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Lecture 5. Museum Project Management

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1 Lecture 5. Museum Project Management
Olga A. Burukina, PhD Associate Professor National Research University – Higher School of Economics Moscow, 2014 Free Powerpoint Templates

2 Contents Museum Project Manager’s Tasks
Museum Project Management Services Museum Planning Museum Project Management Tools Museum Project Management Software

3 Goals Understanding the project leader role through the project phases
Overview of project principles in a museum environment Keeping project direction and achieving outcomes Managing the difficulties, risks and problems as they arise

4 Types of museums vary, from large institutions, covering many of the categories below, to very small institutions focusing on a specific subject, location, or a notable person; categories include: fine arts, applied arts, craft, archaeology, anthropology and ethnology, history, cultural history, science, technology, children's museums, natural history, botanical and zoological gardens, national parks.

5 Museum as an Enterprise
Functions Researching Collecting Preserving Disseminating information Educating

6 Museum Management The American Association of Museums (AAM): a series of standards and best practices that help guide the management of museums. Many small, local museums lack this guidance since accreditation with AAM requires a museum to operate on an annual budget of at least $25,000. “Administration of the organization requires skill in conflict management, interpersonal relations, budget management and monitoring, and staff supervision and evaluation. Managers must also set legal and ethical standards and maintain involvement in the museum profession,” museum professionals Hugh H. Genoways and Lynne M. Ireland.

7 Museum Management Body
a Board of Trustees serving at the top, Director – next in command and works with the Board to establish and fulfill the museum’s mission statement and to ensure that the museum is accountable to the public. Curator – research the collection and most often write the text labels for exhibitions. In larger institutions, there may be a curator assigned to each collection of objects the museum holds. Ex: Curator of Modern Art, Curator of Natural History, Curator of History, etc. Collections Management/Registrar – responsible for the care and maintenance of all objects in the museum’s collection, tracks movement of objects in and out of the museum on loan or on exhibition, records information about objects in databases-such as an object's provenance. Public Programmer/Educator – creates programs for the public and designs interactives for exhibitions. This position also oversees volunteers and docents at the museum. Depending on the institution, educators may also research the collections and write text for exhibitions. Exhibition Designer – designs

8 Museum Project Managers’ Tasks
Overview of project principles in a museum environment Understanding the project leader role through the project phases Understanding and motivating key resource - the people Keeping project direction and achieving outcomes Managing the difficulties, risks and problems as they arise Communication and relationships          

9 Museum Project Management Services
Exhibition Project Management Exhibition Project Estimating Museum Planning Museum Producer Owners Representative

10 Museum PM tasks Negotiate with Vendors Build Teams
Help to select Vendors Schedule Projects Manage Design and Production Review the feasibility of designs and master plans Value engineers Create Strategies on design and production Build Teams Lead Teams Write Proposals Prepare bid packages Prepare Request for Proposals Estimate Costs Prepare Contracts Review Contracts

11 Museum Exhibition Evaluation & Market research Budgeting & Scheduling
Laying-out Measurements Installation crew Public Relations Advertising Insurance Monitoring, controlling, analyzing

12 Museum Planning Museum planning template

13 Museum Example Delaware Children's Museum
Project: Delaware Children’s Museum Location: Wilmington, DE Type of Work: Renovation Completion Date: April 2010 Cost: $10.5 million Size: 36,287 square feet Exhibit Designer: Sparks Environments NorthStar Museums Role: Project Manager and Owner’s Representative

14 Potential Partners 1. Cubist Media Group
Production company based in Philadelphia specializing in: museum exhibit design, legal video, and corporate television. 2. Whispering Pines Studio Custom graphics, design, and artwork. Presents services, gallery, the process, material and testimonial. Located in Richfield, Ohio. 3. Dixon Studios, Inc. Design, fabrication and installation company specializing in exhibits and environments for zoos, aquariums, museums and entertainment centers. 4. Lehrman Cameron Studio Interpretive planning and exhibit design for museums, zoos, aquariums, and interpretive centers. Based in Seattle, Washington. 5. Zalisk Museum Associates Specializing in master planning, exhibit design and content programming of science and history exhibitions. Includes client list. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

15 Museum Exhibit Planner Template
Developed by the Harper’s Ferry Center The freely distributable template runs on Filemaker for Mac or PC and “helps exhibit teams manage content elements and keep track of project goals, quality factors, and project requirements related to content.”   Museum planning teams can use the template “as is” or users can modify the template to meet their needs.

