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Fairport NASA HUNCH Team

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1 Fairport NASA HUNCH Team
Fairport High School, Fairport NY AJ Aufderheide Summer Belcher Colin Bell Sara Brigida Ryan Burnham Jahlea Cullen Luke Dengler Chris Doak Kyle Duca Russell Guilbault Kate Hensel Harrison Kesel Vlad Kifor Yaro Kifor Michelle Kott Macrae Kozody Zara Lakehal-Ayat Mike Mallow Max Marchioli Cameron Miller Sammi Myers Paul Nakamura Alex Palmer Sam Quetchenbach Sara Regelsberger Michaela Sherry Shannon Vallone Advisors: Donna Himmelberg Gene Gordon Chris Stahl Beth Burns Andrew Johnson Send s to to then be shared with the team.

2 Teams Project Leader- Kate Communications
Sara B.*, Michaela, Sara R., Zara, Chris D. Colin*-website 3D Printer Ryan*, Mike M., Macrae, Luke NESI Board Yaro*, Ryan, AJ, Vlad Bio Science Shannon*, Jahlea*, Sam, Max, Chris, Michelle, AJ * Team Leader


4 The effect of a UV radiation treatment on bioluminescent bacteria in altered gravity.
Abstract: Recently, the ISS has encountered difficulty with metal-eating bacteria which have caused the hull of the station to decay. UV radiation is currently employed by ISS personnel to destroy bacteria on the hull. The proposed experiment will determine the effectiveness of UV radiation in removing the bacteria. We will study the effect of altered gravity levels on the effectiveness of using UV radiation to eliminate bacterial colonies.The luminescence of the bacteria will be linked to the production of ATP; we will consider bacteria that are no longer producing ATP to be dead. The change in luminescence of the bacteria will show the death rate. A photocell will be used to measure the change in the luminescence of the bacterial colony after it has been exposed to the UV radiation. The luminescence can be monitored with a camera and a photocell. If the rate at which the decreasing luminescence changes, then we can see if the rate of death of the bacteria is affected by altered gravity.

5 Story Board

6 Functional Block Diagram

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