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Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore The Next Stage in Metering “ Delivering Smart Value ”

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1 Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Ltd. Bangalore The Next Stage in Metering “ Delivering Smart Value ”

2 Global Market Dimension Total Installation – 1.6 billion Meters worldwide (Domestics & Industrial) 70% of Meters Installed are Electro mechanical & 21% are solid state 9% Grid & Feeder meter Six Countries account for 59% of the world Meters demand. China, INDIA, Brazil, USA & Canada, Japan & Russia. Most important markets are China (16 million units), India (11 million) and Europe (8 million) per year. The European market demands medium- to high-end meters that include automated meter reading, LCD displays, and multi-tariff billing, while the developing like Asian regions mainly demand low-end meters that only perform energy calculation. Source: Metering International, Feb. 08

3 Energy meters are to old-fashioned what mobile phones are to old- fashioned phones  Energy meters should be smart meters and can be networked on future-proof platform Meters should not be just digital ver. of electro-mechanical meters with bolted-on communications  Meters provide additional services and data  Meters are an integral part of smart systems  Meters are designed to grow “ Smart & Intelligent” Meter

4 –One Way Drive-By Communication –Stand Alone System –Inexpensive but dead-end for the future Plain Vanilla –Advanced 2-Way, PLC & Wireless –Separate but connected –Can be ramped and expanded over time Main Street –BPL, Advanced 2-Way –Seamless Integration Across Systems –Expensive but with most options Brave New World Strategic Themes of Metering Automation

5 “Self-Healing” Technologies Will Change The Way We Manage And Respond To Outages… High speed data VoIP & VoD Home energy management Home Security & Networking Smart appliance Smart Home Networks Video conferencing Retail Applications Intelligent grid Homeland Security & Monitoring Automatic meter reading Capacitor control Demand prediction Distribution transformer overload analysis Proactive Customer Notification Utility Applications BPL, Fiber, Wireless, etc. Infrastructure Utility Service Territory An All IP Network Connecting - Unconnected Connecting - Unconnected

6 Customer-driven operations model requires more efficient and wider use of technology and telecommunications in customer service Extending automation in customer interface creates new opportunities in electricity networks use and management Mobile workforce management and implementation of automatic metering system are significant development for the customers Electricity Networks Customer Service Network Operation Center Terminals CustomerContractor Improving Customer services integrating with communication

7 Data Voltages Load currents Fault currents Temperature Operations Monitoring Functionalities Voltage control Optimized load flow Fault location Equipment failure detection Power Quality evaluation T T TT Digital Technologies Business needs Improving reliability Reduce costs Energy efficiency Customer satisfaction… Example: “Smart” Distribution System


9 Broadband Over Powerline Metro Fiber Ring Architecture InternetDataVideo

10  The installation is same with traditional meter Compact Meter  Only one part

11 Smart Meters Infrared Communication link Compact & User friendly design

12 Meter Consist of two parts Metering Unit Metering/Controlling Monitor Unit Display/Operation Infrared Communication

13 Meter Display Metrological Parameters Customized icons Diagnostics Tamper Indications

14 Designed with high performance current transformers  Construction enables high quality & long life High stability with mechanical stress and temperature variation  Enhanced linearity in ratio & phase over a wide range of operating conditions  Excellent magnetic properties including low losses Design Philosophy

15 What A Future-Proof System Brings Low cost metering services –On-demand and scheduled remote meter reads –Remotely manageable tariff tables and billing cycles –Multi-parameter load profiling Distribution system optimization –Outage detection and isolation, restoration verification –Per meter power quality information –Load balancing –Tamper and theft detection Advanced control –Remote disconnect and reconnect –Maximum power limiting –Optional direct load control New energy or value-added service with minimal incremental investment

16 Way Forward – Smart Meters Open systems – A meter and communications platform that uses an open system reference model. He needed any new technology to ‘look & feel’ and interoperate with his existing SCADA and OMS. Future proofing – Seamlessly add new, interoperable technologies. His communications platform had to provide the necessary bandwidth to handle new data feeds from new applications. Under glass – A meter that included its antennae inside the meter. This was important because of a ‘hot swap’ with one device when a meter needed replacement. One antenna –Communicate to housing appliances and to the substation with the same technology to lower the amount of internal hardware. Control risk – Avoid the "bleeding edge" with a communications platform that is reliable and can be installed incrementally with off- the-shelf equipment

17 Philosophy Smart meters provide both customers and their providers a convenient single point of access to real- time usage, price and alert information via on-premise displays or on the World Wide Web using standards- based APIs. Customers can select their own Demand Response program or rate schedule and receive automated current, hour-ahead or day-ahead pricing signals. Specific Demand Response requests can also be sent to customers automatically, including curtailment requests, critical peak pricing events and load control in near real-time, significantly reducing operational costs and complexity.

18 Philosophy License Free Scalable Speed Data Security Customized Capability

19 Broadens the market and benefit of Demand-Side Management. Transmission is like the Internet of the electric system. Need to give customers the POWER to make proactive, Value-based decisions that have a real, bottom-line impact on their business The world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050; electricity’s global impact must be even greater in the 21 st century to meet the world’s growing energy needs

20 Time Vineet Kumar Crompton Greaves Limited Bangalore- India Thank you for your attention Crompton Greaves Limited Switchgear Complex- Nashik, Maharastra- India

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