16 Museum Planning Software
Design: Sketchup – Free, 3D drawing software Tux Paint – Free, Great for doing a quick sketches VectorWorks – Drafting Photoshop – Image Editing Illustrator – Drawing software Project Management Gantt Project – Free, Wonderful for creating quick schedules Microsoft Project – Use to create more detailed schedules Presentations Open Office – Free and Open Source office suite, use when can’t open a document in Microsoft Word or Excel Pages – Better for writing documents than Microsoft Word Keynote – The best for making presentations iMovie – Creating movies Inspiration – Use to create bubble diagrams Microsoft Office – Microsoft Word and Excel iphoto – Organizing photos

17 Museum Planning Software-2
Office Firefox – Free, Web Browser Daylite – Customer Relationship Management, I have tried others keep coming back Palm Desktop – Free, Contact Database itunes – Listening to music while I work Skype – International calling and chat XStreamRipper – Free, Use to record my favorite Internet radio programs Apple Mail – Quickbooks – Use for accounting Parallels – Use so I can run Microsoft Project on a Mac Plaxo – Free, Use to remember birthdays Whatsize – Gives you an idea of how your hard drive is being used Super Dupper! – Great program makes a copy of your hard drive as a back up Backblaze – Online back up of all files Disk Inventory – Free, A visual of your hard drive use

18 Gantt Project a Pert Chart or a Gantt Chart
Gantt Project a free and open source project management software, similar to Microsoft Project with one big advantage (besides being free) that it is cross platform working on Windows, Linux and MacOS. 

19 National Museum of American History
P.O. Box 37012, MRC 619 Washington, DC Attn: Michael Johnson On the National Mall, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. URL:

20 The Project Management Office
manages the scope, schedule, and budget for exhibitions and exhibition-related projects.

21 Project Management Office

22 Project Management System @ the IMA
Athena, a Project Management System created by the IMA back in late 2007.

23 A view of a user dashboard
Each user has a customizable dashboard with a personalized view into their projects and activity – an average user with 27 projects. Some users have more than 100! The project order is customizable so you have quick access to your most frequent projects.

24 A peek inside a project Each project can enable and disable features such as file sharing, an image gallery, tasks, etc. You can also see recent activity on just the project you are viewing.

25 Engaging users in the system and promoting fast adoption
A built in gaming module. Users earn a small amount of points for every action they perform in Athena. As users earn more points they unlock new features. The features include themes and helpful widgets for their dashboard (e.g. a todo list).  Additionally, users are assigned a certain rank based on their points. Users must work hard to be promoted from “Newbie” to “Tom Brady” to “Intern” and so on.

26 A ranking dashboard widget
Additional motivation is given by a ranking dashboard widget. Users can see other users right around them and track how to they move relative to others.

27 Statistics monitoring
Any staff member can invite any address to a project.  That external user gets their own dashboard and rank. In just 18 months over 11,000 files weighing in at 22GB of office documents have been accumulated. All these documents are indexed and their contents are searchable, so they are actually very easy to locate.

28 Transparency in Museum Project
Projectmates Construction Management Software by Systemates, Dallas, Texas. The Web-based project-management software is designed to simplify processes specific to construction, including task and change management in real time, invoicing, and progress reports, among others.  By adopting a tool capable of automating manual processes such as budget tracking, the team hopes to reduce its risk of error. Plus, by adding the ability to communicate among team members, the project will benefit from the increased transparency in its workflow. Project-management software solutions keep the data flowing and all invested parties informed. Increased collaboration, access, and control can help build a good foundation on projects like Kentucky’s Speed Art Museum. 

29 Conclusions Museums basing on a public mission
having a scope of functions having a more complex impact viewed as more complicated enterprises involving different-term events having to be accountable to the public applying PM methods from other creative and ‘non-creative’ industries using a scope of project management methods and tools using various PM software programmes

30 References National Museum of American History. URL: Harper’s Ferry “Museum Exhibit Planner”. URL: Projectmates Construction Management Software. Systemates Ltd. URL: Lord, Barry, Dexter Lord, Gail. The Manual of Museum Management. Altamira Press; 2 edition. 276 pp. Carpenter, Julie. Project Management in Libraries, Archives and Museums: Working with Government and other External Partners. Publisher: Chandos Publishing. 200 pp. CASTEX Guidelines for touring exhibitions in Europe:

31 Thank you for your kind attention!

32 Questions?

33 Lecture 5. Museum Project Management
Olga A. Burukina, PhD Associate Professor National Research University – Higher School of Economics Moscow, 2014 Free Powerpoint Templates

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