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APUFIDC: Mandate & Progress One Day Integrated Training Programme to Municipal Commissioners, Hyderabad July 19, 2011 M.I. Ahmed Chief Engineer, APUFIDC.

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1 APUFIDC: Mandate & Progress One Day Integrated Training Programme to Municipal Commissioners, Hyderabad July 19, 2011 M.I. Ahmed Chief Engineer, APUFIDC 4/30/2015

2 Role of APUFIDC under JnNURM

3 JnNURM State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) for JnNURM (GO MA 123, dt. 04.02.2006) Functions of SLNA : – Project appraisal – Obtaining sanction of projects from SLSC, – Management of grants and Maintenance of Revolving Fund, – Periodic Reporting to GoI on progress, – Certifying quality of work and progress of reform to GoI – Monitoring physical, financial, and reform progress 4/30/2015

4 About JnNURM Reform-linked urban infrastructure investment programme launched in 2005. Has four streams of funding managed by two Ministries in GoI: Category of cityMinistry of Urban Devt. Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Other townsUrban Infrastructure & Development Scheme for Small & Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) Integrated Housing & Slum Development Scheme (IHSDP)

5 JnNURM: Mission Statement Reforms driven, fast track development of cities on efficiency in urban infrastructure, service delivery mechanism, community participation, and accountability of ULBs towards citizens

6 JnNURM: Objectives Focused attention to integrated development of infrastructure services in cities covered under the Mission Secure effective linkages between asset creation and asset management so that infrastructure services created in cities are not only maintained efficiently but also become self-sustainable Ensure adequate investment of funds to fulfill deficiencies in urban infrastructure services Planned development of identified cities, so that urbanisation takes place in a dispersed manner Scale up delivery of civic amenities and provision of utilities with emphasis on universal access to poor urban renewal, i.e. redevelopment of inner city areas to reduce congestion

7 Funding Pattern Share of GoIGoAPULB/IA/Ben All cities50%20%30% UIDSSMT80%10% IHSDP80%10%

8 State achievements: Implementation of JnNURM – Sanction of Projects: 2 nd highest in the country (251 costing Rs. 11,877 cr) – Completion: highest number – 66 projects and 1,06,861 houses – ACA drawn = 66% (Rs. 4686/6466 cr) – highest (Rs. 563 cr pending with GoI) – Adoption of Reforms: Maximum progress achieved amongst all states (14 state level reforms completed; Rent Control Reform, Earmarking of land - current financial year; property title certification system – March, 2012)

9 Projects Sanctioned under JnNURM 4/30/2015

10 Small and Medium Towns (91 nos.) ProjectsProject Cost Share of GoIGoAPULB/Ben UIDSSMT842460.78 1968.62246.08 IHSDP771139.08 764.53154.62219.80 Total 1613599.862733.15400.70465.88 Rs crore Coverage: Out of 125 towns and cities, 95 are covered (4 Mission Cities (inc. Tirupati – recently declared) and 91 small and medium towns) Non-Mission Cities

11 Sanctions vis-à-vis Allocation Rs. crore AP has received sanction of nearly Rs. 2000 cr over and above allocation by GoI. Allocation Santioned Project GoI ACA CostGoI Share UIDSSMT490.312460.781968.62 IHSDP695.651139.08764.53 Total1185.964785.822733.15

12 81% of UI&G and UIDSSMT project sanction (Rs. 6313 crore) pertain to WS, UGD, and SWD sectors Sector-wise Sanction: UI&G and UIDSSMT Rs. crore

13 Sector-wise sanctions under BSUP & IHSDP

14 14 Expected Benefits of JnNURM to AP Sector Pre- Jn NURMPost Jn NURM WATER SUPPLY (3881 cr) Surface Water Supply = 2160 MLD Average Supply = 95 lpcd 100% coverage in Mission Cities and 66 small and medium towns Increase in supply = 1377 MLD (145 lpcd – prospective population – 284 MLD completed) No. of additional connections = 6.7 lakh (3.25 lakh connections issued) UNDER GROUND DRAINAGE (2147 cr) No City with complete network Treatment = 512 mld 100% coverage in 2 Mission Cities and 11 small and medium towns Additional Treatment = 753 MLD (78 MLD completed) Connections = 3.10 lakh (0.45 lakh issued) STORM WATER DRAINS (786 cr) Drains require widening in Hyderabad and other cities Complete coverage in 2 Mission Cities and remodelling of 139 km of SWD in Hyderabad. Additionally, SWD in 9 small towns (4 comp.) TRANSPORT (1423 cr) 470 buses per million popn. Share of modal split = 40% for Public Buses Congested inner city roads 1540 Buses added to existing fleet of 4,000 buses in Mission Cities – 971 on road 60.38 km of BRTS road network (32 km comp) 3 Flyovers sanctioned & completed in Hyd SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT + RENEWAL (139 cr) Facilities (Segregation bins and treatment) not available to adhere to MSW Rules, 2000 Segregation of MSW at Source and Treatment as per MSW Rules, 2000 in Vijayawada and Chirala (under progress); CPP & Musi Revitalisation in Hyd HOUSING AND SLUM DEVELOPMENT (4149 cr) 5.35 lakh beneficiaries identified through Ward Level Survey (Shortfall of 4.94 lakh Dus addressed through INDIRAMMA) 1,79,217 houses sanctioned (95,000 houses completed) 1591 slums saturated with infrastructure facilities completed in 667 slums)

