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THE BLOGOSPHERE AND PUBLIC POLICY David Farrar. What is the mood in New Zealand?

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2 What is the mood in New Zealand?

3 Direction NZ and Overseas

4 PM Approval


6 Politics vs Policy The political environment is one where the popularity of the Prime Minister is the most critical factor Good public policy and popularity do not always make for peaceful bedmates However a popular PM can also change opinion on an issue However he is more likely to do with people calling for him to do so The media now will never ever advocate for an issue such as minimum youth rates – at best they will report on it or repeat other’s arguments.

7 Whale’s Media rating System


9 Blogs and Minimum Youth Rates Kiwiblog – 25 times – 8 times Eric Crampton – 49 times Crampton’s work has been cited around 100+ times

10 Is it having an effect? In 2009/10, Government voted against a bill restring youth rates even going to select committee Since then National MPs and Labour MPs often get peppered with challenges to bring back youth rates when they talk youth unemployment National has acknowledged the campaign persuaded it to reconsider the issue They also know the campaign won’t stop, unless youth unemployment drops significantly 50/50 on whether National will change policy Treasury have gone “soft” and say evidence is mixed Missing the point that the debate should be over when minimum wage is high compared to median wage

11 The media is failing with regards to public policy NZPA has closed – stories not sexy enough More and more stories on process not policy No fact checkers Celebrity journalists No push back against outrageous assertions – 40% carbon emission reductions and now “eco-cide”

12 Why the centre-right blogosphere is doing well 1. The top CR bloggers blog under their own names 2. The CL bloggers attack the CR bloggers, while the CR bloggers attack MPs 3. There is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 4. CR bloggers will criticise CR parties 5. With a CR Government in office, there is the ability to influence 6. I’d estimate 80% of Ministers and 70% of MPs read the main CR blogs daily, and their staff even more so 7. Asymmetrical Warfare (© Whale) – bloggers are not MPs

13 Opportunities One can’t push multiple issues – need those of like mind to identify at most three priorities where we want policy change from the Government For my 2c education reform is vital and should be one of those Coalition Meetings, as done by Americans for Tax Reform – perhaps monthly A Fact Check site done by a neutral institution A Taxpayers Union that focuses 100% on wasteful spending in local and central govt, and reduced spending

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