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BLUE CREW VOLUNTEER TRAINING Terri Nikolaevsky, Member Services Coordinator Cameron Wathey, VP Internal and Services.

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1 BLUE CREW VOLUNTEER TRAINING Terri Nikolaevsky, Member Services Coordinator Cameron Wathey, VP Internal and Services

2 What is the UTSU? Represents over 50,000 full-time undergraduate students 7 Colleges, 12 faculties, 2 campuses (St. George/UTM) We provide services & organize advocacy/campaigns and events Local 98, Canadian Federation of Students Registered under Canada’s Corporations Act Not-for-Profit Board of Directors Audited statements and legal responsibilities

3 UTSU EXEC BACK ROW (L to R): ZiJian Yang Vice-President Campus Life, Cameron Wathey Vice-President Internal & Services, Ebi Agbeyegbe UTMSU Designate FRONT ROW (L to R): Grayce Slobodian Vice-President External, Yolen Bollo-Kamara President, Pierre Harfouche Vice-President University Affairs, Najiba Ali Sardar Vice-President Equity.

4 What is the Blue Crew? The Blue Crew is a bunch of students actively participating in the work of the students’ union. We offer experiences in events, services and advocacy, the three pillars of this organization.

5 Why the Blue Crew? Blue Crew is an opportunity for you as a student to view first hand, the work of your student union. Blue Crew is an opportunity for you to get some hands on experience while meeting other students like yourselves. Blue Crew is a way to engage in conversations about the work of the students’ union. Blue Crew is a way to get involved with external organizations who require volunteer support.

6 Volunteer Opportunities Blue Crew will get involved with a number of opportunities available both on and off campus. Based on your feedback, you will continue to help us shape and develop the program for years to come. Blue Crew members choose from a list of opportunities and sign on to initiatives making a commitment to the organization.

7 Earning Rewards We currently have a number of Blue Crew programs: 1. Orientation (summer 2015) 2. Term (fall 2014) 3. Year Volunteer Positions (2014-2015) One Term (fall) – Get involved for a minimum of 20 hours to have your experience recognized on the CCR and to earn one movie ticket. Receive a certificate of participation. One Year (Academic Year) – Get involved for a minimum of 40 hours with both on- campus and off-campus opportunities and have your experience recognized on the CCR. Earn two movie tickets and a certificate of participation. – Minimum of 20 hours at an external organization

8 Co-Curricular Record (CCR) The Co-curricular record (CCR) is a program offered by the University of Toronto. It allows you to find volunteer opportunities on campus and have your experience recorded on an official U of T print-out. The CCR is a way to validate your volunteer experience, organize it and document it in an official way for you. It creates credibility for your experiences and you can use it when your applying for a job or going to job interviews.

9 What is There to Choose From? U of T OPPORTUNITIES

10 Homecoming Traditional annual event before the football game held September 13. Rally before the Game as Blue Crew Assist with setup and take-down of rally Minimum commitment is 2 hours

11 eXpression Against Oppression (XAO) October 2014 (week TBA) A week of events including panel discussion, open mic nights, workshops and movie nights. This event highlights some of the challenges that people face in society Setup and take down of event.

12 UTSU’s Got You This program was designed as an exam de- stressor UTSU makes food in the Multi-Faith Centre and then distributes it at midnight in Robart’s Library to students Dates are: October 28 & 29; December 1-4, 8- 19. Afternoon and evening shifts available. Minimum 2 hour commitment per shift.

13 Mobile Services Kiosk We have a mobile kiosk that will make the rounds around campus. Sign up to go out with the cart (minimum of 3 people). Locations and schedule TBA Minimum of 2 hour commitment. Outdoors Role: speaking to students about UTSU services, events and advocacy, distributing information

14 Outreach and Marketing Engaging with students on campus on all that we do Informing students about our campaigns and events Handing out flyers and other information Talking one-on-one with students Tabling at various building on campus On the ground promotion of upcoming events

15 Breakfast Program at the Multi- Faith Centre UTSU will be piloting a food program this year. Distribution of free breakfast food the mornings of October 3, 31 and November 28 at Multi-Faith Centre, 569 Spadina Avenue. Set up 8:00 am. Service 9:00. Clean up 10:00 am (8:00-11:00). Prep may take place the afternoon before.

