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Negative Refractive Index And Metamaterial :Current Scientific Progress and Applications -Shiv Ashish Kumar.

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1 Negative Refractive Index And Metamaterial :Current Scientific Progress and Applications -Shiv Ashish Kumar

2 Outline Introduction of Metamaterial and NIM. Concepts to reality Structure for NIM Application 7/24/20092Shiv Ashish Kumar

3 Metamaterial Meta means Beyond in greek Meta material literally means beyond conventional material. They are typically man made material. Having a properties not found in nature. 7/24/20093Shiv Ashish Kumar

4 Negative refractive index In naturally exiting substances permittivity and permiability are positve (except the cases of noble metals like gold silver etc where permitivitty is negative for certain range of frequency). Now lets consider that : 7/24/20094Shiv Ashish Kumar

5 Negative refractive index So we see that a negative refractive index can be obtained in principle if both permittivity and permeability are negative simultaneously. This makes the left hand material. Why we want negative refractive index ?? 7/24/20095Shiv Ashish Kumar

6 Snell`s Law Negative Refractive index 7/24/20096Shiv Ashish Kumar

7 Negative refractive index Snell`s law is still valid 7/24/20097Shiv Ashish Kumar

8 Concept The first theoritical study was performed by V.G VESELAGO and it took nearly 30 years for experimental verification. 7/24/20098Shiv Ashish Kumar

9 Concepts to reality D.R Smith has shown for the first time simultaneously negative Permeability and Permittivity 7/24/20099Shiv Ashish Kumar

10 Concepts to reality Sir J.B Pendry has given the concept of perfect lens using negative refractive index. This is one of the great break though work in the world of meta material. 7/24/200910Shiv Ashish Kumar

11 Concepts to reality Till 2007, shortest Wavelength 725nm at which 7/24/200911Shiv Ashish Kumar

12 Different structures used for designing NIM. The famous SRR(split ring resonator suggested by Sir Pendry) First Realized by D.R Smith group in 2001. 7/24/200912Shiv Ashish Kumar

13 Structure for NIM 7/24/200913Shiv Ashish Kumar

14 Structure for NIM 7/24/200914Shiv Ashish Kumar

15 Negative Refractive index in optics 7/24/200915Shiv Ashish Kumar

16 Application 7/24/200916Shiv Ashish Kumar

17 Applications Cloaking 7/24/200917Shiv Ashish Kumar

18 Applications Watching your back !! 7/24/200918Shiv Ashish Kumar

19 Problems High Dissipative losses is a big problem and limits the application. We are still far from having a practical device. 7/24/200919Shiv Ashish Kumar

20 The famous people in the world of meta material V.G Veselago Sir John Brian Pendry, imperial college,London. Professor David R. Smith,Duke University Vladimir M. Shalaev, Perdue university. Xiang Zhang, University of California,Berkeley. 7/24/200920Shiv Ashish Kumar

21 7/24/200921Shiv Ashish Kumar

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