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DISCOVERY DAY IN HEALTH SCIENCES May 28, 2014 EVALUATION SUMMARY REPORT Completed Evaluations Students: 223 Chaperones: 25 Response Rate: 79.4% Lead &

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1 DISCOVERY DAY IN HEALTH SCIENCES May 28, 2014 EVALUATION SUMMARY REPORT Completed Evaluations Students: 223 Chaperones: 25 Response Rate: 79.4% Lead & National Sponsors:

2 Results Indicate that Discovery Days Prime Youth for a Career in the Health Sciences Symposium ExpectationsSymposium Impact

3 Alzheimer’s Disease Through Memoirs Testimonials “Very interesting! I learned a lot in this workshop.” “I found it was interesting and insightful into the world of dementia” “So very deep! I loved the addition of poetry, the group discussion and the insight to self-identity..” “Very informational, inspiring, eye opening.” LowHigh

4 A Behind-the-Scenes Scientific Exploration of Lactose Intolerance Testimonials “I enjoyed how interactive it was.” “Very interesting! Engaging speakers and interesting experiments!” “Very fun, engaging and educational. I learned a lot about genetics and post- secondary..” “Very refreshing. An expansion of what I previously learned in grade 12 biology. Amazing teachers who had great advice about university.” LowHigh

5 A Look at Helmet Protection Testimonials “Loved it! I thought it was fun, educational and inspiring. “Awesome labs! I loved the interactive activities with the eggs! Very informative and I was able to understand the hands-on.” “I learned interesting facts and the experiment was fun.” “Good hands-on activities.” LowHigh

6 Cardiac “Heart Gadgets” Testimonials “The information, presentation and show and tell were amazing.” “Fabulous!.” “This was very interesting. The various cardiac gadgets demonstrated were fascinating.” “Definitely very interesting. I didn’t know about the many opportunities a health science degree can offer.” LowHigh

7 Energy Balance and Me Testimonials “I liked the activity with the walking/running and the amount of interaction that was involved.” “I liked how interactive it was and I found the facts interesting. I l also like the part where they made nylon.” “I enjoyed the fact that it was very interactive. I also liked that we got to talk to other students who are in the programs we want to go into.” “Very informative. The Q&A gave a lot of insight into university. Fun.” LowHigh

8 From Food to Body- How Your Diet Impacts Your Health Testimonials “I liked the smoothie samples. Really interesting to get a perspective on what’s in the different foods we eat.” “I learned new things about food and nutrition. It was a real eye opener in terms of what we are putting into our bodies..” “Very rich in information about diet and nutrition. The smoothies were tasty.” “ I learned really important facts about food and nutrition. Helped me understand the importance of eating right. LowHigh

9 Get a Grip! Testimonials “The lecture was very informative and riveting. The activities were also very fun.” “Good activities that allowed me to grasp movement deprivation. Interesting life stories..” “Amazing workshop! Concise points. I liked how there were lectures then hands-on stations alternating to deep me educated and interested.” “Excellent examples shown on the slides. The demos that we participated in were incredible! I learned a lot about coordination and sensations..” LowHigh

10 How Blood Tests Can be Used to Diagnose Heart Attacks Testimonials “Very informative and great speaker. Overall an amazing workshop!.” “Very interesting information. I loved the interactive session.” “Cool hands-on experience. Really neat how we could test the urine samples. I learned a lot about different types of lab tests.” “ I loved the interaction component. I loved doing the various lab tests. Really fun and exciting.” LowHigh

11 How Sweet It Is? The Chemistry Behind Sugars Testimonials “This workshop had lots of activities that involved us. I was able to learn while having fun.” “ Amazing. Very informative. Lots of activities we got to participate in.” “Very hands-on and understandable.” “I loved the experiments. Very interesting!” “ An amazing presentation. Professional and interactive.” LowHigh

