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Humpback Whales Danny, Cameron, Aubree, Jenna M., Corrin.

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1 Humpback Whales Danny, Cameron, Aubree, Jenna M., Corrin

2 Physical Features of Humpback Whales Humpback whales are mammals, and they have hair on their stomach called pleats. A whales tail is called a fluke. Humpback whales have flippers up to 5 meters long. They are about 35-50 feet long they also weigh up to 79,000 thousand pounds. They are cetacean (which means they breath air, and they are warm blooded.) Humpback whales live up to 50 years old. Humpback whales have humps on their backs, and they have two blow holes. Humpback whales have two dorsal fins on their backs ones small and ones big. They have gray or black bodies in different seasons. fluke

3 Humpback Whale Habitat/Range the humpbacks habitat is in all of the worlds oceans! Hump back whales breed in warm waters off Columbia and Costa Rica. they swim near the cost so the hunters can get them easier. Sometimes humpback whales breed in Baltic seas. They migrate in warm waters! This whale can go from the Baltic sea all the way to the Pacific Ocean! They also migrate in the Atlantic Ocean!

4 Some of the things that a humpback whale eats are small squid, anchovies, plankton, also capelin fish and herring. Also mackerel, cod and sand eels. Humpback whales diet By : Corrin  There’s more foods that the Humpback whale eats like sardines, krill, shrimp, sand lance, and plants found in the ocean where they live. Humpback whales facts : 1.Their tongue weighs up to 4,000 pounds. 2.Whales can eat up to six tons (about five-half metric tons) of food each day. 3.Up to 200 whales can feed at the same place at the same time. krill capelin

5 Humpback Whale’s mouth can hold a small car. There are at least 80,ooo humpback Whales world wide. They can live up to 30-80 years old. The Humpback Whale’s lifespan ranges from 45-100 years old. They are 39-52 feet long. Humpback Whales are a type of a beluga Whale. Hump back Whales have breached up to 100 times in a row. The Humpback Whales throat is as small as a soccer ball. Humpbacks are known for there musical songs. The female Whale is called a cow and the male is called a bull. The Humpback Whale throws its self in the water as hey as it can. Interesting facts about the Humpback Whale Humpback Whale A Hump back Whale doing a flip.

6 Humpback whales endangered status Whalers to kill humpback whales for their blubber and fat. Some babies are killed from killer whales. Giant squids squeeze them to death. Killer whales attack them for food. When fish change inside them it can hurt them badly. Scientist take humpback whales flesh to test. Humpback whales got full protection in 1966. We can help them by: picking up litter so it doesn’t go into the sea. Donate money to save the whale foundations. Don’t take food from their habitat Slow down the global warming

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