2 DEPARTMENT SUMMARY  Number of faculty members – 32  Number of supporting staffs – 10  Programmes offered: ProgrammeSpecializationYear started UG (B. Tech) Civil Engineering 1961 PG (M. Tech) 1.Structural Engineering 2.Traffic & Transportation Planning 3.Offshore Structures 4.Environmental Geotechnology PhD Civil Engineering (All areas)1985 PG Diploma Construction Management2008

3 FACULTY PROFILE Name of Faculty Designation Area of Specialization Dr. N. Ganesan ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. S. Chandrakaran ProfessorGeotechnical Engg Dr. V. Mustafa ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. P. Syamala (Head) ProfessorHydraulics Dr. T.P. Somasundaran ProfessorStructural Engg Dr. J. Sudhakumar ProfessorBuilding Technology Dr. Mohammed Ameen ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu ProfessorTransportation Engg.

4 FACULTY PROFILE Name of Faculty Designation Area of Specialization Dr. T. Zachariah Varghese ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. N. Sankar ProfessorGeotechnical Engg Dr. A.P. Shashikala ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. P.V. Indira ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr. T.M. Madhavan Pillai ProfessorStructural Engg. Dr Santosh. G. Thampi Assoc. Prof.Hydraulics Dr. K Sasikumar Assoc. Prof.Water Resources Engg. Sri K. Saseendran Assoc. Prof.Geology

5 FACULTY PROFILE Name of Faculty Designation Area of Specialization Dr. Arun C Assoc. Prof.Building Technology Dr. K. Krishna Murthy Asst. Prof.Transportation Engg. Dr. Praveen Nagarajan Asst. Prof.Structural Engg. Sri. Sajith A S Asst. Prof.Structural Engg. Sri. Harikrishna M Asst. Prof.Transportation Engg. Sri. George K Varghese Asst. Prof.Environmental Engg. Smt. Reesha Bharath K Asst. Prof.Construction Technology Smt. Chitra N R Asst. Prof.Hydraulics & Water Resources Engg

6 FACULTY PROFILE Name of Faculty Designation Area of Specialization Dr. Pramada S K Asst. Prof.Water Resources Engg Dr. Mini Remanan Asst. Prof.Structural Engg. Dr. Vinu Palissery Asst. Prof.Structural Engg. Dr. Kodi Ranga Swamy Asst. Prof.Geotechnical Engg Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya Asst. Prof.Environmental Engg. Dr. Mathava Kumar S Asst. Prof.Environmental Engg. Sri. Sathish Kumar D Asst. Prof.Remote Sensing & GIS Sri. Siva Kumar M Asst. Prof.Transportation Engg.

7 PhDs ONGOING & COMPLETED  Number of PhDs produced (so far) – 17  Number of PhDs ongoing – 27 PhDs Completed PhDs Ongoing

8 RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS  Papers published in  Journals- 24  Conferences- 21  Papers published in  Journals- 45  Conferences- 35  Books Published  International - 2  National - 1 Year No. of Publications Publication Statistics in Journals & Conferences

9  No. of projects undertaken in  No. of projects undertaken in  Projects completed (in last 5 years)- 22 DETAILS OF RESEARCH PROJECTS Year Project cost (lakhs) < No. of Research Projects Ongoing & Completed

10 DETAILS OF CONSULTANCY PROJECTS  No. of projects undertaken in  No. of projects undertaken in  Projects completed (in last 5 years)- 85

11 LABORATORY FACILITIES  Structural Engineering Lab  Geotechnical Engineering & Geology Lab  Transportation Engineering Lab  Offshore Engineering Lab  Water Resources Engineering Lab  Environmental Engineering Lab  Survey Lab

12 Facilities Available in STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING LAB  Compression Testing Machine (300 T)  Universal testing Machine (UTM) 100 T  Universal testing Machine (UTM) 40 T  Universal testing Machine (UTM) 20 T  Tension Testing Machine – 50 kN  Torsion Testing Machine – 50 kg-m  Impact Testing machine- Charpy & Izod  Rockwell Hardness Tester  Vickers Hardness Tester  Brinell Hardness Tester

13  Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester  Digital Vickers Hardness Tester  Micro Hardness Tester  E.O.T. Crane 10T  Elevating Crane 2T  Test Cylinder Plant  Garage Crane 2T Capacity  Pre-Stressing System 6T  Hydraulic Jacks 10 T, 5 T, 2.5 T Facilities Available in STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING LAB UTM 20 to 300 T

14 Facilities Available in GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING & GEOLOGY LAB  Boring units - Calyx drill  Plate load testing unit  Field vane shear testing unit  Static core penetrometer  Auger unit  Testing facilities for vibration tests  Pile driving unit Boring Unit - Calyx Drill Plate Load Testing

15 Facilities Available in TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING LAB  Marshall Stability Test  Centrifuge Bitumen Extractor  Setup for Aggregate Testing  Setup for Bitumen & Emulsion Testing  Benkelman beam  Bump Integrator  Portable Wheel/Axle Weigh Pads  Automatic Traffic Counter  Video Logging Unit  Traffic Signal Controller

16 Facilities Available in TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING LAB  Electronic Distance Measuring Instrument  Driver Reaction Time Testing Apparatus  Action Judgment Tester Radar Speed Meter Facilities for Material Testing

17 Facilities Available in OFFSHORE ENGINEERING LAB  Laboratories space m 2.  Wave basin with a mechanical wave generator  Computerized data acquisition & analysis system Wave flume of 100 m length and 4 m width  Installation of wave maker & instrumentation are in progress Wave Basin

18 Facilities Available in WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING LAB  All instruments for establishing a meteorological station.  Instruments for measurements of flow, velocity, and stage, an aqua finder etc.  Facilities for GIS application and Remote Sensing techniques to natural resources management (part of Water Resources Lab Wave Generator

19 Facilities Available in ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LAB  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer  Toxic Gas Analyzer  Spectrophotometer  Flame Photometer  RO Water Treatment Unit  De-ionizer  Refrigerated Centrifuge  B.O.D Incubator Double Beam Spectrophotometer Flame Photometer

20 Facilities Available in SURVEY LAB  Equipment and facilities for conducting practical courses in surveying.  All modern instruments used in surveying  Auto levels,  Total Station,  A1 size plotter etc. Total Station and Auto Level

21 MAJOR AREAS OF RESEARCH & CONSULTANCY  Structural Design  Scrutiny and Approval of Third Party Designs  Geotechnical Investigations  Material Testing and Certification  Site Survey, Levelling, and Layout  Hydrological Surveys  Design of Hydraulic Structures  In-Situ Quality Assessment of Structures  Environmental sample testing and analysis  Environmental Impact assessment  Preparation of Project Proposals  Turn-key Projects

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