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Venus Sports Academy (VSA)

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1 Venus Sports Academy (VSA)
Muradnagar, Ghaziabad

2 History

3 VSA History in Short VSA took first steps in Muradnagar in 1977, Football was first game in that year. It is founded by Late shri. Kishan Veer Tyagi , Late Shri. B.M.Azad, Late Shri Pradeep Rawal, Mr. Poltu Dada , Mr. Satish, Mr. Jakad Singh, Late Shri . D. N. Sharma, Mr. S. N. Sharma, Mr. G. K. Tyagi. They all are respected names who contribute to put base in Muradnagar as a sport culture. After a long time in 1987 VSA start it’s second step event in Hockey . when Mr. Anil Kaushik (NIS Coach) join O.F. Muradnagar and gave a new definition to Hockey. In the same year third sport start in VSA that is Cricket founded by Mr. G. K.Tyagi, Mohd. Asrar, Mr. Bablu, Mr. Ravi Tomar, Mr. Hari Prakash and Mr. Ajay Tyagi. And today VSA have 6 Team game and 8 individual game & all Athletics events.

4 Team Games in VSA Cricket Football Hockey Basketball Volleyball

5 Individual Game’s in VSA
Boxing Swimming Badminton Bodybuilding Table Tennis Power Lifting Weight Lifting Lawn Tennis

6 Structure of VSA

7 VSA Structure Director Sport's Secretary
Mr. Gaurav Rawal Mr. Pawan Kumar Sport's Secretary Mr. Satender Kumar (Chief Secretary ) Mr. Sachin Chaudhary

8 VSA Structure Director Mr. Gaurav Rawal (BBA,P.G.D.B.M,M.Com
P.G.D.C.A,M-Phil, P.hd)

9 VSA Structure Director Mr. Pawan Kumar (MBA,M.A-Eco)
Sports Achievements – Santosh Trophy-Football North Zone university-Cricket School state U-19-Hockey

10 Sports Secretary – Sachin Chaudhary Satendra Singh
We have more then 20 coach’s we have few guest cricket coach’s : Mr. Arun Kumar Bhardwaz ( Sr. Coach of jawahar Lal Nehru stadium, New Delhi ) Mr. Deepak Sharma (Sr. Coach of Guru Govind Singh Sport’s College, Luckhnow )

11 Mr. G. K. Tyagi

12 Sport’s Ground’s Two Cricket Ground (With 5 cemented pitch & 3 turf pitch for practice) Two Football Ground One Hockey ground One Basketball Court One Swimming pool One Gymnasium One Indore Hall of Badminton/Table Tennis Two Red Lawn Tennis Court

13 Ground’s

14 Ground’s Anuj Chaudhary,Rajnish Tyagi, Anil, Ranjeet Singh, Vaibhav Kaushik,Dannie Tyagi,Satender Singh, Pavan Tyagi,Suresh Raina,Pawan Kumar, Manoj



17 Football Clips

18 Achievements Cricket - Mr. Suresh Raina (Interantional)
- Mr. Vaibhav Kaushik (Ranji Bihar) - Mr. Subodh Rathi (Ranji camp,U-17 Delhi, U-22 Assam) - Mr. Sanjeev Chaudhary (English Club County, England) - Mr. Ajit Singh ( English Club County, England) - Mr. Ajay Tyagi (All India) - Mr. Annu Kumar (All India) - Mr. Ravi Kumar (North Zone) - Mr. Amarjeet (North Zone) - Mr. Lokesh Sharma (North Zone) - Mr. Anurag Pillania (North Zone University) - Mr. Mohit (North Zone University) - Mr. Pawan Kumar (University) - Mr. Rajeev Gahelot (University) - Mr. Hari Prakash (C.B.S.E National) - Mr. Rishabh Kumar (C.B.S.E National) - Mr. Gulshan Kholia (C.B.S.E National) - Mr. Sachin Chaudhary (National)

19 Suresh Raina Suresh Raina the proud of VSA now become the proud of our country. When Suresh Raina start his carear in VSA nobody knows that boy will become the skipper of the Indian Cricket Team on Zimbawe tour The great man Mr. Kapil Dev said “ Suresh Raina is the future of Indian Cricket team”.

20 Achievements Football
- Mr. Prahlad Rawat ( India, ONGC, Indian Football League) - Mr. Chandan Singh Bistt (Junior India, Santosh Trophy) - Mr. Pawan Kumar (Santosh Trophy) - Mr. Mohan Joshi (U-17,Subrto Champion) - Mr. Rahul Gahlot (U-16,U-17,U-19, School & Federation, Durand Cup) - Mr. Tarun (U.P State level) - Mr. Vikas (North Zone University) - Mr. Pradeep Kumar (North Zone University) - Mr. Ravi Kumar (All Indian Champion) - Mr. Harish (All Indian Champion) - Mr. M. Pandey ( North Zone University) - Mr. Suresh Raina (Regional Level School) - Mr. Ajay Rajput (U-19, All India)

21 Prahalad Rawat Prahalad Rawat is the one of the Legend of Uttar Pradesh who Play Professional Football in many reputed club’s like O.N.G.C., Mumbai, Mahindra and so many. International player, Santosh Trophy Captain of U.P. Football Team.

22 Achievements Hockey - Mr. Anil Kaushik (NIS Coach, India Camp, All India Champion) - Mr. Rajnarayan Tyagi (All India Champion) - Mr. Ashok Tyagi (All India Champion) - Mr. Ashutosh Saha (All India Champion) - Mr. Pawan Kumar (School State) - Mr. S. N . Sharma (All India Champion) - Mr. Praveen (School State) - Mr. Nurhasan Ali (School State) - Mr. Suresh Raina (School State)

23 Achievements Boxing - Mr. Navneet Tyagi (Junior India, All India University) - Mr. Lavnesh (District Level, School National) - Mr. Amit Kumar (District Level)

24 Achievements Basketball - Mr. Bhupender Singh ( India)
- Mr. Pushpendra (Jr. India) - Mr. Himanshu Tyagi (All India university) - Mr. Sushil (Open National) - Mr. Vipin Kumar (All India) - Mr. Suresh Raina (Regional level)

25 Achievements Athletics
- Mr. Rajeev Chauhan (India Camp – 400 mtr. National) - Mr. Baljeet Singh (400 mtr. Railway Record Holder) - Mr. Surendra Chickara (100 mtr. National) - Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma (200 mtr. All India, Open state Gold) - Mr. Abhey Pilania (All India University, State Level) - Mr. Anurag Pilania (All India open state) - Mr. Manish Tyagi (National- Jewelling Thro) - Mr. Rajeev (Open State, All India)

26 Fee Structure

27 Registration Fee is Rs. 500 Game Fee’s Cricket 1000 p/m Football
Hockey Basketball Badminton Volleyball 300 p/m Tagofar bodybuilding 250 p/m Power Lifting/ Weight Lifting Table tennis Boxing Swimming

28 Scholarship program's of VSA

29 100% scholarship for International Player
50% scholarship for National player 25% scholarship for State level VSA provide equipment of the game for those player who full fill following condition. Player must belong to BPL. Player must be talented. Player must be very discipline.

30 Thank you

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