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Bharati Bhawan (Publishers & Distributors)

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1 Bharati Bhawan (Publishers & Distributors)
Landmarks and Achievements

2 Started by Late Ram Mohan Bose in 1942 at Patna

3 Currently there are 5 Partners:
His sons Late Mohit Mohan Bose and Sri Tarit Kumar Bose continued expanding and growing the business at a rapid pace. Currently there are 5 Partners: Tarit Kumar Bose, Delhi Sanjib Bose, Kolkata Sanjay Bose, Delhi Subhojit Bose, Delhi Bishwadeep Bose, Kolkata

4 Publishing Vyavaharik Bhugol for classes 6 & 7 were our first publications Some of our titles that were published in the late 40s and early 50s, such as Select Young Essays and Letters, How to Write Correct English and Golden English Grammar, were well received by the market. These titles still sell in large numbers.

5 Logo and Name In the early 60s we got our logo

6 Landmarks In the early 70s, our publications specific to the Bihar market started getting an encouraging response. This led to the opening of our branches in Muzaffarpur and Ranchi. Today most of these Bihar-specific titles sell more than one lakh copies. We are the leading publisher for the secondary-school market in Bihar. Golden Examination Guide, a yearly publication meant for Bihar Board’s high-school examinations found its place in the Limca Book of Records as the fastest selling book in the country.

7 Landmarks In 1990 with the publication of Senior Secondary School Mathematics for Class 11 written by Dr R S Aggarwal we took our first formal step in the CBSE market. This was followed by the publication of another set of books titled Concepts of Physics written by Dr H C Verma. Very soon these titles became bestsellers in their respective fields.

8 Landmarks This was followed by the publication of many other series for the CBSE / All-India market – Math Steps, History & Civics for Classes 6 7 & 8 etc. These titles received an encouraging response from the market, which started recognising us as a publisher of quality books. In the early 90s, to facilitate better production and marketing of our products, our branches in Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore were established. In 2002 we started publishing for the ICSE market.

9 Our Structure

10 The Values We Stand For Quality products Affordable pricing
Fair dealing with our Customers Authors Employees Business Associates

11 You are now a part of this family.
Today we are a 50 crore + firm. We are a family of 202. You are now a part of this family.

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