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2 The Political System England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom and therefore the British political system However, Scotland, like Cataluña, wants independence

3 Parliament Prime Minister – the leader of the party
Members of Parliament (MP) – representatives of the different constituencies in Britain The main British parliamentary building is called the Houses of Parliament and is in London

4 A Democratic Country Democracy: rule by the people
Britain has a multi-party system There are 650 different constituencies A constituency is an electoral area – they elect a representative – this person is known as an MP who represents their views The leader of the party with the most MPs in the House of Commons is the Prime Minister There are General Elections at least every 5 years – called by the Prime Minister

5 The House of Commons and the House of Lords
There are two Houses of Parliament in Britain that form the government and parliament of the UK House of Commons House of Lords Where the MPs who have been elected sit A political forum – where debate takes place This house has the most political power nowadays The people in this House are not elected They consist of: Hereditary Peers (ancestors were peers) Life Peers Members of the church The power of the Lords has been reduced significantly in the last century

6 The Main 3 Political Parties
Conservative Party Labour Party Liberal Democratic Party

7 Today’s Leaders Prime Minister = David Cameron (Conservative)
There is currently a coalition government This means that the Conservative and the Liberal Democratic Parties are working together to govern the country Prime Minister = David Cameron (Conservative) Deputy Prime Minister = Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat)

8 Constitution The Constitution of Britain is the laws and principles that direct the governance of the country However, Britain has no written constitution

9 Monarchy Britain has a Royal Family. However they have no real political power Most people in Britain like the Royal Family – especially Prince William, Kate and their new baby George!

10 Questions Which countries are included in the British Political System? What are the representatives of the constituencies called? What type of party system does Britain have? What are the names of the British Houses of Parliament? Which is more powerful nowadays? Which House therefore would be the equivalent of the Spanish Congreso? Why? What are the names of the 3 main Political Parties? Which parties are in power now? Who is the Prime Minister? Do the British people like the Royal Family?


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