16 Varsity Skating 6 outreach events held at Varsity Arena over the academic year with the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical education. The commitment is generally 3 hours (pre-set up – 45 minutes before, during the skating and take down – return items to UTSU). Zombie Skate – Oct 10 th 9:30 – 11pm Scary Skate – Oct 24 th 9:30 – 11pm Skate and Create – Nov 28 th 9:30 – 11pm Think Pink at the Rink - Jan 24 th 9:30 – 11pm Skate Date - Feb 13 th 9:30 – 11pm Spring Thaw – Mar 11 th 6 – 8pm

17 Community Garden This group will plant and harvest food in plots around the University campus. This group will assist with the execution of events related to food security. This group will carry out a survey related to food issues.

18 Food & Clothing Bank (Support for Service) Food and clothing bank sorting and collection of items. Helping with a food bank fundraising event – date and event TBA. Be part of the planning committee. Help during December – wrapping gifts, assisting with distribution of gifts December 12 & 19; collection first 2 weeks in December.


20 Out of the Cold For academic year, students can choose to get involved in one off-campus program. Out of the Cold runs Tuesday evenings from 4:00- 8:00 pm at 522 Adelaide (at Bathurst) at Evangel Hall. Program runs November 4 to March 31, weekly. Two hour commitment, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Maximum 4 volunteers per week. The program allows Blue Crew members to assist in the kitchen, serve dinner, and socialize with the guests in the larger community.

21 St. Felix Centre For academic year, students can choose to get involved in one off- campus program. 25 Augusta (at Queen Street) Lunch program 9:00-1:00 pm either Mondays or Fridays. – The program allows Blue Crew members to assist in the kitchen, prep and serve lunch and clean up, and socialize with the guests in the larger community. Afterschool program 3:00 -6:00 pm Thursdays. – The program allows Blue Crew members to assist with helping students with homeworking, engaging them in activities and ensuring their safety to the program. Maximum 4 volunteers per week per program. Paper work (application/police check)

22 Gilda’s Club is a welcoming environment for people with cancer. It is located at 24 Cecil Street (College and Spadina) Help out with various events that may include: Scotia Bank – October 19, assist with brunch Jeanie Becker Clothing Drive – November 3 (event and before) It’s Always Something – Sony Centre, November Noogie Fest – October 26, transform the house for Halloween Christmas Party – assist in serving food Graphics Designer Social Media Gilda’s Club

23 How Will I Know When I Am Done Your hours are tracked on a sign-in/sign-out sheet. You will be required to fill out the sheet each time you participate. Member Services Coordinator will track your hours and let you know when you have completed the minimum number of hours You will receive an email on how to get your experience recognized under the CCR. You will also receive a certificate and a movie ticket(s) based on number of hours completed.

24 Letter Of Reference Generally speaking you will not receive a letter of reference. If you would like one, its best to engage the person you are working with. It’s also best to stick to a particular program and you must volunteer over the course of the academic year. You must request it. All requests will be considered.

25 Not Interested in these Opportunities Consider volunteering over the winter term instead of the fall term. Consider suggesting things that would interest you. We are happy to look into them and see if we can develop the program further. Check out the CCR website for more opportunities across campus. Pick up the listing of other opportunities that UTSU has for recognition under the CCR. We currently have over 10 opportunities recognized so there are lots of different ways to get involved.

26 Winter Activities We will have a number of activities lined up for the Winter Semester. This will provide further opportunities for you to get involved. Separate training sessions will be held for that session. Some events to look forward to: – Winter Week of Welcome – XAO – UTSU’s got you – Guest Speaker: Laverne Cox – Women in Politics Conference – ESports

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