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The Day I was Born Mickey Gulino Born: October 3 rd, 1999.

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1 The Day I was Born Mickey Gulino Born: October 3 rd, 1999

2 Full name: Michael Cameron Gulino Grade: 6 th Name Meaning: Who is like God Birthdate: October 3 rd, 1999

3 Age I have as of May 7 th am 4600 days old, which ends up equaling 12.6027 years alive (12, years, 7 months, 4 days)

4 Moon Phase On my birthday the moon was in a waning gibbous moon or a moon fading away shortly after a full moon.

5 Important Births!!! Gore Vidal an important author who helped write stories during war eras for returning soldiers, was born on October 3 rd, 1926 Also, Al Sharpton a 57 year old born on October 3 rd 1954 shares my birthday. Al is a successful politician who has multiple times ran for president and maintains a spotlight new program featuring stocks and political events. Lastly, Chubby Checker a famous singer and dancer was born on October 3 rd, 1941. Now at age 70 is recognized as the inventor of the dance move “The Twist”.

6 Events In 1990 on October 3 rd the German Unification occurred. This is when after 45 years of separation both sides of Germany declared on unifying its boundaries into one Germany. After 45 years since 1945 during World War II Germany had been split into occupation zones. In 1932 after decades in British Control the British Colony of Iraq was approved independence that was later halted until the further end of World War II.

7 Top Music of 1999 Woody Guthrie's songs were quite close towards the top all throughout 1999 however the songs of this albums (Asch Recordings) especially reached high heights.

8 Top Shows and Saturday Morning Shows Top Show: Who wants to be a Millionaire was a top show in 1999. This is a game show in which contestants compete by answering question to eventually stay in the game and win one million dollars. The show has been reoccurring ever since 1999, and has not been canceled yet. Top Saturday Morning Show: Mr. Belvedere was a reality show in which the main character helped raise a Pittsburgh family. Mr. Belvedere helped raise the Owens family. The show itself was cancelled in 2000 after 15 years on TV.

9 Top Movie of 1999 Blue Streak is an action movie in which a disguised police officer tries to recover a lost diamond. The main protagonist is played by Martin Lawrence.

10 Nostalgia Cost of a postage stamp in October 3 rd, 1999: $0.33 each President -Then: Bill Clinton -Now: Barack Obama Vice President -Then: Al Gore -Now: Joe Biden Toys: 1.Pokemon Yellow: A role-play game that follows the main charcter as he(she) fights off evil. 2.Furby: A animated little hamster/owl plush toy that is commanded by the owners voice. 3. Moon Waling Shoes: Bouncy slip on shoes that provide the user an experience of moon walking. 1. 2. 3.

11 (Websites on Day I was Born links page.) Citations

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