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2 Confidential 2 Contents MediaMelon Overview MediaMelon: CDN Management Service MediaMelon Live Service

3 Confidential MediaMelon: Overview 3 MediaMelon is technology company serving commercial broadcasters and publishers. Our core product is a video overlay network, that interfaces with existing Content Delivery Networks, Content Management Systems and advertising networks. MediaMelon is based in San Francisco, CA and in Mumbai, India. Our team comes from Microsoft, Lucent, Digital Island, Macrovision, and UBS Warburg to name a few.

4 Confidential 4 MediaMelon: How is it being used?

5 Confidential 5 MediaMelon: How is it being used?

6 Confidential 6 Example of MediaMelon in third-party player

7 Confidential 7 Joint Media Player - full-screen version

8 Confidential MediaMelon CDN Management Service 8

9 Confidential Traditional Delivery Model 20% videos delivered from CDN, 80% from Origin CDN responsible for 95% of the cost 9 Popular niche videos # of views 20% top videos Delivered from CDN 20% 80%

10 Confidential MediaMelon CDN Management 20% of bytes for all views come from CDN, rest from Origin No change in performance or quality of playback CDN takes up only 20% cost 10 Popular niche videos # of views 20% of all bytes delivered from CDN 20% 80%

11 Confidential MediaMelon CDN Management All videos are stored in the CDN Playback is initiated from the CDN, and buffer is filled from the Origin server MediaMelon technology ensures same response time and access to distributed nodes with improved transit utilization 11

12 Confidential Benefits Flexible -Switch between CDN and Origin Servers easily -Switch from one CDN to another with ease Reliable -Additional CDNs increase reliability and performance -MediaMelon uses the CDN node closest to the user, hence better performance Simple -Works well for both long-form content as short-form content -Works well for high bit rate as well as low bit rate videos 12

13 Confidential Easy Setup Process Provide Origin Server and CDN details Upload videos & get the MediaMelon Flash Player to embed in your site 13

14 Confidential MediaMelon Live Service 14

15 Confidential MediaMelon Live Service Highly scalable live video delivery at very low cost Underlying technologies -Multisourcing -Server-assisted peer delivery -Mesh networking -Application layer multicasting -Centralized control plane Video Specifications supported -Format: VP6, H.264 -BitRate: 200kbps – 5Mbps -Size: upto 1920x1080 pixels 15

16 Confidential Technologies Multisourcing The media is segmented for delivery and can be served from multiple servers or devices simultaneously to render the video smoothly without any need to buffer Server-Assisted Peer Delivery The devices receiving a live broadcast form a peering overlay network where peers feed each other. Localized servers augment the delivery when the bitrate falls below a threshold at any peer Mesh Networking The overlay network formed by the devices peering the delivery is a mesh instead of a tree. This offers stability and redundancy against the failure of any peers. The video broadcast is available in spite of a significant churn in the peer devices. 16

17 Confidential Technologies Application Layer Multicasting The devices share live video segments over the mesh network built using application layer multicasting techniques. This enables only a few origin servers to support a large device base thereby providing a very scalable live broadcast solution. Centralized Control Plane The management of video delivery to every device can be controlled centrally. This provides easy management of the service not only by monitoring the logs but also by controlling the activities at each device. The control plane also provides an easy way to administer different overlay networking strategies as a network grows. 17

18 Confidential Integration MediaMelon Live Service supports ingestion from -RTMP feed from a Flash Media Server -RTP or MPEG2TS feeds from a hardware encoder like Tandberg, Harmonic The broadcaster web site will embed a MediaMelon Flash Player or a player integrated with MediaMelon Flash Player APIs. The user will optionally install a lightweight plugin to be a part of the MediaMelon live network. 18

19 Confidential Conclusion MediaMelon is addressing the challenge of delivering videos to IP devices, where high-quality and low-cost of delivery are important. MediaMelon operates a software network, and in collaboration with our partners, offer a comprehensive solution for publishers to increase monetization opportunities and increase profitability. Our technology is simple to adopt, and is being widely used by publishers and consumers. For more details, please contact at or at (650) 19


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