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SELF MANAGEMENT & TIME MANAGEMENT for Soft Skill Development Prof. Ranjan Kumar Bal Utkal University.

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1 SELF MANAGEMENT & TIME MANAGEMENT for Soft Skill Development Prof. Ranjan Kumar Bal Utkal University

2 DREAMS  Dreams possess electromagnetic energy.  Life is purposeless without dreams. What we can dream, we can achieve. “Aim big in life, acquire knowledge, work hard, defeat the problems and succeed.” Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

3 Why Self Management ? To achieve 5Ls during our lifespan:  LIVE  LOVE  LEARN  LEAD  LEAVE A LEGACY Personal Evolution: Good to Great

4 LIVE LIKE A HUMAN BEING Sri Nanda Kishore Puhan Sri Bijay Narayan Patnaik Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Learn Lead Serve

5 LOVE & BE LOVED Mother Teresa Florence Nightingale

6 LEARNING: A LIFE-LONG PROCESS KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY – Knowledge Workers (Knowledge/Information is being doubled in every 18 months) Ajim Premji on JRD Tata “JRD was a life-long learner.”

7 KNOWLEDGE Knowledge = Creativity + Righteousness + Courage -APJ Complete Education: Knowledge, Music & Meditation Goddess Saraswati

8 INDIA NEEDS LEADERS Narayan Murty Ratan Tata Nandan Nilekani Kumar Mangalam Birla “We have hard work ahead. There is no resting for any one of us till we redeem our pledge in full, till we make all the people of India what destiny intended them to do.” -14 th Aug. 1947

9 LEAVE A LEGACY Alfred Nobel Mahatma Gandhi

10 TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE IN PERSONAL LIFE: Reduce the gap between your POTENTIAL and PERFORMANCE Harness your true strengths & passions

11 SOFT SKILL People Skill or Interpersonal Skill Enhances: Career Prospects & Success in Life

12 SOFT SKILL Is this skill inborn or can be inculcated ? Can it be taught ? Soft skill Vs. Hard skill To excel in one’s profession

13 SOFT SKILL Soft Skills: Social Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Positive Attitude Values Perception Etiquette Creativity Problem Solving Decision Making Soft Skills : Negotiating Coping with time Coping with stress Coping with emotions Teamwork Source: Soft Skills- K. Alex

14 Communication Skills Written Communication Skill Oral Communication Skill Presentation Skill Investment: One Hour Time Work: Read Business News paper – 10% Write one paragraph Discuss with friends/parents

15 Managing Oneself “We live in an age of unprecedented opportunities: If you’ve got ambition and smarts, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession, regardless of where you started out.” Peter F. Drucker(1999) S MART & S MILE

16 Self Management Live by your values Honour your own good words Be trustworthy Be more productive Be nice, courteous, interesting & polite Be self-disciplined Keep healthy & take care of yourself

17 Important Words for Self Mgt. 6: I admit, I made a mistake. 5: You did a good job. 4: What is your opinion ? 3: Will you please….. 2: Thank you. Least important word: I

18 YOUR BALANCE SHEET KNOW THYSELF / SELF-DISCOVERY Strengths Weaknesses (Prepare your Balance Sheet with 7 strengths & 7 weaknesses)

19 You want to present a gift to someone you love. What is your gift ?

20 Time Management is Self Management. Present your time to someone you love dearly.

21 TIME  Time is a resource.  Time never waits for anyone.  Time can not be stored.  Time can only be used or wasted.  Time is money. Time management teaches one to manage oneself.

22 “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can not afford to lose.” Thomas Edison

23 TIME MGT. IS A PROCESS OF:  Examining how time is utilised.  Analyzing the principal time users.  Identifying the time wasters.  Developing new personal & managerial habits. TIME MANAGEMENT IS LIFE MANAGEMENT.

24 TIME MANAGEMENT Reading Effectively Writing Effectively Effective Communication Effective Change Agent Managing People Innovation & Creativity Planning, Controlling & Decision Making

25 OBJECTIVES Time mastery is necessary for us to :  Achieve our goals  Have balance in our lives  Be efficient & Effective  Enjoy life

26 COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS: BENEFITS  Increased effectiveness & efficiency  Higher productivity  Increased leisure time  Enhanced job satisfaction  Higher creativity & innovation  Reduced stress

27 COST  Initial Effort  Determination  Discipline  Change ‘Change’ is the only constant in today’s world.

28 GOOD TIME MANAGEMENT = Right Motivation + Right Frame of Mind + Right Technique “The busy man has time for everything.”

29 TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS  Define the essentials of your job. Ensure that most of your time is spent on them.  Frequently analyze the use of your time.  Ration your time based on priorities.  Identify your prime time and spend it on top priorities.

30 Time Management Skills - Cont.  Reserve blocks of time for important work.  Recognise your attention span. Limit your quality work within your attention span.  Use delays and waiting time constructively.  Identify time-wasters and avoid them.  Protect your time from intrusions.

31 Time Management Strategies Master Schedule Weekly Schedule Daily Schedule  Identify Goals  Prioritize Tasks

32 “The key to good time management is to work smarter, not always harder, in every phase of life”

33 Living by the Clock VS. Living by the Compass

34 THE IMPORTANCE OF PURPOSE With purpose, effort is directed and efficient. Efforts Target Without purpose, effort is wasted. Efforts Where do we go ?

35 “Standing at the foot boys Gazing at the sky, How can you get up boys if you never try.”

36 A thousand miles journey begins with the first step. The journey begins today. (Tomorrow never comes.) CREDO : Kal Kare so Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare so Aab. Kabir Never Never Never Give Up. Winston Churchill

37 “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” Robert Frost “Arise, awake and stop not until goal is achieved.”

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