12 Inspiring Hope: Social Work in Health Care Testimonials “Very informative. Great stories.” “I got to learn about the role a social worker plays in health care.” “Explained well what kind of jobs are available and how to get there.” “This workshop was very informative. The case study was very interesting.” LowHigh

13 It’s All About the Plate Testimonials “An awesome and fascinating presentation.” “Lots of hands-on. Relatable to everyone. Good instructors.” “Very cool. Taught me to be more aware of everyday things. The interactive aspect was great.” “Really informative and fun. I came today for this session and it met my expectations!.” LowHigh

14 SIMon says: Practice Resuscitation on me to be a Safe Health Care Professional Testimonials “Practicing CPR, inserting a breathing tube, learning how many people survive cardiac arrest… it was all so real. I want to be a nurse.” “AMAZING! Very hand-on. I learned how to intubate and gained more experience in CPR.” “Amazing! I enjoyed it so much and learned about the actual profession I want to do.” “The workshop was beyond fantastic. I really enjoyed learning how to insert a breathing tube” LowHigh

15 Pulmonary Embolism: The Commonest Cause of Sudden Death That You Have Never Heard Of Testimonials “Interesting demonstrations. Informative.” “It was interactive and the demos made it interesting.” “ Blood is one of my favourite topics in biology so I really liked this workshop. The slideshow and video components were well done. Also, hands-on learning was great.” “ This was a very good workshop which I really enjoyed. It was interactive which is nice.” LowHigh

16 Radiation Therapy-Combining Robotic Accuracy With X-rays To Destroy Cancer Testimonials “Very visual. Aided in understanding the physics behind cyber knife. The use of the model was particularly effective.” “I enjoyed the workshop. The PowerPoint was informational and the presenters were great at teaching the group interactively.” “A very insightful presentation about therapy.” “An interesting topic. I enjoyed their life stories.” “Very interesting. Excellent speakers.” LowHigh

17 Understanding Hospital Laboratory Tests- Mr. Pizzuto Needs to Get Some Blood Work Done At… Testimonials “This was great. The speaker was very knowledgeable and friendly.” “Interesting and amazing scenarios for the workshop. Very interactive” “Excellent information on the disorder and a very good look at the practical side of drawing blood for lab use.” “Very dynamic and interesting. Excellent approach to learning. Wonderful management of time.” LowHigh

18 Women in Science and Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities Testimonials “Very helpful and informative. Wish it could have been longer.” “Very informative. Gave me confidence as to how much women can accomplish regardless of the unavoidable differences that exist biologically between men and women.” “Dr. Ghert was very well spoken, helpful, inspiring and interesting. “Gave me a lot to think about.” “ Informative and eye opening to hear an accomplished women tell her story and share advice.” LowHigh

19 Participating Schools Abbey Park High School Academie Catholique Mere-Teresa Academy for Gifted Children (P.A.C.E) AN Myer Secondary School Ancaster High Appleby College Assumption College School Banting Memorial High School Bear Creek Secondary School Bishop Ryan Secondary School Bishop Tonnos Catholic SS Bur Oak Secondary School Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute Cathedral High School Centre Wellington District High School Clarkson Secondary Collingwood Collegiate Institute Dunnville Secondary School Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School George Harvey Collegiate Institute Glendale High School Glendale Secondary Grimsby Secondary School Hillfield Strathallan College Holy Trinity Catholic High School Holy Trinity High John Diefenbaker Secondary School Maple High Markham District High School McKinnon Park Secondary Michael Power/St. Joseph HS Middlefield Collegiate Institute Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary North Park Collegiate and Vocational Robert Bateman High Sacred Heart Catholic High Sacred Heart High School Sir John A. McDonald South Lincoln High School St. Augustine Secondary School St. David Catholic Secondary St. Dominic Catholic SS St. Mary Secondary School St. Mary’s High St. Thomas Moore Stouffville District SS Thornhill Secondary School Waterdown District High School Waterford District High School Westlane Secondary School White Oaks Secondary


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