15 JnNURM: Agency-wise Sanction Rs. crore Agency, Project Cost, No. of Projects, Share of sanction

16 Physical Progress

17 Project Cost Progress of projects Funds Utilized Not Started <25%25-50%50-75%>75%No. of Projects completed UIDSSMT 84 (2460.78) 052221936 2020.26 IHSDP 77 (1139.10) 31613299 7 624.15 Total 178 (4295.93) 321155128 432644.41 Physical Progress: Non-Mission Cities (Rs. crore)

18 Agency-wise Progress UIDSSMT / IHSDP Rs. crore * Includes partially commissioned schemes 1ENC(PH)30361.33011190286.26 213 ULBs13 61.15058044.12 Total 43422.48 016270357.38 IHSDP Sl. No. Implementing agency ProjectsProject cost Physical ProgressFunds Utilized NS<50%>50%Comp. UIDSSMT 1ENC(PH)842460.780203034 *1673.31 Total842460.780203034 *1673.31

19 Financial Progress

20 Financial Progress (Rs. crore) Share of GoI & GoAP Share of BC/loan/ ULB Funds adjusted to APUFIDC Funds released to IAs Exp. incurred by IAs UIDSSMT 2797.81746.362210.142041.712020.26 IHSDP 921.07218.02 614.94554.41624.15 Total 3718.88964.38825.082596.122644.41

21 Reforms

22 Implementation of State Level Mandatory Reforms ReformAchievements 1.Implementation of Constitution 74 th Amendment Act ( March, 2008) Completed 2. Association of Elected Municipalities with City Planning functions (March, 2007) Completed 3.Enactment of Community Participation Law (April, 2007) Completed 4. Enactment of Public Disclosure Law (April, 2007) Completed 5. Repeal of ULCR Act (March, 2008) Completed 6. Rent Control Reforms (March, 2008) Bill introduced in Assembly on 29.03.2011 7. Rationalisation of Stamp Duty (March, 2011) Completed

23 Implementation of State Level Optional Reforms ReformAchievements 1. Revision of Building Bye-Laws (Dec, 07) Completed 2. Simplification of Legal Framework for conversion of Agricultural Land for non- Agricultural purposes (March, 07) Completed 3. Introduction of computerized process of registration of land and property (March, 03) Completed 4. Revision of Bye-Laws to make rain-water harvesting mandatory in all buildings (June, 2000) Completed

24 Optional Reforms (contd.) ReformAchievements 5. Earmarking at least 20-25 per cent of developed land in all Housing Projects for EWS/LIG category (March, 2011) Completed 6. Bye-Laws on reuse of recycled water (March, 2007)Completed 7. Administrative Reforms (December, 2007)Completed 8. Structural Reforms (December, 2007)Completed 9. Encouraging PPP (June, 2009)Completed 10. Property Title Certification System (March, 2012) Pilot project is under implementation in Nizamabad - being extended to 5 more districts : Ananthapur, Kadapa, Karimnagar, Srikaulam and Nellore

25 Action Plan – ULB Level Reforms Out of 6 ULB reforms, the following 3 reforms are completed: 1.Double Entry Accrual based Accounting 2.e-Governance 3.Earmarking of Budget for the Poor 4. Another reform (seven point charter – March, 2012) is on target.

26 5a. User Charges – WS - Over 70 % of O & M Charges are realised ULB Reforms - Progress 5b. User Charges – SWM - Over 70 % of O & M Charges are realised 6. Property Taxation: i. Coverage – More than 85 % Achieved ii. Collection Efficiency – 90% Achieved iii. GIS Survey is under progress

27 Functions of Commissioners

28 UIDSSMT The purpose of the project Whether DPR provisions being met or not If not what are the short comings How they can be addressed Whether new infrastructure is being integrated with new scheme Quality of infrastructure created Source drawl - Permission from the Irrigation department Construction of STPs

29 Disposal of waste water – storm water drains Roads project – whether all the roads are inter connected or not Whether all the benefits as per DPR viz: – Water supply HSCs – can be released or not – if cannot be released the reasons need to be indicated – Sewer Connections - can be released or not – if cannot be released the reasons need to be indicated – If required Financial assistance will be provided by APUFIDC

30 Completion reports 1 Whether all the completion/as built drawings furnished or not 2 Whether the defect liability period is in currency or not 3 Whether training imparted to ULB staff or not 4 Whether trial run and commissioning of WTPs/STPs witnessed by ULB or not 5 Whether the executing agency providing the necessary help after trial run and commissioning and during additional maintenance and defect liability period to ULB or not

31 IHSDP IHSDP - stand alone projects The purpose of the project Whether DPR provisions being met or not If not what are the short comings How they can be addressed Whether whole slum approach is adopted or not Quality of infrastructure created

32 Connected to the main water supply system or not Connected to the sewerage system or not Disposal of waste water – storm water drains Whether all the benefits viz: – Water supply HSCs – Sewer Connections

33 A opportunity was provided to 13 ULBs to execute IHSDP projects – they failed to meet – Quality standards – Huge time over runs – cost over runs – Multi Utility community centers – huge delay – site identification – TIPM agencies not happy with the way the adverse reports are attended and furnished – All ULBs are executing similar nature of works – CC roads, SWDs, Street lighting, water supply lines & sewer lines etc The then Principle Secretary had great faith in ULBS

34 What should the commissioners need to do to take up JNNURM –II PROJECTS? They should build the capacity of all the staff working in the ULBs They need to put in place – Standard preparation of Estimates – Good Quality management tools – Good Work monitoring systems – Transparent e- procurement of tenders – Integration all old and new systems – Water supply, Sewerage system, Storm water drainage system, road net work etc The short comings can be brought to the notice of the C& DMA with suggestions how to overcome the same

35 Thank You 4/30/2015

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