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Ector County Independent School District

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1 Ector County Independent School District
Educational Diagnosticians Licensed Specialists in School Psychology Speech Language Pathologists School Year

2 Centralized Services ECISD Special Education Diagnosticians and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology are moving to a centralized services model. The goal is 100% compliance with state and federal guidelines while providing quality customer service to our students, campuses, and district.

3 Centralized Services Assignments
ARD Team Assessment Team Angie Mijares Blackshear Fly Noel Crockett Becki Mansanales Goliad Blanton Pease Cavazos Dowling Belinda Martinez Hays Milam Travis Ector Deborah Shaw-Davis Carver Ireland Jordan Lamar Susan Trevino Zavala Cameron Houston Hood Sandy Claiborne NTO DAEP Extras for H.S. Ross Bowie Sheila Lackey Gonzales Johnson Burleson Bonham Susan Duckworth Austin Alamo Burnet Nimitz Tanya Preskey San Jacinto Dyslexia Misti Smith Odessa High School Lynda Tucker Permian High School OPEN LSSP/Diagnosticians Leslie McDaniel (Psy+) Christi Proctor (Psy+) Charles Silverman (Psy+) Catharine Wiley (ECI+) Felipe Guevara (Bil+) Gracie Evaro (Bil+) Starla King Jacque Light Lynne Almand Tanya Preskey (Dyslexia+)

4 Centralized Services Overview Assessment Team
The assessment team will be responsible for completion of all initial and reevaluation evaluations within the timelines provided through regulations. The evaluations will be comprehensive and informative in providing data related to eligibility, interventions, and student outcomes. In addition to evaluation of students, the assessment team will also be responsible for attending ARDC in which they must present assessment data, make educational recommendations, and provide support for the campus in developing appropriate plans for students. Included in the evaluation process, the assessment team will present their assessment data to an Arena Staffing team for review and group recommendations for additional testing, collaborative support, and peer review for growth. Upon completion of the Arena Staffing, the assessment team will be required to complete a Comprehensive Individual Evaluation Report reflecting the necessary legal requirements, as well as informative data to support positive student outcomes. The presentation of the assessment data will help facilitate campus involvement at all levels regardless of eligibility determination.

5 Centralized Services Overview ARD Team
The ARD team will be responsible for completion of all ARDC meetings within the timelines provided through regulations. The ARDC meetings will be completed following the local, state, and federal guidelines within the necessary timelines. The meetings will include all necessary components for compliance as well as provide a structure for the campus to ensure high expectations, interventions, and accommodations based on each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The ARD team will be responsible for scheduling the ARDC meetings with the campus and assessment personnel (if necessary) to enable compliance within timelines and accommodate stakeholder schedules and needs. During the ARDC meeting, the ARD team member will provide guidance for administration in supporting consistent use of an agenda for the completion of the ARDC meeting. In addition, the ARD team member will facilitate in a timely manner while meeting all requirements for discussion of Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP), development of Individual Education Plans, and make excellent decisions for state assessment based on the students’ abilities and needs. Upon completion of the ARDC meeting, the ARD team member will provide copies of the meeting paperwork to the campus for disbursement to the parents, vested teachers, and necessary staff. Completion of the state file for compliance will be required.

6 Speech Language Pathologists
Pam Taylor Joni Kouba Lisa Akin Heather Driggers Teresa Owens Lyn Roberts Amber Wells Jennifer Douglas Bobbie Jo Mansanales Sophia Clifton Kellee Thorpe Mary Garcia Diana Ramirez Tanya Lujan Shalon Jordan Morgan Cadena Ashley Breauer Noel, Gonzales Alamo, Blanton Ross, PHS LBJ, Travis (students with autism) Burnet, Reagan, Nimitz Jordan, Pease Sam Houston, Austin HeadStart, Carver, Lamar Zavala, Cameron Travis, Goliad Dowling, Ireland, Crockett Fly, Hood Milam, Hays, OHS, Bowie Blackshear, Ector Burleson, San Jacinto Cavazos, Bonham Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

7 Calendars All ARD and Assessment calendars will be maintained electronically to enable the smooth transition to centralized services of assessment and ARD compliance. The current district option for electronic calendar management is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Office offers online training at: This program is self paced with practice sessions to enable the use to move around Outlook, understand commands such as s, appointments, and contacts. It also covers attachments. If additional training is necessary, supports will be available through the Staff Development or Technology Committee.

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