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2011 3nd Annual EcoTex Conference Avila Beach, Ca Cameron Tapp ClearWater Tech, LLC.

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1 2011 3nd Annual EcoTex Conference Avila Beach, Ca Cameron Tapp ClearWater Tech, LLC

2 Company - Leadership Cameron D. Tapp CWT President and Founder Founded CWT in January 1986 Technical leader in ozone industry Chairmen of WQA Ozone Task Force Established NSF / ANSE standard 222, the accepted industry standard for measuring ozone output from generating equipment Chairmen of the IOA Air Treatment Task Force Member of IOA Agri-Food Task Force Board member of the International Ozone Association Board of Directors

3 Our Passion Were not Laundry Guys that decided to try ozone. Were ozone Guys that decided to Partner with Laundry Guys and other trade professionals! Our Passion is Ozone. Seeing that it is done properly Passionate about the Application: the wrong product won’t work Passionate about Service: the product has to stay running properly Passionate about our Distributors: the company we keep is a direct reflection on

4 The Company - Technical Advisory Board Rip Rice PhD., Rice Int’l Consulting Enterprises, Sandy Lake, MD, USA Mr.. Paul Overbeck - International Ozone Association (IOA), President Dr. Brian Hampson - PhD. - Cal Poly Food Science Professor Chuck Sopher PhD. - Senior Associate with Global Energy Partners. Directs EPRI/Global's Agriculture and Food Technology Research Program and has worked on several biofuel projects. Involved with IOA for nearly 15 years, and is considered an expert in the field. Mr. John Laithwaite, Dick Cardis, Tony Thomas - OTEX ozone laundry systems All our EcoTex Dist Partners RIP RICE, PhD PAUL OVERBECK DR. BRIAN HAMPSON, PhD

5 ClearWater Tech, LLC The CWT Time Line Chart

6 JLA: approximately 2,000 systems sold in the UK Enviromatic: Canada Futura: Turkey Star SRL: Italy Aura: Germany Caribbean Ozone System: Puerto Rico Phoenix: Vietnam Ransoms Equip: India International Distributors

7 EcoTex Distributors in the U.S. –Fowler Equipment Co - Nj –Dynamic - Wa –Aqua Systems - NorCal –Justin Laundry - Ar –Accend Energy - SoCa –Steelhead - Tx –RJ Kool - Ks –Laundry Solutions - Az –Lapsco Inc - Fl –Wehringer International - Oh –Pic, Inc - Hawaii –Ozone Water Systems - Az Current DistributorsEnviormatic Distributors –Washex Machinery - SoCa –Laundry Specialists, Co –Consolidated Laundry - SoCal –Alliance Com Equip Inc - Ut –Texchine

8 EcoTex Private Label Dist

9 New Entry In an effort to gain first hand knowledge and understand the obstacles our Dist face we have started a local and direct sales effort. Limited to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.

10 Why EcoTex? We are the OEM The most technical backed company in the business –More ozone laundry testing than any other product on the market –25 years of ozone production and innovation Thoroughly Tested > 3,000 Installations Worldwide Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, EPA, roHas Leading the promotion of good practices and dissemination of accurate information

11 EcoTex Partners Program - EPP - The most comprehensive program in the market EcoTex Partners Program

12 The EcoTex Shared Savings Program A financial tool to sell the product based on savings at no cost to the customer. But it’s more than that, we will introduce you to the Complete Laundry Room Philosophy EcoTex Road Show  We will work with you in your region to introduce the EcoTex product EcoTex Marketing Collateral  Extensive marketing tools and graphic design support EcoTex Community  Shared leads, problem solving, support, testimonials EcoTex Pull Through Marketing Programs  CWT is committed to marketing the product on a world wide basis to gain exposure resulting in leads to you EcoTex Partners Program - EPP

13 Make a business commitment to selling EcoTex Possess an extensive knowledge of the technical aspects to install, adjust chemistry, and maintain the product Maintain satisfied customers Maintain the product Market the product - Space advertising in your market - Local trade shows - Field sales reps - Open house Grow the business year over year EcoTex Distributors CWT Expectations of Distributors

14 Provide world class product Continue to advance and innovate ozone generators, peripheral equipment and applications Support the EcoTex Distributors – Help you be successful via marketing programs – In field support – National accounts Defend the brand Maintain regulatory certifications Quickly and reasonable attend to any warranty issues Provide on time delivery of product EcoTex Distributors EcoTex Dist Expectations of CWT

15 Next, I would like to introduce you to the engineers at CWT and tell you about some exciting changes

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