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LogoGraphic a Internet Marketing “ We put your business on the Virtual Map ” Phone: 561.963.4398 Fax: 561.963.3676

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1 LogoGraphic a Internet Marketing “ We put your business on the Virtual Map ” Phone: 561.963.4398 Fax: 561.963.3676 Email:

2 Topics  Overview of LogoGraphica  Internet & Marketing Statistics  Case Study – Ultra Cleaners  LogoGraphica Services  What Our Clients Are Saying  Recommended Books  PBEN “ Members Only ” Offers

3 Overview of LogoGraphica  Started as CADD Engineer for: Utilities Commission, Fame Plastics. Senior Web Developer for: Royal Caribbean, Office Depot, NCCI, IBM, Corning Inc., 17+ years of web development & programming. Now … I ’ m old.  LogoGraphica was founded in 2004, at age 46( “ What to do with coders over 40? ” ) after getting tired of the.dotcom bust and big company politics. Family business, taught my son & daughter, they now both work with me …  We are Microsoft Certified Partners ID# 1945029, Microsoft Empower for ISV, PayPal Verified Merchant, Certifications in Graphic Design, Photoshop. Google Qualified Professionals … We build sites to the latest & best practices of W3C, XHTML, and CSS 2.0 standards.


5 Internet & Marketing Statistics – pg 1  The Internet is growing at more than 10 percent per month. Based upon The American College Survey Group, Forbes 500 CEO’s expect to generate almost 40 percent of their sales through the Internet within the next ten years.  Busy television, newspaper and magazine viewers will continue to shift their attention more to the Internet, and away from traditional media. Consider the trend outlined in a recent study by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press as written in ZDNet AnchorDesk: 1. More than 30% of Americans go online for news at least once a week, This is an increase of 10% from 1998; 2. 15% get daily reports off the Web; 3. 40% of college graduates now get their news online, up from 24% in 1998; 4. More than 30% of Americans go online for news at least once a week. This was up 10% from 1998.

6  Internet advertising revenue jumped 40 percent in the first half of 2004, driven largely by the growing popularity of keyword ads tied to search results.  A December 29, 2002 CNN article stated that About 60 percent of 2,000 people surveyed in the Pew Internet and American Life Project study said they used the Web regularly. Two-thirds of those had been online for three or more years. At least 80 percent of the Internet users questioned in September and October said they expected to find reliable news, health care information and government services information on the Web. Almost as many Internet users, 79 percent, said they expected to find a business with a Web site that will give them information about a product they are considering buying.  Forrester Research predicts that by the end of 2004, roughly half of all Internet ad spending will come from the pockets of the traditional media. Newspapers will suffer the biggest losses. Internet & Marketing Statistics – pg 2

7 Case Study – Ultra Cleaners – pg 1 1. RESEARCH - LogoGraphica Googles for the most popular dry cleaners or garment cleaners type of sites, make notes of prominent features, and based on that research we storyboard on paper what the menu selections are, and the general layout. Most of the research will involve deciding what features maximize “ AIDA ” (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), the crucial steps leading to an online purchase or contact. I have the site on my pc if anyone wishes to see it after the presentation … 2. PROOFING - We build some proofs in Photoshop. These are not real sites, just an image proof. This steps varies in time, depending on the client, some back and forth happens here … 3. DOMAIN & HOSTING SETUP – We are a full service hosting company and hope our clients host with us when possible, in most cases we reserve the domain and host our clients, it takes one day to get both the domain and the hosting up and going.

8 Case Study – Ultra Cleaners – pg 2 4. DESIGN – Once the domain is reserved and hosting is up, we now collect a number of relevant clipart from our licensed sources, create any original graphics(like Logos), and start building the “ real ” site in either Namo WebEditor, Dreamweaver, or Web Expression. All sites are designed with RICH SEO ranking techniques to ensure high “ FREE ” (called Organic) ranking on all search engines. 5. LIVE TESTING - A preliminary LIVE site is posted online, it is tested for XTML and CSS 2.0 compatibility. We also test the site in Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera browsers. Site is then shown to customer for final approval. Some sites are now moved into a CMS system to allow user editing. (SHOW UC SITE NOW) 6. GOOGLE/YAHOO SETUP – After all changes are final, we create AD accounts on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, or all 3 depending on budget. This is the key to start driving traffic to the site and must be done with extreme care and revisions to the ads. Once the organic ranking start appearing, we lower the daily budget on the sponsored ads, you only pay when a user clicks, and our ads are designed to prompt the prospect to hopefully call before they click the ad.

9 LogoGraphica Services  Spectacular Web Sites created by LogoGraphica, we provide company branding, graphics design and unique layouts for any type of business, entertainment, or personal web sites.  e-Commerce shopping cart sites for large and small companies.  Custom Videos optimized for the Net, Digital Photography, Digital Graphics, Logo Design.  We use the latest SEO strategies & web best practices to drive traffic to your site.  Custom Software & Database Development  We also create professional technical documentation for any project. We can develop your Functional Spec, Statement Of Work, Flowcharts, and any other IT related technical documentation.

10 What our clients are saying pg1 "Logographica created a new website from our older, very tired site.It posted last evening. Today we had valid hits from Finland, China, Brazil, Nicaragua, Canada, Mexico, The US Military, and existing customers. Our new site already has a personality, and a positive presence on the Internet. Thank you to Stephen Rivera and your creative staff." -- Mark S. Anderson - Air Cushions USA “ Steve Rivera with LogoGraphica Consulting did an amazing job on Our online business has more than tripled since Steve revamped the site. It is very user friendly. It is easy to navigate and the pages load quick. Steve, U R Da Man! ” -- Grey Tesh - Federal Criminal Lawyer "OH MY GOD!!!! I love it! Its soooo nice. This is so much better then what I have... : ), WOW! I'm so excited!" -- Jacky Paez - Fun Filling Passions

11 "GORGEOUS! Excellent job! This drew us a tremendous feed back in terms of subscriptions and sales. Thanks a lot. “ -- Thierry Sportouche - Acid Dragon Magazine, Lyon, France "Steve, we are very happy to have you as our IT guru. You are a pleasure to work with." -- Michelle Tucker - Cameron, Davis & Gonzalez "Our website, created by Stephen Rivera of LogoGraphica, serves as an excellent marketing tool for our new business. We received numerous phone calls and emails immediately upon the website "going live" and have been extremely busy with potential sales as a direct result of the website. In addition, all of the feedback we received has been positive and complimentary. Thank you Stephen, for all of your efforts in working with us on all of the many nuances!" -- Ken and Michele Gibson - Majestic Princess Cruises What our clients are saying pg2

12 Recommended Books pg1

13 Recommended Books pg2

14 Recommended Books pg3

15 PBEN Member Specials  Full featured website, logo, and search engine marketing for $800(regularly $2500 to $10,000).  And for those who own a franchise(IE; Metlife), I will extend that offer to one home business or personal site.  Logos for only $75, includes the Adobe Illustrator Master.  Our top notch Hosting, and adding with your site to an Award Winning Content Management System so YOU can edit your own content, for only $12.96 a month and a $199 setup to convert your existing pages, we normally offer hosting for $15.95 which does not include the ability for the user to edit the content.  A FREE PBEN meeting on the Majestic Princess !!


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